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After the excellent article by jasonsfury I wiped away the nostalgia-fueled tears and decided to do a follow-up on the history of this awesome site I get to run.

Although I had sporadically hit up the site back in the days during its seeming merry-go-round of designs and possibly webmasters, it wasn’t until the era of Jason X, post-2000 that I was sucked into the site as a regular visitor. That can be attributed to the top tier work by Blake and Brenna in the user-friendly streamlined design and commitment to upping the ante for Friday content. Up till that point, Fangoria magazine was the only place you could get a proper Friday fix, and even then only when a new entry was near. Blake and Brenna brought monthly, weekly, sometimes daily content to the web, making life during delays of new films much easier for us all.

I’m rabidly after info about the pre-2000 era of the website under its original domain and various webmasters as I’m currently compiling what you could call a ‘historical document’ to properly chronicle the legacy of this site which has had such an impact on what it is to be a Friday The 13th fan (and I can say that without pretention, since I had nothing to do with it, having come on board in 2024 - ha!). Post in the comments or hit me up on email with any memories you have.

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  1. For many years, as a Friday the 13th fan, I didn’t have internet access, and there were many questions I had regarding the films, and it wasn’t until I got a computer and internet, that I found this website and got all of the answers I had been looking for. And for that I will always be grateful to Blake and Brenna for spending countless hours to provide all of us fans with in-depth information.

    Through the information listed on the site, I was able to contact some former cast members and interact with them. I have said this before, and I will say this again, this website needs to be designated as the Official Friday the 13th website. It already is in my eyes, but I really think it deserves alot more credit because you will never find any website on the web more dedicated to a horror series than this one.

    Thanks Blake and Brenna for all of the hard work and dedication you put into this place. And thank you Dusk, for stepping up and carrying on the torch. Between this site,, and retroslashers, I know it’s got to be tough, but you do it anyways and my hat is off to you bro !

  2. If Paramount or New Line did designate this the official F13th website I think too many things may be “controled” I wouldn’t get a good feeling about their approval. The site I think is better off on it’s own with it’s hardcore fans where it should be. Official sites seem to always have flashy intro’s and sweet presentation styles but lack content. There’s a great following and anyone looking for a great F13th site that has not already come across surely will.

    Thanks Dusk for keeping this place going. This place is always worth a stop after jumping on the internet.

  3. one of the first sites I ever went to when I first got the internet.

  4. me too, it was one of my first site. thanks!

  5. I remember first coming here in late ‘98 when I first got on the internet. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, and so I would rush home would dial-up (ha, remember that way of connecting? Urgh:D) and would chat first on the old java chat on over usually at horror, which was a site I used to go to, and talk to some friends via my Yahoo! Messanger (which was a very old one of my first handles), and I would always look over the daily-yes, daily-news and goings-on of the official Friday site here and plus Halloween

    Gotta say I didn’t really join chats here or anything back in the day untill around 2024 when I sometimes posted, and even though I wasn’t the most popular member, but I did enjoy myself. Gota say this site did have one of the better genre film message boards that’s ever been ran and that I’ve seen.

    So yeah, congrads on all of these fine years. Also, someone tell John (Dusk) that I love retro slashers as well! :D Gotta say I’m not the world’s biggest sleepaway camp fan, but as a hardcore slasher & giallo lover, I do love the second film a lot and find the mostly shot in daylight part 3 to be pretty good. It’s just that the original, horrid & overrated first film and the fact that I like a lot of things more, sort of get in the way. But yeah, fine sequels. Haha, some recently questioned me on the boards as to why I said I thought part 1 was a piece of shit; as if anyone has to given reasons why they don’t like a bad/inept movie.

    Here is to many more happy years, right on Friday the 13th! And I agree, the site is official enough. If New Line were to step in, I feel things would be more flashier but emptier and honestly would no doubt be more controled. If you type in “Friday the 13th” In a Yahoo! search, this site comes up immdiately cause it’s pretty much considered-and rightfully so, is-the official Friday the 13th films site. Putting official IN the title and having New Line involved probably wouldn’t be for the best, if ya ask me, but of course to each they’re own, as some of us chould be wrong.

    By the way, love these nostalgic articales …

  6. I remember that splash page. Man, that was awesome. I have to echo sentiments that this was one of the first websites I found out there about the series. There were others out there, too. Camp Blood, Jason Conquers and so on. However, this website was always a more intractive site to visit.

  7. I’m always a fan of the slasher films, I really enjoy the Friday the 13th series. When I was in high school I would always be on the school computers and going to, I would always do this during my lunch period, this was years ago back in 2024-2002. I would always love reading the fan fiction that would be posted. I remember some very good stories posted there, I remember a Jason vs Ash story that was posted in the form of a movie script and when I read that script, that was the very first story that I had read to feature Jason killing a guy and two girls as they were having a threesome, one of the girls got killed by Jason slamming a dildo right through her forehead. Does anyone remember reading that script? I thought it was very good. I also enjoyed reading the body count of how many victims Jason had slain in the movies. I as well remember looking at the storyboard art of Jason Lives, I was in the high school library at the time and looking at the storyboard art and this one kid that sat next to me stared at the page where there was an illustration of Jason who had decapitated those three paintballers. I remember his exact words, “That’s sick” Those were some good times for me.

  8. Little known fact, this site actually was official through Crystal Lake Entertainment in the early 00’s.

  9. Another great site i used i used to visit think the guy who run it was called Richard Trondheim and based in Scaninavia somewhere.It hasn’t been updated since “03″ or something like that.Do any other bloggers know of this site and why it has never been updated?I would be greatful of any info on this matter as apart from this site it was my next most visited F13 site……..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  10. If anyone wants to have a Friday the 13th website like this just go here: it’s just like this but more updated. I promise you can have what you want with it. Forums, videos, pictures, bodycount. Everything you expect in a Friday the 13th website. Even the new film’s page is opened.

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