Friday The 13th Trilogy Deluxe Editions

Time to fold those 3D glasses over your ears, because here’s what’s streeting Feb 3rd.

Friday The 13th: Part 3 - 3D Deluxe Edition

A idyllic summer turns into a nightmare of unspeakable terror for yet another group of naïve counselors. Ignoring Camp Crystal Lake’s bloody legacy, one by one they fall victim to the maniacal Jason who stalks them at every turn…

Friday The 13th, Part 3 will have you frozen with fear, as Jason finds his way into your living room!

Friday The 13th: Part 2: Deluxe Edition

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to camp… here’s even more heart-pounding terror.

Five years after the horrible bloodbath at Camp Crystal Lake, all that remains is the legend of Jason Voorhees and his demented mother, who murdered seven camp counselors. At a nearby summer camp, the new counselors are unconcerned about the warnings to stay away from the infamous site. Carefree, the young people roam the area, not sensing the ominous lurking presence. One by one, they are attacked and brutally slaughtered. Suspense and screams abound in this compelling thriller.

Friday The 13th: Uncut Deluxe Edition

Terror and suspense abound in this 24-hour nightmare of blood. Camp Crystal Lake has been shuttered for over 20 years due to several vicious and unsolved murders. The camp’s new owner and several young counselors are readying the property for re-opening despite warning of a “death curse” by local residents. The curse proves true on Friday the 13th as one by one each of the counselors is stalked by a violent killer. This film is widely acclaimed for its horrifying and creative murder sequences.

Part 1 is also releasing on Blu-Ray, same day.

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56 Responses to “ Friday The 13th Trilogy Deluxe Editions ”

  1. So Part 1’s uncut, and Part 3’s in 3-D. What’s deluxe about part 2?

  2. hopefully missing gore footage

  3. at last, part 3 is being released in 3D,the copy ive got is shite quality wise.
    ive allways said part 3 should be seen in 3D, the way it was meant to be seen.
    ooohh im so excited, im going to sit down and have a cup of tea. and sharpen my machete.

  4. Even an official version with the regular two-colored glasses is a nice step in the right direction. Good news as I see it. Haven’t seen Part 3 in any form of 3D, so that ought to be fun.

  5. The first Friday the 13th film I saw was Part 3 in 3D. I had no clue what I was going to watch (I was 8 or 9 years old), and for some reason, I wanted to sit in the front row. I sat by myself, and I was scared shitless the entire time; however, it was very interesting to watch this in 3D, and I can’t wait to get it. I just bought Polar Express in 3D and it comes with 4 pairs of glasses, so I’m good to go.

  6. Friday the 13th part 3 in 3D i think is they only reason to buy the box set and to watch it in my projetor big damn screen is very better for this. i see it in 2024 part 3 in 3D at Montréal Canada in a festival movie 3D thats the best movie i see IN 3D!!!

  7. its about fucking time they release partIII in 3-D.its only been 27 years

  8. P.S. Where the fuck is THE FINAL CHAPTER.By far one of the best of the early friday movies.HELLO

  9. Well, the TV footage for Part 4 is in the original box set, as well as director’s commentary, so maybe they just have nothing new to give us for a Part 4 dvd… or, maybe they will do part 4-6 next year or whenever there is a sequel to the remake (if there is one). I also want to know what is special about Part 2! The cut gore footage would be awesome, but I’ve always heard it was lost in the vaults somewhere. With these and His Name Was Jason on Feb 3 (I think), February 2024 is going to be pretty good for Friday the 13th fans, whether the remake lives up to expectations or not!

  10. Shoot I am hoping for the uncut footage from part 2.

  11. whats on the dvd like features? THIS IS SO EXCITING!

  12. I’m very excited about this. I’m saving up every penny for these DVD’s. 2024 is a good year to be a Friday the 13th fan. We not only get an uncut trilogy and a documentary but we get a remake as well. This is a definite good year to be a Friday the 13th fan.

  13. Changes pants

  14. Friday the 13th Part 3 WAS, I repeat “WAS” released in 3D. I have a copy on DVD myself. It was a Video-Disc release overseas and it was converted to DVD format. It is in “Field Sequential” just as it was in the theater. Though it does require electronic shutter glasses like from( offers, but I have to say it is amazing to see since I never got to in theaters. But if they release this in Anaglyph (red&blue) then I wouldn’t expect the 3-D to be all that great. But I’m sure that’s how they will do it, I just hope they use color-code 3D which is a newer form of the red/blue style glasses and should have better quality.

  15. I also saw Friday the 13th part III in 3D in Montreal horror film festival in 2024! :-) It was so fun and cool and everybody in the theatre was cheering and laughing at all the spooky scenes. One of the best cinema experience ever. Glad they finally make the 3D experience available on home video. It`ll be fun to watch with friends!

