Friday Conversation: The State of Reboots And Their Sequels

Over the last decade, many of the fan favorite horror films have been remade or rebooted to reenergize dead franchises so to not only reintroduce a new generation of film-goers to these properties but also make more money for the studios. Going all the way back to 1998, Bride of Chucky was such a movie. The film was packaged as a sequel, but a seven year hiatus and a complete change in tone to the franchise clearly signaled that Bride of Chucky was indeed a reboot. The film was successful in reinventing itself and went on to make Universal Pictures a huge profit.

The movie that really kicked off the horror remake boom was The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Platinum Dunes remake was a huge hit both financially and critically. To this day, Chainsaw is one of the few remakes that received overall good reviews from the fans, which are the only reviewers that truly count anyways. Another remake that received great reviews from the fans was the 2024 remake Dawn of the Dead. In many ways, this writer feels that the film equals and surpasses the original. Dawn also opened to huge box office earnings and so began the long list of U.S. horror remakes to go along with the ever booming PG-13 Japanese remake business.

The real mystery, however, is where are all of the sequels to these rebooted or remade films? Very few times has a sequel been made to these jumpstarted franchises. Texas Chainsaw went the prequel route and a sequel was never made. The only major film property to make a direct sequel to their dug-up franchise is Dimensions’ and Rob Zombie’s Halloween. We won’t go any further on that subject as a year later, fans are still feeling the sting.

So, with Friday the 13th and A Nightmare On Elm Street in sequel limbo, will their next tales of fright ever see the light of day? Are horror reboots slowing down as well? Perhaps we are returning to more original story lines to be told and new franchises to be created. Where oh where is our beloved Jason going to end up next?

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40 Responses to “ Friday Conversation: The State of Reboots And Their Sequels ”

  1. Excellent Friday topic.

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake got the most flak from what I remember. To the credit of Platinum Dunes they had good talent behind it and it didn’t try to compete with the original one which was a smart idea since trying to out do the dinner scene in the first movie is a fools errand IMO. I dug that one a whole lot which is why I was pretty comfortable with the fact that Marcus Nispel was doing the F13 reboot. Even the prequel Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning was fun. Not as good as the first one but entertaining on its own.

    Dawn of the Dead was never a holy grail movie for me the way it is for a lot of fans (I was more of a Day of the Dead fan) as it was too ham fisted and preachy for my taste (vintage Romero) and I loved the remake. Dawn ’04 was more an action zombie flick and it worked on almost every level.

    Halloween… yeah I still want to slap Rob Zombie for that one. I think deep down he wanted to do the TCM remake as that’s more up his alley but I remember him turning his nose up at remakes in general. Hypocritical of him yes but I’m sure he felt the sting of the TCM success to an extent. Simply put Rob applied his craft on the wrong franchise.

    The nightmare sequel was just a bad movie that miscast the most important role of that movie. No not Freddy but the character of Nancy Thompson has the entire movie on her shoulders and I don’t think Rooney Mara was the right person for that role. It had other problems as well but it simply wasn’t very good and the biggest disappointment out of all the remakes IMO.

    I’m an unabashed fan of the Friday remake and while it could have used a bit more “fun” kills to really encapsulate the feeling of the golden age I was satisfied with the result. Why this doesn’t have a sequel by now I have no idea. It was made for a measly 19 Million and grossed 91 Million world wide. I know this franchise has license ownership issues but the remake was a great clean slate and while I’m confident that a sequel will be made I still scratch my head asking what’s taking so long.

  2. DAM right we will see a new Friday the 13th but its not the right time yet it has to be missed first or it will be always used as a last ditch to make money is real Sad,, BUT THAT’S how is is in the movie world i think we will get a good Friday the 13th in the next 8 years hahah!!!but the part 2 might be out in the next 4 years!!!

  3. I’m really not okay with the Jason porn that’s been coming out on some of those text site, like Literotica. I mean, write stories about aliens or vampires having sex or whatever, but there’s something about reading about Jason moaning and being serviced, etc., that sort of kills the character for me. I hope they take them down.

  4. I’m really not okay with the Jason porn that’s been coming out on some of those text site, like Literotica. I mean, write stories about aliens or vampires having sex or whatever, but there’s something about reading about Jason moaning and being serviced, etc., that sort of kills the character for me. I hope they take them down.

    Really? Never heard of this. Yikes.

