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  1. I can’t remember how many pairs of glasses the 3-D version of Part 3 will have. It will have more than one right?.

  2. I’ll only be buying part 1. Maybe if they make a sequel to the remake then Paramount can come out with an uncut part 2 or something. I sure do wish that someday they’ll come out with parts 2-8 uncut.

  3. yea an uncut box set would make be cry of happiness lol

  4. WHY NO EXTRAS FOR PART 3?!?!?!?! OTHER THAN 3D!!!!!

  5. Barry, I think it will come with four 3-D glasses. Uncut part 2 probably depends on actually finding the cut footage, so it might be awhile before we get that. I’m hoping all of them come out in super-deluxe blu-ray uncut editions one day, but I’ll get these for now! Hopefully, these will be followed by blu-ray editions around Halloween or next year, as well as deluxe editions of the later movies in either DVD or blu-ray.

  6. Yeah, Amazon still says 4-pair, although the back of the box says “a pair.” 3-D glass are usually dirt cheap, though, so they should definitely should have more than one pair!

  7. Not to bring up an old debated topic… okay to bring up an old debated topic on the back of part 2’s picture on the right is a pic of Paul. Would that be a still of his possible death? It was always a mystery what happened to him in the movie but would this pic be a plausible answer? Something to ponder perhaps?

  8. Yeah that’s a good question Colin. I don’t even think I recall that picture in the film at all. I always assumed that he was killed since they never really clarify it in the films.

  9. One good thing is that if the pic on the back of the Part 3 box is of the actual 3-D glasses then, #1: they are not the red/blue style and, #2: they have a hockey mask pattern on them…cool!

  10. Yeah Pete it looks as thought it is a publicity still from the shoot. Thought maybe Paul’s death was in the script but never shot or not shot for whatever reasons. I always thought he was killed in the struggle with Jason in the shack and Ginny imagined him helping her back to camp.

  11. Yeah… looking at those glasses on the cover, it doesn’t look like red/blue glasses (thank god) but they still look like cheap paper ones… I dunno… Hopefully they aren’t red/blue cause those things give me headaches… the end of Freddy gave me total headaches and the 3-D effect is so lame anyway, whereas with the REAL thing (like the ones you hook up to that device that syncs with your TV) the 3-D effect is totally amazing. I have those cheap no-budget 3-D movies that came with those specialized glasses that you plug into the unit and they are amazing. That’s what they should have done for this movie. :(

  12. To your question about paul from part 2, their was a lot of debates over the fact that he was killed or not. Some say because of a fall out towards the end of shooting that he walked of the set so they just left it that way, now he was not suppose to die in the film, but their is a book out called the making of Friday the 13th (The legend of Camp Blood) by David Grove. It follows all of the films and have in depht interveiws with cast and just about anyone connected with the films. Now John Furey who played paul said their was no fall out and everything between him and the director was fine and still is. However he is still listed as one of Jason’s victims, cause of death is listed as he simply vanished!

  13. I hope that helped out abit, but it’s a common mistake with the series, they just drop stories and head in a new direction with out finishing. to many loose ends and their are a few I’d like to see finished off. but it’s not their complet fault. If you haven’t read the book, give it a shot. They had some interesting stories for a lot of the sequals that for one reason or another didn’t make it that would have changed the films completly.

  14. LAME! Looks like we wont be getting parts 2 and 3 UNCUT.. what a waste.

  15. Aweosme. I can’t wait. Bring on February …

  16. i think the pic of paul is from that last scene where he’s getting ready to go investigate the noise at the door… i think they just caught him with a weird look on his face. it does look like a death shot. hell maybe it is…on the vhs cover they teased us with a shot of the double impalement that so far has not been shown in any cut of the movie!! man i am just itching to see what stuff they have in the vaults for part 2!!!

  17. Has anyone else noticed the mistake on Part 3’s Cover?

  18. “Has anyone else noticed the mistake on Part 3’s Cover?”
    Yup, and that’s always been, sadly, on all of the North American VHS tape back covers and DVD covers as well. It’s always mistakend the care-free group of college age’d youths as “Counsalers”, I’ve noticed. However, it’s just a slight issue.

    I shall be picking up all of three new standard definition re-re-releases (let’s be brutally honest and call them for what they are, shall we?), although I do wish that Part 3 came with more then one pair of 3-D glasses. What, was three a too large of a number for something as dirty cheap as some flimsy 3-D glasses? :( Ah well …

  19. On (a UK store) PART 2 and PART 3 are listed as BLU-RAY releases, with pictures of the cover:

    This is good news for me, but I didn’t understand if PART 3 in Blu Ray is in 3D, too.

    Hope this helps, guys.

  20. Man, I want those UK releases! I wonder if they are region coded? I tried to order through from the U.S. but no dice. I imagine they will be available through amazon marketplace or ebay sometime. Paramount, just release them in the U.S. on blu-ray or at least announce it before I try to buy these!

  21. I just checked and they are PAL Region 2, both things my blu-ray player doesn’t support!

  22. UH Finally some more 5.1 fridays I like the new covers a hell of a lot better then the box set ones I just wish The Final Chapter was part of this release I think its the best of the early ones and I also think It has the scariest Jason Kane Is My fav dead Jason but Ted White is my fav Human Jason

  23. These DVDS Look great love the new covers over the old ones ( the box set ones the first four single disc had great covers) I Just Hope This Remake Kicks Box Office ass So we can see all the classic paramount Fridays get the treatment they deserve Im a little miffed ther are no other features on the part 3 one but ill take the 3D I wish 4 Was coming too it would make sense put the first four out now then when the remakes Dvd is relese out out the other 4 My other problem is Not Having them ALL uncut thats fottage has to be somewhere even if it isnt pristine it wouldnt bother me (especially Parts 2 and 6) but till then ill take the 5.1 sound cant wait to hear that on my speakers ;)

  24. Hey I like the boxed covers and am looking forward to the orginal uncut and part 2.The 3d will be sweet don’t know how great it will look but who knows.Terri and Vicky gonna look sweet on blueray.Wish I could still have fun like teenagers.

  25. this is directed at Ben.

    i heard somewhere that if they will release uncuts of the entire series if the uncut of the first one goes over well. hopefully, Newline will do the same and release uncuts of Jason X and Freddy vs. Jason (if such cuts exist, which they most likely do)

    plus with all the bonus crap their putting on these DVDs (part 3’s 3-D version included) i bet it will be worth double dippin’ if you already got them or the crappy boxed set.

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