Mezco Scores again: A Pic heavy look at the latest from Mezco Cinema of Fear

They’re popping up on stores nationwide and they are easily two of Mezco’s best efforts to bring Jason fans items to add to their shelves. I’m talking about the Cinema of Fear 12 inch Roto figure from “The New Blood” and the Cinema of Fear 7 inch line series 3 Jason based on his appearance in the 9th installment of the series “Jason Goes to Hell”

Picking up the ball where McFarlane dropped it some 10 years ago with their Movie Maniacs series 1 Jason Goes to Hell figure, Mezco has managed to do a much better and more accurate job on their incarnation of Jason’s alleged final venture into the woods of Crystal Lake. Though he could stand to be a bit thicker, and is noticeably missing the small strands of hair as featured in the film, they capture the overall look of his head as well as many of his wounds he garnered throughout the film. Naturally, the mask it non removeable considering it never came off during the duration of the film. His legs have no articulation which works very well for a figure of this type. His arms can be posed in various poses and his neck and waist are ball jointed to achieve a few different options when displaying this piece. Mezco continues to improve on their paint jobs on the Cinema of Fear 7 inch line and it shows through very well on the Jason Goes to Hell figure. Mezco continues it’s tradition of offering a much better selection of accessories that previous rights owners have failed to accomplish. With Jason this time we get the body jumping Demon Jason, The dagger that ultimately sends Jason to Hell, and the evil heart of Jason Voorhees.

The figure displays very well with other Jason figures. So he’ll feel right at home in your Jason display.

Next up is the most excellent Friday the 13th part VII Jason in 12 inch roto figure form. If Mezco keeps this up, they’ll give Sideshow’s Jason figures a run for their money. This is a great way to go to get a 12 inch version of Jason in this form considering the increase in value the Sideshow Jason figures have seen in recent years.

Mezco has done just as good of a job at capturing the likeness of New Blood Jason. Especially when displayed without mask. The likeness when unmasked is brillaintly done. The paint job is once again superb. And as always, Mezco hooks us up with some nice accessories to vary our displaying options. With this big chunk of plastic we get the mask of course, but we also get a variation of the mask that is split down the middle to commemorate Tina’s interesting strategy of fending off Jason by tightening his gear up a bit. We naturally get his machete, his axe and we get a sickle blade to boot.

Jason goes dressed in a cloth shirt which is removeable though I couldn’t imagine why you would want to. A plastic chain is wrapped around his throat. His pants are molded on and his legs are non articulated which works best for these type of display pieces. His upper body is articulated in many places. His arms can be posed in just about any way imaginable thanks to some creatively placed joints and twists. His waste is fully turnable and he has some roto articulation in his chest and kneck thanks to some ball joints.

So if you were never able to get the Sideshow figure from The New Blood, this is a much more affordable route to take these days, and in more ways than one, a better looking piece of New Blood Memorabilia.



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20 Responses to “ Mezco Scores again: A Pic heavy look at the latest from Mezco Cinema of Fear ”

  1. Very nice looking figures. Very detailed, I like how they add the small stuff with them. The part 7 figure looks very detailed. I like how the spinal cord and back ribcage is showing. It’s cool they even included the split in half hockey mask.

  2. I’ve always liked the JGTH look. I mean, yeah, his head kinda looks like a horribly disfigured tomato, but I’d much rather have this than “Uber Jason” *shudders*.

    And the head on the New Blood figure looks amazing, almost better than the film!

  3. Gotta cop em both for sure

  4. so gettin it!

  5. Awesome as usual. I’ll add it to my already huge Jason collection.
    Fingers crossed form “Roy” Jason!

  6. Yes indeed. Roy ranks at the top of my Jason “wants” list. It seems like a ballsy move. But it’s pretty a very logical step. And if anyone has balls enough to do it, it’s the folks at Mezco.

    They already have a part III on the way. So all that leaves that hasn’t been made in the 6-7 inch form are

    - naturally Jason as a kid which would be more of a concept since he never actually completely comes out of the way. But I’d love to see it.

    - Roy Burns are mentioned

    - Jason Takes Manhattan

    Mezco already has one of the remake coming and the other films have been covered either by Mezco, NECA or McFarlane.

  7. Guys, hate to disappoint you, but it may be awhile before they get around to doing a Roy figure. They’re releasing the 2024 Jason figure next (which you all know about by now,) haha. As for series 4 cinema of fear, it will be a part 3 Jason figure. I’m totally stoked for it. The prototype figures for it look awesome.

  8. but when will they release’em???

  9. I actually like Uber Jason, there isn’t an incarnation of him I didn’t like (well, perhaps FvJ, but even that had its moments). Jason’s a cool character and each time they try and do something different with him fans get hostile, but it’s constantly adapting him while keeping the basics the same which has made his appeal last so long

  10. Amen Christian.

    I’d also like to go on record and recognize the job that Mezco has done in keeping Freddy interesting in their series. They’ve made a part 1, a part 3 in a suit and a part 5 in a chef attire which are all things I never thought I would see in a Freddy figure. And on top of that…Roach girl is coming? Who would have thoughts we would see a victim!? I’d mark out for a survivor’s line. lol. Who wouldn’t have to put an Alice or a little bald Tommy Jarvis into their Jason displays?? I even considered buying a figure of Mouth from the Goonies line to make a custom…but I’m not sure I could pull it off.

  11. I’d like to see a selection of victims from both the F13 and Elm Street movies, in their death poses, in this collection.

  12. Technically they have Jason as a kid in the action figure dept. Those screen grab scenes sets that were released. Alright so it’s only him from the ending in part 1 grabbing Alice but when do we ever see him in full as a kid? Hopefully we’ll see that in the new F13th flic in February and then they’ll give us a full kid figure of Jason. So these new figures for pt.7 & JGTH are 7inches? Amazing detail! A “Roy” Jason is defintely in order for a release. I’m surprised none of these action figure/toy companies have done it yet.

  13. Yep. The Mezco screen grabs series is awesome as well. The Jason/Alice set is very well done. A fully emerged Jason figure would be a bit ambitious and they would have to kind of use their own perception as to what he looked like full emerged. But it would be a ballsy and welcome move in my opinion.

  14. I saw this in a Hot Topic store (of all places, right?) and managed to snag the LAST one. My collection’s gettin’ pretty big. I’ll post pics when I can.

  15. These look awesome. Can’t wait until they are available in Newfoundland.

  16. My wishlist is.
    Jason from part 8.
    Jason from part 5 when Tommy was dreaming at the beginning, complete with worms coming out of the eyes of his mask.
    Roy as Jason from part 5.

  17. Wow. I can’t believe a figure for Jason from part 8 was never made by any company. I just checked my Sideshow Collectibles 12inch collection and the site and no results. I would imagine someone eventually will though.

  18. I think Mezco will pretty much cover all bases before it’s said and done.

  19. Roy WILL come…one day…maybe…. Where are the proto type pix of JASON part 3 series 4 cinema of fear?

  20. I will be going down to GWARS slavepit in the coming months…I am going to try and get with Mattron about making a custom GWAR-style Jason figure… I will keep you informed!

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