Jason gets cut down to size! Mezco’s 3 3/4′ Cinema of Fear Jason

In the 80’s and even today, action figures of the 3 3/4 inch variety have been very popular. Hasbro’s GI Joe and Star Wars lines have lined the toy shelves (off and on) for many years. Recently, a resurgence in the 3 3/4 style of toy has began. Jakks Pacific took their WWE line down a few notches with their “Build n’ Brawl” line. Mattel has offered up a shrunken down version of their deep DC comics roster and Hasbro (who also recently had an Indiana Jones line in this size) has recently announced that they will be offering up their Marvel Legends line in this form as well. So it was only fitting that Mezco offer us up someone who can kill off all of these heroes and soldiers in the form of our great friend Jason Voorhees!

Mezco’s Cinema of Fear 3 3/4 Jason Voorhees is a Toy Fair exclusive. So if you happen to be attending the event you will be one of the first to have a chance to own this figure. Jason will not be available in stores until much later this year when it will see store shelves with his pals Freddy and Leatherface in the form of a box set. But this figure is a site to behold!

The detail for such a small figure is, in all honesty, the most detailed I have ever seen in a figure of this size. In the form of Jason from “The Final Chapter”, the paint job and sculpting are just as detailed as Mezco’s previous “Final Chapter” Jason in the, 7 inch, Cinema of Fear series 1 figure. The coloring and attention to detail leave absolutely nothing to be desired.

Jason comes with his trademark machete (also excellently painted) and his removeable hockey mask that glows in the dark! The glow in the dark hockey mask will also be exclusive to this Toy Fair release. Jason’s maskless face is detailed much more than one could ever imagine. It captures the look from “The Final Chapter” very well.

One of the things that will interest current Cinema of Fear fans and may even draw in some people who have forced themselves to shy away from the line has to be the articulation. This is the most articulated Cinema of Fear figure to date. The waist is very similar to all other Cinema of Fear figures. The head is ball jointed as usual and the wrists turn, but this figure contains a lot of added articulation. The elbows and knees are jointed (previously seen in Cinema of Fear series 1). The legs are also ball jointed at the hip with full range of motion seen in a lot of other 3 3/4 lines such as Gi Joe! Where this particular leg articulation may not work with a larger 7 inch figure, it works exceptionally well in 3 3/4 form. Jason is also packaged with a peg stand which helps display the figure since the added leg articulation makes this figure a little harder to stand on its own.

The Cinema of Fear 3 3/4 figures will be a brillaint addition to the Cinema of Fear series. Protos of the Freddy and Leatherface are already looking equally as amazing as Jason. But Jason is definitely the correct choice to put out first to wet the appetites of fans of this series. If you are lucky enough to be attending Toy Fair, grab this. You won’t regret it. If you can’t possibly attend Toy Fair, Mezco will not leave you hanging. You can pick this figure up via their website by clicking HERE. This figure is a limited edition so they will go fast and you’ll have to wait until at least September before you get your hands on a similar piece.

UPDATE: These figures moved FAST! Mezco’s website has now sold out of these. Congrats to all of those who got their orders in early. They’ll be available again later this year in the set.

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28 Responses to “ Jason gets cut down to size! Mezco’s 3 3/4′ Cinema of Fear Jason ”

  1. friday the 13 part 4 is the best of the all , and i think part 8 is a alternative version of secuels because in part 9 jason is in cristal lake again i supose part 9 is next to part 7 but in part 8 also jason is a devil this explain he teletransportation jajaj ok I LOVE ALL FRIDAY i cantt wait for this

  2. I really like this figure. Cool that the mask glows in the dark.

  3. Awesome, now Darth Vader can duel with Jason!

  4. And Jason would kick darth vader’s ass! :-)

  5. Yeah. Voorhees would totall own Vader. No doubt about it. The Jedi mind trick wouldn’t work. He may be able to twirl Jason around with the force. But eventually, Vader would get cocky and Jason would get his hands on him.

  6. I was reading the back of the box. I know this is an F13 site, but is anyone else amused that Freddy comes with a garbage can lid? I mean, I have just finished watching the Nightmare series, and outside of the first movie, where Freddy’s walking down an alley that *might* have garbage cans in it, I can’t think of where these guys came up with that idea. Am I missing something here?

