Deluxe Friday Trilogy Cover Art And Specs

Here’s all you need to get drooly over Feb’s new DVD editions of the initial Friday trilogy. Part one is the only entry to get a Blu-Ray release for now, but expect it to function as a trial balloon for how the slasher series would fare on the emerging high-def format. The extras are brand spankin’ new, with a few rare oldies thrown in (like Jason Forever from the Best Buy exclusive disc). Pretty neat covers, too - learning from past mistakes Paramount have created new eye-popping images while retaining the original key art.

Friday the 13th - Uncut Deluxe Edition (DVD/Blu-Ray)
Commentary by Director Sean Cunningham
Fresh Cuts: New Tales from Friday the 13th
Man Behind the Legacy: Sean S. Cunningham
Friday the 13th: Special Reunion
Lost Tales from Camp Blood: Part 1
Theatrical Trailer
Remastered Dolby audio

Friday the 13th: Part 2 - Deluxe Edition (DVD)
Inside Crystal Lake Memories
Horror Convention
Lost Tales from Camp Blood: Part 2
Slasher Films: Going for the Jugular
Jason Trivia Text Track
Jason Forever Doc
Theatrical Trailer
Remastered Dolby audio

Friday the 13th: Part 3 - Deluxe Edition (DVD)

Original 3-D version of the film
Four pairs of 3-D glasses
Theatrical trailer
Remastered Dolby audio

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31 Responses to “ Deluxe Friday Trilogy Cover Art And Specs ”

  1. These are fugly covers and all of them look exactly alike althoug it’s 3 different movies. Have they been done by a 5 year-old kid discovering Photoshop??

  2. I’d totally prefer the original art. I’m not sure why they don’t use them these days. But I will say these are better than than the previous Paramount covers.

  3. I disagree, those covers look great. The original posters were quite similar too, are those fugly?

  4. Oh…and at least they DID use the Friday the 13th font this time around.

  5. why is only the first one on blu-ray.

  6. What the heck!!! they didn\\\’t include the audio commentary for Part 3!! which is avaliable on the box set!

  7. Does anyone know if part 3 will be the shitty blue and red 3d glasses? It says origanal 3d version… I’m confused as to how that is possible cause isn’t the only 3d availible for home viewing the red and blue glasses? Thats not the origanal version….????

  8. The official full trailer is going to be realeased tomorow!!!!!

  9. Ya know I can see why many don’t like’em, put I kinda dig’em myself, for what they are. Can’t wait to hear the good ol’ rural Kentucky boys from Dead do they’re audio podcast this week and shit all over’em, though. *lol*

    Reguardless, as I said, I dig’em myself. It’s basically what I expected from Paramount.

    After all, at least it’s a slightly better step up from those beyond Godawful barebones edition covers for Parts 5-through-8 they did years ago. Nothin’ chould be more worse off then that in my eyes.

    And at least this will be all together and will have new special features. Gotta agree that the ‘original 3-D’ is a mis-leading title for the Part 3 special edition, since it was filmed in the rarely used Polorized 3-D method instead of the Analog/Stereoscopic ones. But at least it’s better then nothin’ at all, of course.

    Can’t wait to get’em myself …

  10. i would love if they make a dvd with all the special features i hate having to go and rebuy the movies just to see the extras

  11. I think theyre pretty decent covers… like previously said better than the previous paramount covers. The more I look at them u can totally tell that they are definately inspired from the original theatrical posters, like if u look at part 1, u can see the counselors in the background on the right side! I hope they come in a box set; whether u choose to get the blu- ray or not!!!

  12. i don’t know why my comments were removed…maybe i’m being hushed for expressing a professional opinion on graphic design…but i’ll say it again. these are the most amateur designs i’ve ever seen.

    the altered left arm on part 1 is not proportionate to the other and the forearm looks deformed…it kind of bulges out before the wrist..can’t they fix that? the extending of the legs looks like it wasn’t finished…what’s with the waves in the right leg? the extended legs on all of them looks like bad clone-stamping in photoshop.

    aren’t big companies like paramount supposed to have the best of the best working on these kinds of things? these just look awkward and i can’t imagine seeing them on shelves in the stores. some of the amateur covers posted on this site look much better. they need to keep it simple and pay more attention to detail.

    i’ll get the bluray because i want part 1 in hi-def, but i’m boycotting the others unless they touch these up. i’m not going to continue dishing out money for such sloppy work. these movies deserve better.