  5. Idk why people who are fans of one series cant like another. I love the first RZ halloween remake. It had the back story to michael it had some gruesome kills and was a damn good movie overall as well was texas chainsaw. I havent seen the new nightmare but i never really cared for that series so im not one to judge. With the new friday somethings i liked some i didnt as well as any fan but overall it was a good movie.

    I think fans when they see something they love in a new light they automatically reject it. Give some of these movies a fighting chance without being a critic before a fan.

  6. My biggest concern is that right now the F13 movies are in a jumbled mess. We have almost three different cliff hangers that need to be tied up; Jason X ended with a huge sequel-ready last scene, Freddy vs Jason definitely had a sequel-ready feel to its ending, and now we have F13 2024 that is begging for a sequel, too. So the question is, which of these series deserves a sequel more? It almost makes my head spin to think that there are that many possibilities, and to be quite honest it’s also kind of frustrating.

    The same can be said for the Halloween movies (my actual favorites btw). The original series ended with Resurrection and that was definitely set up for a sequel. Then there were RZ’s shitty movies (both completely horrible in style for that franchise in my opinion), but sequel-ready. And NOW they’re talking about rebooting it AGAIN with a Halloween 3D (which I think will just decimate the franchise if that happens.)

    These studios are only confusing the fans by creating so many different series based on one movie, and then not tying them up in any way. You know why? Because they only care about the money they’re making. They could give a rat’s ass about us, the fans.

  7. Timateo I agree. There have been so many cooks in the proverbial kitchen when these sequels were made that I don’t even think the studios that own these character know what to do with them. IMO they should have stayed on one story line from the get go but that isn’t what happened. So the question is, how to fix it? I think they should pick the story line that worked the best, not necessarily the longest, but the best for the franchise and go with it. Sometimes reboots work like with Texas Chainsaw and Dawn of The Dead and sometimes they don’t like RZ’s Halloween, Amityville Horror, The Hitcher etc… (no offense to those that liked those movies BTW, just my humble opinion)

    I just think you take what worked the best and roll with that and try to create another series that will have some sort of continuity and integrity to the characters we all love so much.

  8. on the topic of the Friday sequel. it costs a lot of money to market these movies, and a 19 million budget on top of a marketing budget with maybe a 20 million profit is good, but people come to the 1st one to see what the reboot looks like and once they’ve seen it, probably only the die hard fans will come back for a sequel. Also, the movie just wasn’t that good and I doubt it’s making much money off dvd. It was better when these fridays were made on a shoestring and then marketed once they were done. there was no pressure to dilute it for the everyman and therefore make it bland. They were going to make money no matter what.

    I just don’t understand why the movie wasn’t at camp with counselors and counselors in training.

  9. i mean reboot. oops

  10. I think sequels on reboots depend how well the reboot does at the box office. Take TCM reboot for example, did very well at the box office and it got a sequel. I believe the introduction of Sheriff Hoyt was in part responsible for the success. It gave something new to the franchise and gave the world a new villain. The first Halloween reboot was good, but the sequel ( which was not bad but not good either) sort of left fans on a sour note. I think reboots are still in because its hard today to start something fresh everything has pretty much been done. I am not worried F13 will have another entry, it might be years but Jason never dies, he’s just down there waiting….

  11. I think that the Psycho remake started it all really. It was before Bride of Chucky and it was definately a remake. I really wish that when these horror movies are remade, they would be more like the originals. Fans like us are the ones that really want these movies, but the movies lose our interest because they are not like the original. The biggest thing that’s missing is the suspense. No build up to see the characters. Now it’s like, here they are! I’ve mentioned this before. In the old F13 movies, you don’t see Jason until near the end of the movie. Characters that have been established over the years aren’t less scary because who they are, it’s because the Directors don’t know how to bring back the scare.

  12. Personally… I am starting to believe that the studios that make these films have no desire to dedicate the proper resources to making these titles into the proper franchises they should be. They have no desire to dedicate the resources, like New Line did to Peter Jackson and Lord of the Rings movie. I am not talking about the amount of money… but am talking about the proper preperation. They put all they can into one movie, promising it will be the beginning of many, and that’s it. It’s a scam really. I hate to say this. They tell us what we want to hear for hope of more profit. Once its done, they don’t care. It’s a done subject until someone comes along and pushes it enough to where they will make another one… and when they do, it will just be a stand alone piece or another remake of the orginal.
    How many dracula orgin movies have their been?
    What about Frankenstien?
    How many studios have actually made a series based on their version of the monster? I know the orginals did… plus Hammer films did.

