Friday The 13th Teaser Poster

New Friday July 25th, 2024

teaserposter.jpgJust starting to make the rounds online is a supposed clearer “flat” version of the Friday teaser image/poster/banner from Comic-Con, courtesy of Filmz.Ru. In actuality, some quick research reveals it’s the fine work of those enterprising Russkies taking the original image and digitally panel-beating it. I’ve taken it just a slight bit further by conforming the long banner size into US theatrical poster standards. And you can grab that below.


33 Responses to “Friday The 13th Teaser Poster”

  1. Christian Sellers Says:

    Back to basics! I like that!!!!

  2. Thom Says:

    What? Kane Hodders not in this movie?! JUST KIDDING!!! Oh shit….I prob. just stirred up some angry bee’s.haha

  3. SHOTZ10 Says:

    it looks good…!! but its a long way off,,,7 months.. kill kill kill…

  4. SplitSkull Says:

    The number one on the 13 looks like a dick lol!!

  5. Jedimaster Says:

    I want that damn poster

  6. nohandtyper Says:

    This comes out on my 18th b-day!

  7. morgan Says:

    I like it. It’s such a long way to February though.

  8. e®n Says:

    lmao @ SplitSkull. it looks exactly like a dick

  9. Tony Carroll Says:

    I love it. Very basic. I would mark out if the official theatrical poster was similar to the original

  10. voorhees213 Says:

    nohandtyper, this comes out on my b-day also. My 31st…lets have a birthday party :)

  11. jordan Says:

    is anyone else happy ronny yu is not working on this he ruins movies bride of chucky please

  12. Darkstar Says:

    Nice Not too much Not too little

  13. Alexandre Says:

    Too basic for me… very disapointed i was looking for something more artistic

  14. Aj G-CASH Says:

    i agree Jordan ronny yu ruined FVJ it could ve been a whole lot better if he wasnt the director btw i love that poster

  15. BigTdoe Says:

    Historically teaser posters are really basic for the most part, so I personally wasnt expecting much. But the actual final movie poster better have more creativity behind it.. cmon this teaser is nothing more than basic copy and paste of the original title….but im sure things will begin to get more interesting in the upcoming months!!

  16. Travis Says:

    I love it!! I can\’t wait for this movie to come out and the haters are wrong on this one! And I\’m a theater manager and\’ll snag one as soon it comes in as well as it see it on the 11th.:)

  17. Colin Says:

    I dig it. Very cool, very simple. Old school font and all. This opens on my 38th birthday as well so yeah! WOO HOO!

  18. Dana Druff Says:

    I cant wait!! the best ones were 1-4 and I heard that the movie will have that type of feel to it.

  19. Scott Says:

    I like it nice and simple and im glad we have a new jason the last jason was too slow i thought maybe he was carrying an AARP card

  20. PeterBaker Says:

    Nope, im a big fan of it.. and im assuming its a teaser anyways.. but keep the movie hidden a little.. if they add anything later on,, make it just fading in on a 1/4 of the mask, or woods, or something.. too much is overkill, havent people understood that through horror?? :-p anyways, feb seems so far and its really not

  21. nohair Says:

    there is something i have no complaint about

  22. Robin Says:

    We’ll see if they keep the original font all the way through to the final one-sheet and posters. I wouldn’t mind either way.

    Toyed with the idea that they’d keep the original poster-style here (used that simple first pic):

  23. Jedimaster Says:

    the teaser trailer is today at comic-con from 1-130, hopefully it will appear here soon.

  24. John Says:

    Back to basics I like it, though it could use a little revamping, not much, maybe having blood drip down from the letters and numbers to give it that bloody look and feel.

  25. eXile Says:

    The actual teaser poster is a shot of the mask.

  26. Robin Says:

    Check out the latest from Comic-Con - event description at ShcokTillYouDrop and clip description from Bloody-Disgusting. Too bad it’s not likely to come online..

  27. eXile Says:

    And by “actual teaser poster,” I mean “actual Comic Con teaser poster.” I wonder if this is the teaser poster that will show up in the theaters. I like both the Friday logo design and the mask poster, so either one would be fine with me.

  28. Christian Sellers Says:

    Damn it, why is it never a good photographer that takes these pictures? That teaser of the mask looks cool but it’s got light over half of it and it’s taken at a really bad angle. Who took the photo, Stevie Wonder?

  29. eXile Says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Both BD’s and ShockTillYouDrop’s pictures have huge reflections from the flash. How about using a bounce flash? I’m guessing that the angle was a matter of opportunity (or lack thereof).

    I tooled with the image briefly in Photoshop, to remove the harsh flash spot, and worked with correcting the distortion angle as best I could without utterly degrading the image. This is what I came up with…

  30. Tony Carroll Says:

    Exile, I used your fixed up picture of the teaser poster in the story I just posted about the new poster and the trailer here on Fridaythe13thfilms I gave you full credit and a thanks in the story. Thanks again!

  31. Dana Druff Says:

    thanx 4 my new wallpaper exile. oh yea if the teaser trailer was at comic con today it should be on youtube or something later tonite or tomorow.

  32. Shadow Says:


  33. Big D Says:

    The Friday The 13th movie series has been, and still is my all time horror movie favorite. They should had just said that this movie is remake of friday the 13th parts 1-3. i’m surprised that paramount and new line are colaborating to do this along with mtv films. This should be interesting

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