  16. Are they on Blu Ray?????

  17. “I’m very excited about this. I’m saving up every penny for these DVD’s. 2024 is a good year to be a Friday the 13th fan. We not only get an uncut trilogy and a documentary but we get a remake as well. This is a definite good year to be a Friday the 13th fan.”

    So true, so true. I was just tellin’ my immdiate family last night that I am saving aside my usual monthly online buying cash flow to make sure that I can pre-order the “His Name Was Jason” doc, and to get the new special edition parts 1-through-3D boxset, and of course I’m taking my mother and anyone who wants to go to see the redux opening day.

    February is indeed gonna be the month for Mr. Jason Voorhees. :D

  18. Hold up, I noticed someone mentioned pt.4 having the cut tv footage in it on the boxeds set release? I don’t recall seeing it in the film itself, just on the bonus killer extra disc. I’m assuming that’s what they’re talking about. February should be an excellent month indeed for us F13th fans. Just wish they were releasing this stuff a week earlier since my birthday is Feb.2. Oh well, I guess I’ll ask for cash and gift cards for my birthday. :)

  19. That would be awesome if they released all of these with the cut gore footage. I’m not holding my breath though.

  20. enough already were\’s the damn box art!!

  21. @Pete: Yeah, I was talking about the killer extras disc… would be nice if they incorporated that into the film, but we do have hope that a deluxe edition of part 4 will arrive in the future. Coincidentally, my birthday is January 26th (brought home from the hospital/adopted on Feb., Friday the 13th, tho!), so I also wish they were releasing it earlier! I am also just asking for cash, as I’ve already pre-ordered everything.

  22. What does Jason do in his spare time? Does he fish? Does he take a crap? Would you want to see a scene where he does stuff that he clearly has to do like urinate? Does he sleep? What’s his deal?

  23. What’s up with the synopsis of Part 3? Granted, I have only seen Part 3 a couple of times, but I don’t remember any counselors being involved in the movie at all. One would think that Paramount could at least get somebody to watch the movie before summarizing it.

  24. Someone mentioned box art. Has anyone ever noticed that one of the cut gore scenes from Part 2 (Sandra and Jeff getting speared in the bed) is on the back of the original VHS box whereas if they had left that scene in it would have received an X rating? I hope that footage is added back.

    And, I think he is referring to the killers disc/bonus features on the box set. None of the special footage was added back to the original film for the box set, which I hate it when they do that. I’d much rather get an unrated release that adds the footage in.

  25. IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!! they only thing is the discription: “Friday The 13th: Part 3 - 3D Deluxe Edition
    A idyllic summer turns into a nightmare of unspeakable terror for yet another group of naïve counselors.” There are no counselors in part 3!!

  26. That’s what they should’ve done in the first place with the box set for From Crystal lake to Manhattan. It’s been long overdue, and they need to show the same respect for the rest of the movies, by putting out better dvds.

  27. this is fucking sweet i cant wait for this to hit shelves. so much mayhem for the month of feb!!! cant beat this

  28. I can’t wait either!! I wounder how much it’ll be?

  29. Hey guys
    Can anybody tell me if these dvds will be released in the UK aswell.Im a huge F13 fan and would love to get my hands on these.

  30. an unrated part VII would be nice

  31. Matt,

    Oh man, really? Well my birthday is just two days later. ;) Yup, born January the 28th, 1983 (Nashville). :)

    Yup, that was always in the Part 3 discription (one of my favorite instalments). I too always wondered why it was so breif, but then again, even I’ll admit that Part 3 is a bit light on story.

    As for the Part 4 TV footage that made it into the boxset that we all already have: Well I was goin’ back over the Crystal Lake Memories book, and I saw that Joseph Zito hates those cause he edited the scenes out of the director’s cut for a reason. He doesn’t even like when they occasionally pop up on North American television. Also the one extra scene with Rob setting up motion-detector devices-which you can download at the Camp Blood site-isn’t on there, but it’s no real loss.

    And indeed: Bring on some cover art to wet our appetites! And we’ll all be mcuh happier. ;)

  32. Well, I’m not getting my hopes up for part 2 and 3. Looking at the specs on, the only benefit is a remastered audio track. Otherwise, Part 2 is clocking in at 87 minutes and Part 3 at 95 minutes. According to, those are the same run times of the original films. So, if there is any extra footage, it is either minor or in the special features.

  33. Was the girl’s death at the beginning of the original Friday the 13th (Claudette) ever filmed? There’s this still photo of her getting her throat slit with a machete and blood on her neck and I was just wondering if this death was filmed at all?

  34. man these 3 movies special editions,his name was jason,and the 3 disc boxset of the last 3 films AWESOME!!!!!!

  35. Derek:

    duelly noted. I just noticed that. Ah well. At least maybe the 3-D for Part 3’s re-release shall look better, and they’re both will probably at least get new 2.0 Stereo tracks that will replace the sub-terrible as fuck Mono soundtracks that the first 5 in the series on DVD (both Barebones and in the boxset) have always been stuck with. *shrugs* Gotta take what we can I’d say. ;)

    And James:

    Supposed, the up-close throat slashing of her was just an old timey publicity still. The same with the one of Mrs. Voorhees screaming against some plastic on a not enclosed wall. I hope that helps.