    Sadly, Jason and Freddy especially… will more than likely be treated in much the same way. In another 100 years, there will probably be more than several Friday movies… but 90% of them will probably be a re-imaging of the same story.


  13. To be honest… neither Jason nor Freddy NEEDS to be remade. Since both are creatures that have died and returned from the grave, a person can come along and just make a new one… and have a campfire group tell the story that shows 1-6 happened, or 1-7… and everything else never happened…

    and can go from there.

    Personally, I think this is the best way to go.

  14. DrJohnMan, Halloween did it with H20 dismissing parts 3-6 (maybe 2 was dismissed as well I can’t recall) and we got one sequel from that until the studio decided a reboot was in order. Granted the last Halloween sequel wasn’t very good IMO, but I don’t think the series was done. Same with Friday, although it’s hard to come back to basics like everyone wants when you’ve sent Jason to space.

    I mean maybe you’re right. Maybe it will be like Frankenstein and Dracula and Godzilla and be retold over and over again. Then again maybe it will be another ten years and someone will remake the remake the way it should have been done and we can get a series going. I don’t know. Hard to say. I know we’re all nostalgic about our Friday movies and we would love a return to the glory days but maybe they’ve passed by. Then again, who knows, it only takes one good retelling…

  15. First Ive got to say Bride Of Chucky was a sequal not a remake. Maybe not a good sequal, but bassicaly its Childs Play 4. I think this remake trend is slowing down. I think Piranha was the last one. However I know theres more to come like the I Spit On Your Grave remake next month and Mothers Day in May 2024. And then theres the rumored remakes like Poltergeist which I think is a bad idea. I do agree that Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Dawn Of The Dead were awesome remakes, they may not outdo the originals but they were done respectively. Platinum Dunes seems to do remakes well. TCM, FT13th, A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Hitcher and Amityville were all impressive to Me. Its cool to see the fans of the originals making these movies. As for Rob Zombies Halloween I like the first one, but part 2 I didnt get the feeling that I was watching a Halloween movie. He took His mask off too much. Dont get Me wrong, it was bloody and had some great kills. But they took the mystique away from Michael Myers. One thing I always loved about Myers is Hes a complete mystery. And Dr. Loomis turning into a sellout, WTF was that about. Donald Pleasence wouldve never done that. Why He will always be the better Loomis. And as for the TCM prequal, I thought it was ok. Prequals are rare in horror, and it matched the first one perfectly. Like for instance nobody survived. And I read awhile back on Bloody Disgusting that Twisted Pictures (The Saw franchise) has bought the rights to the TCM series, and there supposedly going to do a part 3 in 3-D. As long as Andrew Bryanarski (Leatherface) returns Im all for it. I wish R. Lee Ermey could return too, but as we all know He got ran over like a speed bump.

    I would like to see a sequal to FT13th and A Nightmare On Elm Street. Seeing Derek Mears get all this work in Hollywood lately Im not so sure He’ll reprise His role as Jason even though Hes a big fan. And as for Jackie Earle Haley, Hes been in alot of movies lately like Shutter Island. Plus I remember watching an interview of Him online and Hes not too crazy about the makeup process. So much in fact He uses His anger of the process in His character. And the makeup is more complex than its ever been for Robert Englund. So Im not so sure He’ll return either. All I know is Jason and Freddy have the biggest fanbases in horror. So sequals to both films will eventually happen. 3-D seems to be the new trend in film these days, maybe after that dies down sequals to remakes might become the next big thing.

  16. It is my opinion the big shot studio heads-or as Malcolm McDowell’s Loomis puts it “shirt tuckers”-are a bunch of elitist money hounds that care very little about the fans, only the so-called film property’s capacity to generate revenue. As much as it may sting to say it, Hollywood is-after all-a business, and these “shirt tuckers” are not in the business of pleasing the fans, per say. It’s the mainstream money they’re concerned about. Mainstream money pays the bills and determines the direction a franchise will go. They know the fans will see the movie regardless, which is a bonus paycheck in itself.

