Travis Van Winkle Talks Friday & Its’ Fans

There’s an interesting article over at AMC - an interview with one of the stars of the New Friday, Travis Van Winkle. In a refreshing twist, the interviewer seemed to know that asking for details/spoilers would have been a dead end - the same dead end over horror journos keep ploughing. Instead, he spoke with the actor about the Friday fanbase - that means you guys.

At one time, Jason might have belonged to his momma, but now he belongs to his fans. Perhaps that’s why the folks who usually roll their eyes at remakes are running hot for the new Friday the 13th coming out in February. That includes Travis Van Winkle, one of the movie’s stars. He hasn’t seen the finished result yet, but he’s dying to. “I’ve heard so much from (producers) Andrew Form and Brad Fuller about how much they love it, and how this is the best film they’ve ever made,” he says. “And I think is their seventh horror film… so for them to say that this is their best one makes it so hard to wait!”

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  1. Hmmm, link doesn’t seem to be working.

    Here’s one that does (just to hold everyone over until the official link is fixed):

    Will post some comments of my own upon reading it. :)

  2. it works just right click it first

  3. I posted that two hours ago.

  4. Interesting comment about remakes and the “eyerolling” most of them cause. I too, usually, get turned off and frustrated about the number of remakes Hollywood is spewing out. But this, just feels soooo right. To see a film that treats Jason Vorhees with the respect he deserves (and a fucking huuuuge budget) has got me chomping at the bit to see it. This is THE film on my radar at the moment. I’m looking forward to any little tidbits that are thrown our way. God, I know I’m stoked for a new movie when I’m counting down the days…just for the trailer to be released. Feeling like a kid again. And that, my friends, is what the magic of movies is supposed to do.

  5. Fine interview. Big thanks for postin’ it.

  6. Oh, he looks like a prick…hopefully he gets killed off real good…

    Always glad when a cast member wants to talk to the fans, though.

  7. hehehe…the user icon next to my name in the last post (maybe this one), looks like my exwife’s new man…this is going to be a great day. I can already tell.

  8. Dean Of The Dead, I completely agree with that. Yes, there are a lot of remakes coming out, but a lot of people seem to pass judgment solely on the very word “remake”, and bitch so much about the very notion they never give the actual movies a chance. Nobody’s condemning Friday the 13th, they’re celebrating it! This looks like a great movie, and has (or rather is) everything I could ask for personally. He says the teaser is “sick” and will “kick people in the face”, and that sounds more promising than any professional reviewer could write in a thousand page column..can’t wait to see this thing!

  9. what a dink! he never saw the first one….it was an arrow not a machete…douche

  10. I have a feeling that since he’s a main star of the film, He’ll end up surviving with some chick.

  11. I don’t know…I’d like to see one where Jason kills everyone, him take off the mask, wipe off some sweat, and say “Well, I guess that’s all of them.” Roll Credits.

    Or if the fans didn’t get screwed, we drop his dialog.

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