Crazy Ralph Figure Contest Update

This is an update in where this contest stands at this point. Right now we are going through all of the contest entries. There were just a tad over 100 entries, so it is taking some time to make sure all of the rules were followed and trivia questions answered correctly. The contest winner will be announced this Friday, August 6th.

The winner will be contacted via email and be asked to provide their physical address so One’s Customs can ship the Crazy Ralph figure. It’s been a long wait, but one lucky fan will soon own his very own custom Crazy Ralph figure! Also, look for an announcement for our final Summer contests very shortly!

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6 Responses to “ Crazy Ralph Figure Contest Update ”

  1. Good luck to everyone!

  2. cant wait to annouce the lucky winner

  3. Nearing the end of the entries. Thanks to everyone for participating!

  4. Good luck to everyone, and thanks to One’s Customs and for teaming up to give us all a shot at winning this great prize.

  5. So how many people actually had all the questions right??

    You said you had a tad over 100 entries, but how many totally right??

    Good Luck everyone!!

  6. Whomever wins this I say congradulations! The Crazy Ralph figure looks amazing.

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