    With the exception of “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, these film properties get shuffled around from studio to studio, purchased only on the basis these properties will make the big shots boatloads of cash-nothing more, nothing less. Occasionally you get a group of likeminded filmmakers together who really care about the project. I don’t think that was the case with “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. What a shame, because the original is one of the most creative slashers, period. They really could have a done a lot with the reboot, but were pissing their pants to get it in theaters.

    I remember reading articles in Fangoria about the 2024 Friday the 13th reboot; the producers’ hearts were really in the project because they are all Friday fans. I don’t doubt they are fans, but it’s hard for me to buy their hearts were into it simply because I feel the film was too contrived-too rushed to get into the whole Hollywood remake vibe that’s happening. I don’t hate the Friday reboot, but I’m not in love with it either.

    I commend Rob Zombie for at least trying to do something fresh and creative with Halloween; although I’m not entirely sure it worked. I don’t hate the film…I know the film successfully divided a lot of horror fans. He calls himself a fan, but did he really understand the character of Michael Myers? Again, this is just my opinion. Carpenter’s boogeyman was supposed to be a faceless evil-“The Shape”. If there is one villain I don’t want to sympathize with, it’s Michael Myers. To me, he’s always been “purely and simply…evil.” End of discussion. There should be speculation surrounding the character to keep furhter sequels intersting, but nothing conrete. I think the idea behind Rob Zombie’s Halloween could have worked as an original story with an original character. I rather like the concept of following a slasher from childhood to adulthood, just not Michael Myers. Regardless, I believe Rob Zombie was given the job because of his name and who he is. The brilliant “shirt tuckers” took advantage of Rob as a property, and gave him the wheel to the grandfather of all slashers because of this. I agree with Lester Romero, that Rob would have been more at home with “The Texas CHainsaw Massacre” remake.

    Ultimately, a new Friday movie will come out sooner or later, as well as another Nightmare flick, as they have Jackie Earl Haley contracted for a couple more. In time Halloween and Texas Chainsaw will resurface again. In the end, it’s about the moneymaking trends in Hollywood, and it is unfortunate that a beloved series such as Friday the 13th has to get caught in the crossfire, as there are plenty of lesser known flicks out there that could use a sequel or reboot, such as The Funhouse-assuming they absolutely have to remake something. Jason, Freddy, and Michael Myers-these characters were never at risk of fading out of the hearts and minds of fans and even the new generations of horrorhounds go back to the originals. It’s all about the money, pure and simple, which is why most of these remakes and sequels are not as good as a lot of fans would like.

  17. Reboots/remakes are supposed to be franchise renewals, but they’re actually the opposite – franchise killers. Squeeze one last drop from a series and cut off all avenues for further story by locking things into the constraints of “back to basics”.

  18. Friday the 13Th and Jason can always live on. He’s iconic. Eventually, like Bond or Batman, people will look for a new Friday the 13Th because they have Jason on their coffee cup and as a Halloween costume.

    The New Friday has the same elements, just in a different package, than the original Fridays. I even made the point that I see it as Part 12, being marketed in a way similar to a reboot for marketing purposes.

    Elm Street, however, is dead. Ironic that it was a reboot that killed Freddy and not Freddy’s dead. Freddy could outlast sequels, parody sequels, a stand alone film, and a VS film. But this is because they stayed with Robert and inside the some continuity (aside from the stand alone film which still had Robert and a similar vibe.)

    But to re-cast Freddy, reboot Elm Street, and completely butcher the character and story beyond all sense of recognizability and decency; there is no recovery from this lest they re-cast Robert, dump the new storyline, and start making a new sequel to the original films.

    Short of that, the Freddy I am most fans loved is gone.

  19. Freddy I am most fans loved.*

    Also, I am saying they should bring Robert back.

  20. I just want the original Fridays – parts 4 thru 7 on blu-ray, dammit.

    Reboots are seeming to be MTV styled horror. All gloss and no guts/suspense.

    I agree the TCM reboots were pretty damn good though.

  21. Oh soooooooooooooo many horror reboot’s/remakes over the last 10 to 15 years it’s unbelieveable, some really good, some really bad, some in between. I enjoyed the first Halloween remake, the sequal was shit. I enjoyed the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, the prequal wasn’t as bad as most people make it out to be, i really enjoyed the Dawn of the Dead remake, that was awsome.

    The Hills Have Eye’s remake was so so, and the sequal remake was kinda shit, the Friday the 13th remake to me was pretty good, could of been better but also could of been much worse.

