Check Out Friday Friends at Horror Hound Con This Weekend

A reminder to those who live in or near Indianapolis, HorrorHound’s weekend convention is this weekend March 27-29. The usual cast of Jason characters will be there, including Derek Mears, C.J. Graham, Ari Lehman, Warrington Gillette and Tom Savini. Also, Amy Steel will be there. She is really nice and loves to tell great stories from Part 2.

The weekend will also include the first ever HMA-Mask Fest which will feature masks from loads of differrent horror movies and their creators. If you’re able to make it, have fun and enjoy your Friday The 13th friends.

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10 Responses to “ Check Out Friday Friends at Horror Hound Con This Weekend ”

  1. I really wish I lived even remotely close to Indy.There is a comic and toy convention here in Edmonton this weekend,and I’ll be dressn up my tall friend Hunter as jason for that.

  2. I really wanna attend some genre conventions in the future, especially if the guests are very Slasher & Friday-centric. However, time & money and my southern location in Louisiana simply won’t allow that. It would have to be a Texas genre convention for me to go to one, at this point in my life, as I would only wanna drive and not fly in for it. That’ll have to wait for later.

    Amy Steel out of all of those, I’d really wanna meet, plus Derek Meers as it he seem’s incredibly cool from all of the Friday redux interviews I’ve seen of him. But especially Amy Steel. One of the few actresses that I have the bulk of her most well known stuff on DVD (multiple compies, including all of the special editions of Friday 2, plus three copies of April Fool’s Day and two of the long out of print Walk Like a Man, ect). I’ve always had a big b-movie goddess celeb crush on her. ;)

    In all honestly the rest of that line-up doesn’t really excite me, but alas, to each they’re own. I woul dlike to see some more Part 2, 3 The Final Chapter and Part 5 stars hitting the convention circuit. Too bad a missed a lot of they’re apperances over the last year and a half pimping out they’re websites and His Name Was Jason release. Ah well …

  3. I wish I could go but we can\’t afford to go.

  4. I’d love to meet Amy, part 2 has always been my favorite. Part 3 is my second favorite, I think Dana did a great job in that. And I know that some people have said before that she over acted, but I disagree. I think she did the best job out of all of the friday girls, she seemed genuinely terrified. Which is something I think is missing in horror movies these days… I know that alot people would like to think that if a lunatic was trying to kill them with an axe that they’d react like Ash from The Evil Dead, but in real life most people would react like Chris from Friday Part 3… And I’m not trying to say anything bad about The Evil Dead, I love that movie too.

  5. I’d love to hear everybody’s opinion on who their favorite friday girl is, and their favorite chase scene.

  6. Brooke, yeah me too :D I’ll copy & paste my feelings on Amy Steel from the boards where I post:

    I’m a huge old school, Cashamount (oops, should’ve been Paramount, but what the fuck ever) fanatic, but for my money, none of the other Heroines, both acting wise and with the use of child psychology and general “girl-next-door” hotness, managed to do with what Giny did. Plus, even with limited screen time, she managed to at least evelope into a pretty good two-dimensional character, which quite frankly, is pretty good for the often based largely around the atmosphere and the death set pieces, old school Friday series. No one else even came close if ya ask me, though admitedly I know Tina the psychic did do much more bodily/physical damage to him, and Renne had a massive fear to get over in facing him, but by that point (the massively overrated Hodder years), even I have to admit the movies were pretty terrible.

    Breif paragraphs of what I thought of the rest:

    Trish (Kimberly Beck from Roller Boogie and Massacre at Central High) was smokin’ hot, but on a whole other planet while she was supposed to be acting. I’ve always assumed that stalker she had while filming Part IV in Topanga out on the west coast sort of messed with her head a bit, plus when I read what she REALLY thought about The Final Chapter in the awesome Crystal Lake Memories book, that sort of always put a damper of my enjoyment of it, though I still do really like the movie.