  36. Does anyone know what kind of 3D part III will be… Is it the crappy blue and red glasses or what?… I hope it\’s not cause if so then there really is no reason for me to re-purchase the same old shit we already have. I\’m a huge Friday fan but after all the sub-par releases we\’ve had I\’m still not about to get my hopes up for this, unless it\’s a real \

  37. Deluxe edition with alot of good features or… if the 3D is not the shitty blue and red glasses.

  38. Here’s what I found about the still:

    SPOILER: There is rumored to be a deleted scene featuring the murder of Claudette. The crew of the film dismissed this, including Tom Savini, who said he never even worked on the opening scene. There is, however, a still of Claudette with a machete in her throat, although that may have been shot purely for promotional material.

    Another interesting item about the opening people:
    The first counsellor killed in the 1958 prologue is named “Barry” in the credits. The captions identify him as “Gary”.

    SPOILER: In the original first draft of the script, Mrs. Voorhees was supposed to lose her little finger while attempting to kill Barry.

    COUNTDOWN: 74 days until the release of the DVD’s and 80 days until the new movie!

  39. Here’s what I found for the extras for part 2:
    Friday the 13th Part 2
    Inside Crystal Lake Memories
    Horror Convention
    Lost Tales from Camp Blood - Part 2
    Slasher Films: Going for the Jugular
    Jason Trivia Track (text)
    Jason Forever - Used on 2024 release/Best Buy bonus disc
    Theatrical Trailer - Used on 2024 release

    No listings for Part 3 yet. Somebody up above asked if they were releasing in UK. I’m not sure ,but I found this post on a UK website:

  40. i hve a version of part III in 3-D and it is the anagraph blue - red version and it is fine. better to have a 3-D version then quit bitchen about some have waited 27 years to see it any version of 3-D

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  42. Thanks for the info derek.Will be gutted if I dont get the chance to purchase them.

  43. I really hate to own the first three films on four different discs, but I will. This should be kick ass!

  44. I noticed further up people saying about The Final Chapter not being released uncut. Does no one think of trying different countries, as on region 2 the first and forth have been uncut for years. You get to see Jason’s face slide down the blade of the machete. lovely! If there’s more footage for them to put in that I don’t know of then I definitely love to see it. They should just do uncut deluxe versions of ALL of them. Even at their worst they’re entertaining! And the region 1 unrated version of JGTH is pretty violent as well

  45. i hope they put the whole series on much as I hate to buy the same movie twice.blu-ray is so much worth it and it really does make a big difference in picture and sound.some of the early films need a new audio track.

  46. you can preorder on amazon and help the economy.Gonna watch hell night with a hot girl who’s a horror movie virgin and gonna have her in my bed by midnight

  47. Pampers, I’m glad you can get your dates to watch horror movies. Seems as though all of the guys I go on dates with are pussies!

  48. thanks man.We had fun in more ways than one and I am cooking up a friday the 13 marathon next holiday weekend.

  49. News flash.Next fangoria issue will have news on the new friday movie and my bloodly valantine 3d !

  50. The next issue of Gorezone has an exclusive on My Bloody Valentine as well. Not sure about Friday the 13th though as they had a booklet on it a couple of issues back

  51. cool.I will check it out.Does anyone think the uncut footage will be in part2?

  52. Wow, February is going to be the ultimate Friday month. Between the new flick, this awesome box set, the documentary, the three-pack New Line Jason flicks for those who don’t have them, and the second season of Friday the 13th: The Series! Jason’s slashing my wallet majorly that month.

    I am sooo excited to see part III in 3D. They REALLY need to have a cast commentary for parts 1 and 2. Betsy Palmer won’t be with us forever, and having an actual commentary with her and Adrienne (and perhaps Sean with them) would just be the most awesome. A part 2 commentary with Amy Steel and John Furey would absolutely rule as well.

    I get the feeling they won’t happen, and that’s a shame. It was awesome watching part 3 “with the cast” so to speak, and would love the same experience with the first two.

  53. christian, jason’s face sliding down the machete in part 4 IS uncut on the U.S. dvd releases…many of the other deaths are trimmed down, but not a severely as some of the other movies. no truly uncut release of it exists.

  54. artwork is up over at

    it’s OK, But it could of have been better.


    sorry, this link is quicker……..

  56. I am not pleased with this. always when they are releasing them on dvd or box set or deluxe edition, i alway hope for an uncut versions but NO. If they aint gonna release them uncut i am simply not buying them. I dont care about all the crap they put on the discs i want the unrated death scenes! or at least i want clear answer from paramount or whoever who runs this, why!! they havent for years ago released them uncut! ARG!! i´m pissed off

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