    I have yet to see the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, so my vote for that isn;t in yet on if it;s good or not. The Amityville Horror remake was ok, but i still prefer the original.

    Next we are supposed to be getting a remake of Childs Play and Hellraiser, it wont stop untill they remake all the old horror movies. Maybe instead of worrying about the sequals to the remakes they should continue on some of the original series, since some of them are left wide open for sequals.

  22. Yeah agreed John Robert…I want those on blu ray too!

    I also agree that most remakes are done with quick editing and the obligatory “boom” of the bass when the movie studio logo comes on, and also when a scene changes…it’s getting OLD, and it was never scary.

  23. Remakes mean money for big studio’s, although some are done quite well(TCM, Halloween), I think we’re missing something. There hasn’t been a good Halloween movie since 1981, or a good Friday The 13th since 1984(Part 6 was fun, nevertheless), or a proper Nightmare on ELm Street since 1986′s Dream Warriors. The slasher genre had been dead was it not for Scream, which reinvented the genre and paved the way for other referential slashers. Now, ten years later, we’ve got remakes that often don’t surpass the quality of the original and aren’t as influential on pop culture as were those self-refential 90′s slahsers like Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer etc. In a way, the manner in which these remakes celebrate the 80′s slasher genre is much more for the fans than the 90′s revival. And just like in the 80′s, the reviews are bad, the audience has mixed feelings, but already I(for instance) absolutely love Halloween(2007) AND Halloween II(2009); the point I’m trying to make, is that these new incarnations are going to attract a whole new generation, a new fan base. Just like we’ve had those countless movies about Frankenstein, so will it be for our Jason. As long there is money to be made, Jason will live on our screens, and whatever form he takes on, he will find a place within the canon of pop culture.

  24. I have learned to accept, a long time ago, that the movies that we all love – are exactly that. Those are THOSE movies. No remake can take the place of those movies. That’s what we were introduced to first and that’s what our expectations are. Our expectations aren’t met anymore because when we saw the first Texas Chainsaw, the first Halloween, the first 4 Fridays and the first Nightmare, that was original and we didn’t have anything to base them off.

    I’m not saying that these movies were only successful because they are the originals, but it’s also got alot to do with the time period of which they came out. Even the original horror genre monsters (The Frankenstein Monster, Dracula, Wolfman, etc.) can’t be touched in comparison to how they were then. Movies are just done way differently than they were then, the resources are completely different.

    Now that I have completely defended all original incarnations of our favorite movies, I’m actually very much behind remakes because, to me, it is just a way to show a generation of movie-goers that normally wouldn’t throwback to the 70′s or 80′s (or even all the way back to the 20′s – 40′s) to discover the roots of these franchises.

    I loved the TCM remake, so much that I saw it three times in theatres. COMPLETELY different movie than what Tobe Hooper created, but it was great to me and it’s a great follow up and interpretation for today’s generation that can make people interested in seeing the original.

    Same for the Halloween remake. Yes, gorier and not as edge-of-your-seat as the original, but it tells the tale of a twisted kid who ends up being the “devil himself.” And not to mention, a crap-load of people know who Rob Zombie is and putting his name on it was definitely going to increase revenue and marketing.

    The Friday remake was awesome. I loved how they explained how Jason got around so quickly(the tunnels underground were amazing) and how they showed that he wasn’t just a mindless killer (i.e. freak-out scene with Whitney and his obvious planning that it took to create his massive booby-trap of doom; dude was totally pissed.)A Friday film to me needs to have two things to me – Jason being a scary bastard and controlling his land. Period.

    Nightmare was actually pretty good to me. It’s not the same story through and through but I thought it was an awesome throwback to the fact that Freddy was supposed to be creepy. And no, it’s NOT the 1984 Wes Craven film, and I understand that and I can see why alot of people didn’t like it in terms of comparison to the original. I went into it open-minded about interpretations, because the original can’t be touched. Nonetheless, Jackie Earl Haley really cemented his ability to make Freddy creepy again in my book.

    I know this has been long winded and I’m normally just a lurker on here, mostly agreeing with what most people already have shared, but I like discussing remakes and why I’m behind them.