  7. Maybe as a homage to Freddy vs. Jason for being so rubbish?

  8. Under the accessories for the Leatherface figure, they spelled “mallet” wrong.

  9. Wow, he’s great! I would love to own him, but as I am in the UK and am no way getting to New York, guess I’ll have to wait. :)

  10. I’ve always loved 80’s genre of the friday the 13th’s.I’m really looking forward to this new friday that’s just days away.i liked every movie of the series although i have to say that i am particularly partial to part 3 and 6 as my all time favs.

  11. There is a scene in Nightmare 1 where the garbage can lid rolls onscreen and falls in the alley. That’s where that idea comes from. It’s a weird choice. But it’s different. It also comes with the 7 inch version of the fig. And anyone wanting the Jason, you can order it via the link in the article.

  12. That is an odd connection. lol

    Thank God that if an Amanda Wyss figure comes out, I can relive the excitement in toy form!

    Thanks for the info though. I still don’t feel stupid asking about it though.

  13. I own allm the Jason figures out right now save for 2 or 3 (2 Sideshow, and the Living Dead Doll) so these will soon grace my shelves.

  14. The Mezco site sold out of this figure. :(

  15. Can’t wait for the 3 pack! Wish I hadn’t snoozed on the exclusive. Thanks for the review!

  16. Yeah some idiot bought a bunch of these and is selling them on eBay for $100 a pop!!! God I fucking hate eBay sometimes.

  17. Unfortunately I may be one of those idiots who buys one. I’m not gonna pay nearly that money though. Mezco needs to address this sold out issue.

  18. No no Michael/evilkim! Your not idiots. It just makes me mad that crap like this is allowed to go on on eBay. Mezco should’ve put a 2 limit per person order so that us TRUE Friday fans could’ve had more than 4 days to purchase one of these figures. You’re right Mezco DOES need to address this issue ’cause this is ridiculous!

  19. Even if they had’ve put a 2 per order limit, there would have been no stopping the true ebay horders. They would have had packages sent to their relatives and used numerous other methods. I would imagine that there is a limit on how many each person can purchase at Toy Fair. I think there are only 1000 or so made of this first run. Though it sucks to have to wait, there will be plenty of them come next fall.

  20. They put a few more up! Hurry now!

  21. I got an email from Mezco(after I complained)
    They told me that they put a few more on the site today. Needless to say, I’m a lot happier now.
    Have a happy Friday the 13th!

  22. LOL! Thats too funny. I actually sent an email to Mezco also. Didn’t receive a reply but they must have gotten the message.
    I am definitely a happy camper now!

  23. Man, I want one of these! Didn’t even know about till last night I was messing around on ebay! I must have missed it here. It looks kick ass! And would rock in my F13 collection or beating up my G.I. Joes!

  24. Thanks to the guys who emailed Mezco, I have mine on the way! If its half as good as the Hellboy in this scale I will be very pleased. Mezco has seemed to have nailed this scale right out of the chute. Now to find the 7″ series 1 Jason…

  25. I missed out on getting one of these from mezco and was pissed, ended up going to ebay and winning an auction for $33 shipped, I didnt mind paying a little extra to pick one of these up, Im just glad im getting one. I saw one guy had 48 of these to sell, they do need to put a limit on how many you buy at mezco cause thats ridiculous, thats buisness though I guess, but hes does have the cheapest selling price for buy it now on ebay $27.95 + $6.45 s/h.

  26. Smalljoes.com has a few of these left for $13.99 for those that are still looking for ‘em.

  27. How is the quality of the plastic? I’m concerned particularly about the hip ball joint. Mezco uses hard plastic and their Hellboy 2 figure Johann’s (or however it’s spelt, also known as bubble head) hip ball joint broke very easy. They also didn’t allow enough room for any movement of the legs within the joint.

  28. Just letting everyone know that I found one today at Spencer’s. His arm broke at the elbow the first time I played with it. Hot glue fixed it but that is inexcusable. It’s like the first line of Army of Darkness figures from Palisades. No durability whatsoever.

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