Summer of Contests Hockey Mask Winner Announcement

We at just completed our latest summer contest. The contest prize is a brand new NECA replica prop hockey mask from Freddy vs Jason. The last two weeks we have received a largenumber of entries to win this great prize and now we have chosen a winner. Before the winner is announced, there is a just a few things to be discussed as to how the winner was chosen.

1. A random email was selected from the entries.
2. Correct answers to the trivia questions were checked for correct answers.
3. If answers were wrong, then another randowm entry was chosen.
4. Winner was emailed before posting this story.

So, without further delay, the winner of the Summer of Contests Part 2 is Thomas Trofholz. Congratulations to Thomas and thank you to everyone for participating! Our next contest, which  teams our website with One’s Customs, is starting soon. Keep an eye out for that announcement very soon.

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7 Responses to “ Summer of Contests Hockey Mask Winner Announcement ”

  1. Congrats Thomas!

  2. Congrats man! :O)

  3. Thanks one and all. I am so excited to have won this contest. I hardly ever win any type of contest. So when I do I really savor it. I’m just so incredibly pleased to have won for once.

  4. Congrats to the winner! Once again because of my current hectic online & off-line again time scheduale, I didn’t enter this one. But then again, while I have looked over some YouTube vids and have thought about fine replica classic slasher franchise masks, I’m not currently financially set-up to begin ordering $200-plus masks online on a regular basis. I much prefer very good posters to frame and now great quality Blu Ray re-releases of the original film projects from the film makers that matter. But I might eventually get into it. I have nothing against those that do, and I find it VERY cool and fascinating. Hopefully within the next two or three years, we shall see for me.

    Again big congrads to Thomas Trofholz, the winner! Congradulations! :D

  5. niicceee that’s a nice mask, now all you need is a costume.can’t wait for the next contest. CONGRATS!!!!!!

  6. Congrats Thomas!!!!
    I have that mask, well another copy off it

  7. Congrats on the win, Enjoy that bad boy hehehe/

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