  25. I believe if we want a series of FT13 movies that have some sort continuity… it will be a long time coming. Hollywood has made our icons into the new generation of Dracula, Franenstien, Wolfman… etc. Unless something comes along that bassically only does horror like the old Hammer films… all we will ever get again will be a one off movies from time to time. They will all have different actors playing the part, etc…

    How do I know this? Well, just look at the history of hollywood. This is what they do.

    I wish more people would get involved with books, comics, and games based on Jason, Freddy, etc…

    The comics are ok, but should be better. I assume the reason they never last long is because sales aren’t great. Sad…

    At least horror monsters of yesterday had the great stories from EC comics told about them, etc. Horror comics from the 40-50s were great. Why can’t we have something like that today?

    A company that makes great horror comics… Friday the 13th needs something like this right now!

  26. I wonder if it deliberately chosen to remake the franchise(s) in order as they originally came out from the start. ’74 TCM then ’78 Halloween then ’80 Friday and finally ’84 ANOES…they returned in the same sequence as well. To me; TCM ’03 SUCKS! it will NEVER hold up to the original torture cult classic that bred Leatherface into our daily lives. RZ Halloween also pretty lame…He damn near copied Jason in his physical mass, but I guess “Friday” did mimic the Halloween formula. Then comes “Friday 2024″ It was awesomely good- not just because of him being my fav. either. “Nightmare” ’10 was also decent…enough for me to see it 2ce and even rip a torrent. Let’s just hope the sequals due in time hold up as well…

  27. If Platinum Dunes is involved, I have no interest in seeing a sequel. Sure the sequel was entertaining, but that doesn’t mean it was worthwhile. It was still a huge disappointment. Fuller and Form hyped it up as some new movie that was going to be really dark and the comic con and teaser trailer for it looked amazing. The final product ended up being a parody of the worst parts of the franchise(I.E. annoying cannon fodder, cliche situations). The kills weren’t even that great and most of them were the same. It also didn’t feel like a Friday film because it lacked the atmosphere and score that made the films great.

    Platinum Dunes has proved to us that they know nothing about horror. They’re just in the business to make money and that’s it. They never try anything original. They just cash in on successful classics. It’s not like they try to improve on the originals either. Remakes/Reimaginings should either to try improve on the originals or at least live up to the standards. Platinum Dunes movies are doing neither.

  28. Also I remember seeing a video of Platinum Dunes begging for respect because they’re bringing back our favorite horror characters to the big screen. *rolls eyes*

    That’s like asking a teacher for an A just because you showed up to class.

  29. I wouldn’t mind seeing a new Friday if it’s done correctly that is. Maybe a winter Friday would be a fun new change. Now nightmare is a totally different story. Those sequels should stop NOW!!! I hated that Nightmare prequel. They basically took all the scares/kills from throughout the series and updated them. How ridiculous. Reboots are still just as prevalent as ever. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. If Platinum Dunes has any brains, and that’s a huge if, they should make the next story more character based and maybe not focus as much on graphic kills. If an even mix can be achieved, like in The Final Chapter, then they will have an awesome sequel on their hands. I wouldn’t mind seeing some better actors cast in the next sequel either. Horror movies are in right now and I think if they looked at the Hollywood A-list, they might be surprised at who might be interested. I heard a rumor that Tarrantino wanted to direct a Friday, I think he should. Same can be said for Adam Green, just an awesome director with a bright future.

    Also as a side note I must be the only one on earth to have not liked any of the prequels Hollywood has put out over the last 10 years. Don’t get me wrong some prequels are awesome or I think have the potential to be awesome. Of course I’m referring to John Carpenter’s The Thing and Ridley Scott’s new Alien films. Those Alien films should be awesome, only because they are being given a better treatment. How can you beat Ridley Scott as director. He’s made some of my favorite movies of all time. Oh and one final thing, the Dawn remake was not as good as everyone says. I hate when directors have zombies run, that never made much sense to me to have zombies run. Now with infection movies I don’t mind the running, but not on zombie movies.

  30. Oh and one more thing I really want the remaining 7 sequels on blu-ray. Maybe if a sequel gets put out, the blus will be put out as well. A man can hope right!!!