    I kinda do think Dana Kimmel as Chris was a looker, but again, too many “deer-in-headlites” moments during her emoting. And damn that annoying, higer pitched scream and her reading of dialogue (“He has a KNIFE … And he ATTACKED me with it!” It’s almost as if she’s too surprised what a loiter & prowling psycho in the woods would be doin’ with a knife). Melanie Kimmaman is hot, and I love the ‘black sheep’ of the series, Part V for several reasons, but a strong heroine that had to be saved but the token child character driving the front-loader tractor? Nah, not strong at all. Plus that hysterically embarrassing sequence with her falling into the mud, ruining her nice skin tight jeans, and groveling and screaming pathetically in front of the pseudo-Jason/Roy, is always unforgiveable to me. Damn good for a chuckle, though. Jennifer Cooke from Part VI never registered with me at all, since for me, that film has a standard Hero much more then a Heroine, with the returning Tommy Jarvis character, so that wouldn’t count.

    And from the “I love me some Amt Steel” thread:

    To tell ya all the truth, I’ve have a mild mini obsession with her for years. And I really do consider myself her number 1#. Hell I even went out with a girl just cause I thought she bared a striking resemblance to her (you all know how that is), and things got beyond arkward when I accidentally called her Amy–twice (even before our second date).

    During the my pre-internet days, I of course had my copy of Part 2 on those old super shit recorded in the wrong mode Paramount VHS tapes (way to package your films there, dipshits ) and I taped the Howie Mandel kiddie comedy off of television mainly cause of her, and of course taped April Fool’s Day as well. Thank God for this modern DVD age, cause video tape just plain sucks SO bad, lookin’ back.

    Anyway, when I first got online and I was goin’ through Canadian reviewer Brian Wright’s site “Cavalcade of Schlock”, and saw she made a guest apperance on TV’s “Chicago Hope”, I actually turned into a chanel that showed syndication re-runs for like over two years just to have a chance to catch her, as pathetic as that might sound.

    There is just something about her, in either her best Tom Boy-ish get up of tight, denium Levis that she adoringly had on in the finale of Friday Part 2, or the nice dress she had on at the beginning with her car trouble, or the way she does her hair, that simply makes her have this totally attainable “girl next door” hotness to her. She can also actually act and emote, and has some range of emotional to better help flesh out her 2-dimension study child psychology, which truely helps, as since we all know & understand about these movies and the time frame they were made in, her performance sadly had to lack noteable screen time, in order to make way for the murder set-pieces and the overly long usual pre-credit murder sequence.

    Over all she did an understanding job, and I feel if she had one or two more noteable genre apperances, she should’ve been inducted into the Fangoria Horror Hall of Fame. Just my two cents. she’s really a damn good actress, and Steve Miner and the casting people should feel very lucky that they landed her.

    I’m jealous of anyone who’s gotten a chance to meet her over the years, now that she’s hit the convention circuit ever since the ’04 Friday boxset has come out. Damn I’d love to get the chance to meet her, and to try to convince her to do some more horror, and just to chit chat. Must say, my tongue would have to be picked up off the fucking floor first, and then gently placed back in my mouth, of course before I chould say anything.

  7. Kimberly Beck’s my favorite, to me she acted the most realistic and was the most like-able. I have to agree with Brooke about Dana Kimmel. Her’s is my favorite chase scene, and I think she was great. That’s how people would be in real life, you wouldn’t be thinking clearly if shit like that was really happening to you. I actually had an ex-girlfriend stab me in the shoulder with a kitchen knife because she thought I was cheating on her. I was like a deer caught in the head lights for a few seconds, I was completely shocked. And I wasn’t cheating, one of her friends who hated me before we even got together, and was always trying to break us up, lied and pumped her up to do it. Anyway… I don’t know if anyone will agree with me but, I think Susan Jennifer Sullivan, Melissa the blonde bitch from Part 7 was the hottest. Tina was hot too, but there was just something about Melissa.

  8. Hey guys, let’s keep this goin’ cause I am enjoying listening to who is everyone’s favorite Friday heroine, and why :D

  9. Judi Aronson. End of story. Not a heroine, but whatever.

  10. Dana Kimmell “Chris” was my favorite.
    I felt she had the best energy of all the women running from Jason.
    Dana did quite a bit of running.

    I asked Dana at a horror convention what she thought of her performance after seeing the movie.
    She responded by saying being cast in Part 3 was the most challenging job she has ever done.
    It was both mentally and physically challenging.
    Dana did say she thought she did a god job, and filming Part 3 made her stronger as an actress as far as showing emotion.

    Dana is a great person.
    She laughs and tells her fans she truly appreciates their support of the movie, and being a fan of her.

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