Deadpit to Interview ‘A New Beginning’ Alumn Tonight

The boys at have a special treat for all of you Friday the 13th: A NewBeginning fans. Tonight they will be interviewing Melanie Kinnaman (Pam Roberts) and Carol Locatell (Ethel Hubbard). Both actresses are very talented and I am sure they will be a blast to listen to in the interview. So, tune in tonight at and give a listen to two true veterans of the Friday the 13th franchise!

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5 Responses to “ Deadpit to Interview ‘A New Beginning’ Alumn Tonight ”

  1. Can’t wait for this! Wes and Aaron over at are really good at what they do! True horror fans!

  2. I’ve been a listener since late ‘06. Long-live the good ol’ rural eastern PRestonsburg, Kentucky boys on over at!

    They’re annual Friday the 13th alumni interview shows and assorted round-table discussions NEVER, EVER fail to not disappoint and to live up to fanboy expentations. God bless’em both! ;)

    It’s just too bad that many here as well as other genre film message boards can’t get past they’re rural accents and seem to see what an overall GREAT show they put on nearly every single week.

  3. I enjoy their shows. I do not listen all of the time, but they are fun to listen to and know way more about horror in general than I ever will. :)

  4. Everyone, you most definitely must listen to this show as Melanie gave some great info on the film and Carol was hilarious. Check it out!

  5. Big thanks for continuing to promote the show, Jasonsfury my good man! Indeed they’re annual Friday the 13th spactacular show are always damn good and overall awesome. I really wish more in the horror genre fandom community would get over they’re (admitedly very rural) accents and see that nearly every single week they put on nearly three hours in length shows in which we the listeners and YouTube viewers (since they have a YouTube channel as WesVance as well) can call in. And the guests are often amazing, such as these two last-minute awesome additions. Even though I’m not the biggest Part V fanatic, I DO however like it a lot in parts, and it’s cool that it’s the last more Exploitation-style Slasher entry in the series before the film makers started more or less making generic late ’80s “Monster-comes-to-life” films when Re-Animator did it much better.

    Big thanks once again!

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