  31. Money money money. What we value as entertainment is simply dollar signs to the big shots in charge. Remakes are the trend now which is why we’re seeing them in every genre. When they run out of movies to reboot, they turn to old tv shows for movies. Because the almighty dollar is at stake, they rush into these things. They don’t sit down and really drum out a solid story, they just throw stuff together because the hype is enough to get us in theatre seats. That clealrly was the case for the friday and nightmare reboots-in my opinion. Platinum Dunes is smart knowing if you film it, they will come, no matter how shitty it is. I’ve talked to people who felt friday was rushed. The movie itself couldn’t wait to throw jason at you. I’ve talked to others who felt the new nightmare reboot was just as rushed. This is to be expected. I’ve learned to set my expectations low(er) so I’m not too terribly disappointed. The only films I can really say were decent are the TCM reboot and even Rob’s Halloween had some depth-even if it was (my opinion) the wrong direction to take Michael Myers. I thought The Hills Have Eyes reboot was pretty decent. The trend and the rush to keep up with it and make some money is what tarnished friday and nightmare. Rob Zombie screwed Halloween up himself. He is a property too. Dimension gave him the keys to it. Too many hollywood buerecrats were involved with friday and nightmare.

  32. Great topic to disscuss on!!
    I do worry that if no one buys the rights too the serious, they will just drop f13 because its too much like hard work to sort out and worry about when you have other franchises and ideas all ready bought.

  33. Just wanted to say that Robert did not want to play freddy again he has made that well known platinum did approach him he said no(too old for this now) where his words and he blessed Jackie for the role I had gripes with the noes reboot but Ill be honest I found freddy more creepy and better and yes i love robert and no one can replace him.

  34. I agree, Jakie Earl Haley made for an excellantly creepy Freddy, just as Derek Mears made an effectively menacing Jason, but neither didn’t have much to work with as far as scripts. In my opinion.

  35. I think Sean Cunningham mentioned one time back around 1986, when Part 6 came out, that there would be 13 films in the series. Seeing as the next Friday movie would be the 13th in the series, it would make sense that it would be the last one. Releasing it in 2024 would be a good marketing tool too although I’d like to see one sooner. My only hope is that they return to the old school vibe of the first 4 films and for heavens sake, bring back Manfredini’s score!!! The reboot would have been a whole lot better if they included this IMO. It was a stab in the right direction but didn’t quite hit the mark.

  36. I had boycotted watching the New Elm Street for many reasons, key among them was this concept that it was a re-make and that it had in some intrinsic way had re-constructed the very character of Freddy in a way I thought was wrong. I apologize because, gladly, I was wrong. While this is the angle some of the advertising and perhaps early released scripts might have taken and or hinted at; this is not what the film ended up as. I love Elm Street and Freddy, enjoyed the new film very much, and hope, as always, to see more.

  37. when are they gana do a a back story to jason as a kid!?!

  38. Robert Englund was never approached by PD for the role of Freddy Krueger, they just didn’t wanna use him. Robert said himself he would have been happy to portray Fred if asked..

    But, yeah we do need a Friday the 13th pt 13. I really do hope Sean Cunningham could have gotten back the rights, so we would have had a proper movie.

    A Friday part 13 IMHO should include closure on Tommy Jarvis(portrayed by Corey Feldman), an apperance by Elias Voorhees, a score by Harry Manfredini and the long discussed winter-setting. Jason on a frozen Crystal Lake would have been EPIC. And personally, I want Kane Hodder back! ;)

  39. They should make the sequel as close to the spirit of the original films as possible. Ari Lehman and Warrington Gillette are still young enough to have the stamina to pull off the part of Jason. They should be considered for the role in a sequel.

  40. The answer? Whatever brings in the cash. Sure, they want to deliver a good product, but it all depends on efficiency and the payoff.

    As for specifics, they should’ve at least finished Freddy and Jason’s respective series’ before moving onto the reboot. But, they pretty much threw fans’ wants and storyline aside for the cashmaker. Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably harder for a new generation to jump on the Friday the 13th series with so many obscure sequels, but they should’ve at least finished what was established in the latest movie, Freddy Vs. Jason, which is still fairly recent, first.
    A series like Texas Chainsaw Massacre was pretty much dead, and it was actually a much better idea to go for the reboot in that instance to differentiate itself from some of the previous, lackluster movies. And now, they’re making a sequel to the original. I really don’t know what to say to that, but I’ll give it a chance.
    And, from what someone else said, it’s funny that Warrington Gillette is almost the perfect age to play Jason now, considering he was a lot younger playing Jason in 1981, when they really didn’t know what to do with him at that point. Ari Lehman probably could act a good Jason, but do you think he’s got the intimidation factor?

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