  13. oh yeah, just saw the note about tech issues…my bad!

  14. hey how good is terry gonna look in blue ray!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. After further investigation, the legs look awful. Tommyrock is right. How could these covers get a green light?

  16. Not really complaining here, because we should be thankful to be getting any new editions of F13TH from Paramount, but why isn’t the commentary for part 3 transferred here? The commentary by Sean Cunningham for part is the Region 2 commentary released by Warner Brothers in 2024 isn’t it? I’ll get these, but keep the box set. Let’s hope they start making these special editions individually for the rest of the series, if not I can deal with just these. One more thing, elements from part 4 are also in the remake, so why isn’t part 4 getting a special edition?

  17. I love the original cover of Friday The 13th, these ones are good looking, but where’s the creepiness of the original?

    They could have make the original into a more tech-based update.

  18. Im Curious if anyone know what the sound will be I am hoping 5.1 atleast im sick of the flat mono sound

  19. I just like how they pay homage to the originals with the orginal backgrounds, yet they did the best they could to make a figure that “jumps out at you.” I also like how they did the best they could to hide whether the killers from Part II and III where male or female. My complaints are the slight bulge on the arm and unfinished leg in Part I, the axe in Part II (it looks a bit “watercolored”), and the blood on the machete in Part III (same issue with Part III). Other than that, does anyone know what kind of 3-D Part III will be in?

  20. (As a response to Eric) I guess The Final Chapter isn’t included because Jason first died in Part III.

  21. Trilogies are the popular thing now. They can pretend Friday the 13th is a trilogy so it seems essential.

  22. To Justin:

    Dude I so agree: All of the original Mono soundtracks to parts 1-through-5 are flat and have terrible popping & crackling. They should at least be re-mastered to be more fuller 2.0 Stereo or 5.1 soundtracks. And looking over my ‘04 boxset, did anyone else notice that only Part VII: The New Blood, was the only film in the Cashamount cannon to get it? Strange, eh? *scratches head*. And it’s one of my least favorite in the whole series anyway. Parts 6, 7 and 8 sound much better cause they come much later in the ’80s decade when Ultra Stereo and Dolby came into the sound mix play, so they lucked out.

    I just wanted to write this reply quick caue I SO agree.

  23. Why dose the part 1 photos has a man body isnt it the mom? I watch the movie many times it is the mom.

  24. Ugly region 4 artwork here (I assume R2 will use it also)

  25. [quote]These are fugly covers and all of them look exactly alike althoug it’s 3 different movies. Have they been done by a 5 year-old kid discovering Photoshop??[/quote]

    The covers are a homage to the original ones, look at the original 3 covers they are all similar to each other as well. And I rather like the 3d effect these covers now have and the red and black color scheme.

  26. Mick those are some ass ugly covers man, it’s ashame they aren’t being marketed better in australia, I wouldn’t buy any movie I didn’t know with covers like that. Makes the films out to be cheap poorly made for tv garbage like we get on scifi.

  27. Yeah unless there are some different extras I’ll be skipping the Aussie versions.
    Looks like the UK Blu-Ray’s are using the same ugly artwork:

  28. you know you people are all ungrateful. it would serve all you people right if they all shelved this shit and u got Nada!!!

  29. I don’t like the covers either. I already have the bare bones R-rated versions of these, so when I buy the deluxe editions I’m just gonna use the covers from my old DVDs instead. I hope they release deluxe unrated versions of the Final Chapter and The New Blood.

  30. Woo, got Friday 1 Blu-ray pre-ordered.


  31. I hope they release more unrated versions on DVD. Especially part 7, it really needs it. Part 4 mostly needs a remastered version, the DVD is grainy in some parts of the movie. Still, it’d be nice if they’d release part 4 unrated.

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