Tech Issues

Something went down and the site rolled back to its week or so ago state, a restore is being worked on.

Update Dec 16: OK, I’ve got word I can continue updating the site. The older posts will be shoehorned at a later date in the near future.

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13 Responses to “ Tech Issues ”

  1. sorry this doesn’t have to do with the topic but

    i saw the comics and i just wanna know where i can get them all!?!??! i wanna get them they look so cool plus i want to add them to my Friday collection.

  2. Honestly most decent comic shops have one or two of them laying around all you have to do is ask. And some that dont have will order them from another shop.

  3. i mean to buy online

  4. eBay is always a good place to start. However, another good place would be Demolition Comics: I used to order comics through them all the time before a good comic shop finally opened in my area. I always enjoyed the site and I bet they would have a decent selection of F13 comics. Hope this helps.

  5. Thanks!

  6. This website sucks!

  7. this website does not suck.
    this is one of the best websites of Friday the 13th. i don’t know what drug your on…

  8. Agreed CJ. So what is the status of the board?

  9. This is a great web site. The best F13 site around. The updates and news is second to none. It’s where I go for everything F13. It’s just having some “tech issues” at the moment.

  10. I really do miss the forum.

  11. You all are crazy…I can name about 5 other websites that have the news at least 1 or 2 days before this website has anything. Yeah I guess you can call it a good F13 website but seriously the updates are slow and this is definitely not the place to find breaking news.

  12. Hey Ryan, other websites have teams of writers on call. This is pretty much a one man band here, and I’m sorry I can’t sacrifice my outside life to post news faster. The door is always open to others to join in as posters/bloggers here.

  13. the news comes quickly there are great pics there are alot of good stuff on this website And i love it to yea ryan you are crazy.

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