His Name Was Jason Goes Single

HIS NAME IS JASON must have been a powerhouse success in the genre market because Anchor Bay Entertainment are re-releasing the documentary in a single-disc edition on June 16th with a $14.95 RRP.

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  1. Wow. I would like to think it was a double sided disc. I don’t think I could have shelled 15 bucks just for the documentary, itself. The bonus features were what really did it for me.

    If it is just the first disc, let it be a lesson. He who snoozes, loses.

  2. How many disc was the original release? Will this single disc be complete or will it be missing some of the extras on the initial release?

  3. Why the hell would they do this? I think it would make more sense to just make another press of the actual release. I mean, some of the best parts about this release are the tours of the barn of Part 3 and the Jarvis house of Part 4 which are both on the second disc. Also, we get like three more brackets of interviews (one of them is like 2 hours long equally a whole other documentary in itself) on the second disc.

    His Name Was Jason in an only one disc form is half useless. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good documentary, but the second disc has some great extras.

  4. What\’s the point of this? The 2nd disc has so many bonus features that are a must have for any Friday The 13th/Horror fan. Plus I noticed on my netflix instant streaming that you can watch the documentary on there through your computer or xbox live, (gold membership required). Netflix is only $5 a month too. Plus I also bought this dvd the first day it came out for the same price as well. Note: this is the same day that Friday The 13th (2009) comes out to dvd which I\’m stoked for as well as the deluxe editions of 4-6. It looks like I\’ll be getting the reboot unrated blu-ray if i get a player by that time and the deluxe edition of 4 because my 3/4 disc in the collection is scratched.

  5. I think they’re saying they are putting both dvds worth of stuff onto one dvd

  6. Hey guys, it is likely just Disc 1 and the point of a single disc release is, it’s a cheaper way to manufacture more of the product, which will benefit the mass market/Average Joe who buys it as an impulse purchase and doesn’t care about extras.

  7. Anchor Bay has done this awesome F13 documentary, they did the Halloween: 25 Years of Terror documentary, all they need to do now is make an awesome Nightmare on Elm Street documentary to go with the release of the new one next year.

  8. well i got the 2 discs at walmart 4 10 bucks

  9. If its gonna be a single dvd then everything that was the 2 dvd set is gonna be compressed into one to save on re-issue costs for the dvd.
    Also if anyone didn’t post this or knows of them I found 2 easter eggs for His Name was Jason:

    Bonus Feature:
    Disc 2: Highlight “Finals Cuts” on the Main Menu and press your Left button. A slash will highlight on the hockey mask. Press your Enter button for a song by Ari Lehman.

    Bonus Feature:
    Disc 2: Highlight “Fox Comes Home” in the Main Menu and press your Left button to highlight the second slash on the hockey mask. Press your Enter button for a song by Stu Chumo.


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