One’s Customs’ Jason Takes Manhattan Figure and Display Base

One’s Customs is back and better than ever with his new custom Jason Takes Manhattan figure, display base and accessories. Check out his description below and to bid on this item, go to his eBay auction.

Hey there horror fans ONE’S Customs back with the long anticipated “Jason Takes Manhattan” custom figure. Out of all the Friday figures i’ve created the part 8 has always been my most requested figure with good reason since company’s have long ignored the film I knew I had took create this bad boy so here it is guys and believe me when I say this is truly a masterpiece and closest thing to a factory made figure you can get. Figure stands at 7.5 inches highly detailed, movie accurate and fully articulated. accessories include signature machete, harpoon gun, axe, JJ’s guitar, spear, pipe wrench, toxic waste melted mask, and of coarse Julius’ severed head, also included is a New York styled display base with brick wall and built in man hole cover and what wall would’nt be complete without 80’s graffiti? which I recreated from the movie see if you recognize it. You guys satisfied yet? no problem winner of the auction will recieve a bonus part 8 mini Jason figure with removable hockey mask and machete this little guy is also highly detailed and accurate and posable he includes a mini trash barrel which Jason used to drown Renni’s uncle notice the dead rat along side the pair of legs like the film lol classic. So if you guys are clamoring to fill a gap in your Friday figures or just adding to your collection or maybe your just starting a collection this set is for you I am very proud of this creation so please give him a good home so what are you waiting for? bid now no reserve or avoid it all and buy it now thank you and Happy Holidays from ONE’S Customs.




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15 Responses to “ One’s Customs’ Jason Takes Manhattan Figure and Display Base ”

  1. The only thing that is missing is the drug users/rapist’s drug needle. There would be a great scene/diorama to create, Jason taking out those pukes. – “It can be smooth, it can be rough, it’s your choice.”

  2. And the “Stephen King” pen in the eye would also be cool..

  3. This is sooooooo cool. I love the speargun that comes with this toy. It reminds me of the first kill he ever made after he got the hockey mask.

  4. That is very very good detail!! Love the rat…. cause its dead!

  5. What would of been funny is having action figures of the group of punks that told Jason he’s dead meat for kicking their radio, then changed their tune when they saw what was under the mask. I guess you could use Twlight figures instead.

  6. I’ve said this elsewhere, but it bears repeating: this is One’s Custom’s best work to date! If Mezco or NECA gave us a figure that looked half this good I would be completely stoked!

    Part 8 is one of my least favorite entries, but I’m a completist all the way around. I TRULY want a figure from Part 8, and if I had the cash I’d snag this in a heartbeat!

  7. awesome! if only we could get a jason figure like this for all the entries in the series. :)

  8. Looks cool, I just dont know why theres a machete and an axe. Jason didnt use either weapon in part 8.

  9. I’ve mentioned it before Jason had a machete in the teaser trailer and yes he did use the axe in the movie watch it again and youll see thanks

  10. Jeremy,
    Jason used a fireman’s axe to kill the deck hand. He also had one in his hand on the ship when the survivors were climbing down to the life boat and he was looking down at them.

  11. He did actually use an axe..
    He killed the crazy guy on the boat with it.
    Not that we actually got to see that it was Jason who did that, but who would’ve have done it if not him.

  12. Hated the movie…but love this figure and the accessories! Very cool :)

  13. Let’s see some part 3 and 4 Jasons, One!

  14. Wow, what great art skills! The detail is awesome, very nice work! That is definetely a ‘piece’ made by a true fan!

  15. Amazing as always. I wish the same love and care was given to official releases. I know it will never happen though.

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