Unused Freddy vs Jason Script Scenes In Nightmare Doco

There were many scripts that were created for Freddy vs Jason through the years before New Line finally settled with Damion Shannon and Mark Swift’s script for the film. In putting together Elm Street Legacy: Never Sleep Again, the comprehensive Nightmare on Elm Street documentary, Crash Cunningham was commissioned to illustrate a few scenes from those unused scripts. The first sketch below is based on a key courtroom scene from an unused Freddy vs Jason script draft. The second sketch was from the proposed matchup pitting Jason and Freddy versus Pinhead.

These and other sketches were showcased during the Freddy vs Jason portion of the documentary. If you have other questions about these drawings or the possibility of getting these prints, contact Crash at www.crasharmy.com.

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14 Responses to “ Unused Freddy vs Jason Script Scenes In Nightmare Doco ”

  1. I would’ve loved to have seen the Pinhead ending, that would’ve been a great setup for a potential sequel. I remember reading the draft for that scene and it really resonated, and made me crave it. Too bad they couldn’t agree on the rights to use him

  2. Cool. I would have loved to see Pinhead make an appearance in the film!! When does this Never Sleep again documentary come out anyways?

  3. Yeah, the documentary is the best-even better then His name was Jason-only b/c they seemed to rush that one in release with the relaunch. I seen those amazing art renditions for the script, but the story of evn being able to try Jason for his crimes is way too far fetched-but then again they did restrain him for “X”‘s opening. As for Hellraiser coming into the idea-NO WAY..glad it didn’t end up wit more characters then just Fred and Voorhees. Wasn’t there a rumored Pinhead Vs. Michael Myers @ some point though…”Helloween”, but then the band by that title literally raied hell!

  4. “When does this Never Sleep again documentary come out anyways?”

    -It’ out…very limited release to. I ordered mine on Amazon the day it hit online stores, and only took about 5 days to get it…watched all 6 hours of it to! good stuff.

  5. I’ve heard of numerous script forms for that movie. Honestly I disliked the film as a whole but I’m glad they went with the script they did. One potential had something to do with a cult trying to bring freddy back and heart going into Crystal Lake to bring Jason back to fight Kreuger..haha that woulda been TERRIBLE

  6. Awesome! Thanks for sharing these!

  7. Personally, I think bringing in more and more outside horror icons to be intermingled into the storyline is silly, to me the whole remake/interstory idea is just the day of reality tv, it was huge and then lost interest. I would just like a good ol fashoned Jason kills and stalks movie, like the way it was successful in the 80′s. That’s just not going to happen.

  8. Cool

  9. I guess an apperance by Pinhead wouldve been cool, as long as it were brief and Doug Bradley would play Him. Although I think the Michael Myers vs Pinhead movie Miramax wanted to do wouldve been better, but it didnt happen. Whats up with the first pic? Jason in court? And why is He on the witness stand? I cant see Him answering questions. He’d have to be better contained than that. Bottom line though, I wish Freddy Vs Jason wouldve been different. Screw Ronny Yu for getting rid of Kane Hodder. And then hiring the worst Jason ever. He must never direct another FT13th film or Nightmare on Elm street for that matter.

  10. Always expected the Pinhead ending. Would have been awesome. As for the other one… I don’t think they would have been able to capture Jason, let alone get him into a courtroom.

  11. I liked the movie as a whole, but the ending could have been better than the 70s Godzilla ending where the girl stands there and watches jason sink into the lake. With two iconic killers in one movie noone should have survived. Should have ended like this:

    … Boy and girl are staggering away from dock, weakened from such an onslaught of terror and violence of the last 24 hours. As they walk away they don’t notice Jason rising from the lake, Freddy’s head in one hand, and in the other, the razored glove. His fingerless hand clutches the glove tightly.
    Dropping the lifeless head to the ground Jason slips the glove on, looking at the reflection of the moon on the blades breifley before he walks toward the slowly moving duo. By the time they hear the footfalls behind them and turn around Jason is bringing his new toy down on them, fast and hard, both their faces frozen in fear as those faces splash to the ground.
    Fade to black…

  12. I kind of like the idea of Pinhead in there with Jason and Freddy. WOuldn’t mind seeing that film. ;)

  13. Why aren’t they making a Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash?..I liked the comic books of that story, and it was very clever in storytelling….If I’m mistaking..wasn’t there a Jason vs. Leatherface?….would make a great movie. Although I don’t think jason needs an extra movie villain to be in a good movie…it’s just a very sad thing that some of the directors are making uninspired Friday-movies ( Freddy vs. Jason, Friday remake)..it could have been much better then what it became…Still, I’m always exited to watch a new upcoming Jason movie..he’s still my favorite

  14. Jason has lawyer? O.O

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