Go Swimming With Jason in Crystal Lake

How would you fans like to go for a swim with Jason Voorhees in Crystal Lake? Well, you can! Just confirmed at the Guts and Gory forum, fans who attend the Friday The 30th Reunion next August will have a chance to dive in with three actors who played the younger Jason. Go swimming with Ari Lehman (Friday The 13th), Tim Mirkovich (Jason Takes Manhattan), and Spencer Stump (Freddy vs Jason).

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13 Responses to “ Go Swimming With Jason in Crystal Lake ”

  1. lol. That’s just awesome!

  2. One reason to stay out of the water. They’ll try to drown me.

  3. I’m so glad that TIm Mirkovich is showing up, now we need Caleb Guss to finish the family.

    Maybe all of the Pam’s can show up as well; Betsy, Connie Hogan, Marilyn Poucher, Paula Shaw and Nana Visitor.

  4. I heard that Steve Dash will be diving too. Not for for the reunion, but because he always swims in that lake anyway. After the dive, he will be giving lessons on how to properly use a metal detector on the beach to find nickels and dimes. The only catch is that you have to give whatever you find to him. This is what my friend told me. Warrington Gillette will not be there.

  5. dude wish i could go but im allaway in wisconsin

  6. Wal Mart Man you are amusing

  7. Why do we encourage? :)

  8. This is a unique idea for sure.

  9. Scab – in the works buddy!

  10. This is probably the funniest gimmick ever. Ari’s the man ever since that Easter Egg on His Name Was Jason. Original Jason!

  11. Its not encouragement, its agreement. Wal-Mart Man speaks the truth.

  12. I live in Scotland,so unless i win the lotto i wont be able to attend.I can’t see my good lady letting us have the family holiday at the F13 anniversary convention.lol……………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  13. Hey, I am one of the people responsible for this show and I am also from Scotland. You should make it out, once in a lifetime opportunity!

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