Region 4 Part 2 and Part 3 DVD covers

ausdvdI think these are great covers. I really, really like the cover for Part 2 as I have always wanted to see the sack on the cover for home video. I just think the style of these covers rock and I would hope that if there was an inevitable re-release again that Paramount would look at these covers for reference.

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27 Responses to “ Region 4 Part 2 and Part 3 DVD covers ”

  1. I love ‘em! I mean, I liked the ones we got… these are just a lot more badass!

  2. Whoa! LOVE the part 2 cover!

  3. Those are soooo awesome! Why the hell didn’t they make covers that cool for the US dvd releases a few months ago?

  4. those covers are cool as hell , be nice if those where the us covers

  5. Love’em both!

  6. Two Thumbs up both are pretty bad ass.

  7. Where’s walmart man I think he’d go apeshit for that part 2 cover it looks bad.

  8. Sweet!

  9. Walmart Man could definetely make a better cover for Part 2.

  10. bad ass…are they pretty much the same content-wise as ours?

  11. those look soo much better

  12. awsome

  13. I’m curious why Paramount changed the cover designs and logo designs on the original DVD editions of Parts 5-8 after using the original poster art for 1-4. Had to make my own covers for 5-8.

  14. Part 2 cover is almost as good and sex. hahaha I love it.

  15. Hell-o.
    I’m from region 4 (Brazil). Someone knows when it will be releasing here? I love booth covers…awesome…I need it!
    Cheers from Brazil bros!

  16. Does anyone here know what part of the world Region 4 DVDs are sold in so I can move there and buy a copy of Friday the 13th Part 2?

  17. I like the cover for Part 2. Part 3, not so much. It kind of reminds me of the cover on the box set.

  18. Those are alot better than region 1.

  19. You can also get them here in Australia.

    I was going to get them, but I’m so confused as to whether they are the “new” special editions or not. Stores here also have the Region 2 covers as well, and that seems to confuse things somewhat.

  20. Here, in Brazil, we have only the region 2 covers too. But we don’t have any version of the parts 7 & 8. We have only parts 1 to 6.
    So, I hope the paramount do it now with this new covers.

  21. Gotta ask, why is it that we get the cheap ass cover art, and the other countries are getting these works of art? I mean look the delux editions for part 4-6, those look horrable!!

  22. walmart man, no need to move there…even if you don’t have a multi-region player, you’re computer will play them. you can get free dvd-ripping software online, drop the files on your computer, and then burn it to a regular US dvd which will play in your US DVD player. windows movie maker makes it real easy to do that.

    the only downside is they are in PAL format…windows will correct the resolution difference, but the frames per second is different so it might play slightly faster (not enough to notice really)…i think you can fix that too but it’s tricky.

  23. dont know what regin im from im in north america and we got the red backrounds wit holagrafic coves i think thous r more clase but im fine wit mine darwe cools

  24. I swear to god if we got those covers (the R4 covers) everyone would say how ugly they are and if region 4 got the region 1 covers everyone would say that region 4 covers are so badass.

  25. i disagree.

  26. Just thought I’d leave a note saying I went out and bought the Part 2 and 3 dvd’s and the covers are actually cardboard “slides” that go over the regular dvd. The covers underneath are actually the same as the R2 covers.

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