‘Friday the 13th’ Worst Horror Film of 2009?

Fangoria’s annual Chainsaw Awards honor the best and worst of horror movies from the previous years and now the results of the 2010 awards have been published at Fangoria’s website. Alot of notable genre films received accolades, but I am completely baffled that voters have made ‘Friday the 13th’ the worst horror film of 2009. You read that right. According to the awards, it was even worse than RZ’s Haloween II and The Final Destination. The new Jason romp was nowhere near the best in the series, but it was nowhere near the worst horror film release of 2009! Oh well, everyone has their opinion. To see the full results of the awards, visit Fangoria’s website. Check out the top six vote getters for Worst Film of 2009 below.

Chainsaw Awards Top Six Vote-Getters, Worst Film

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68 Responses to “ ‘Friday the 13th’ Worst Horror Film of 2009? ”

  1. oh wow. come on now. i went to see ‘friday the 13th’ as well as rob zombie’s ‘halloween 2′. let me tell you h2 sucked big time! ‘friday the 13th’ was much better. i thought f13 -2009- was pretty good.

  2. I think halloween 2 is worse then the friday remake, but friday the 13th is still one of the worse movies i have ever seen in 2009.

    I hope if they make another one, they will get it right next time and keep platinum dunes far away from it!

  3. I loved the Friday the 13th remake. But how Halloween 2 was not voted worst movie is beyond me. That movie was absolutely horrible.

  4. Friday the 13th was awesome, and i didn’t really like Rob Zombies H2, but since im a huge Halloween fan i dont think it should have been named one of the worst as well.

  5. Friday the 13th the worst? Fangoria and its readers are now on my crap list. Halloween 2 was an experiment in crapping on Halloween fans, and I could have came up with a better Final Destination movie in my sleep. Assuming that more men voted than women on that list, I’m scratching my head as to why New Moon wasn’t voted the worst simply because it’s a man’s duty to put that crap down, even if you really loved it.

    A lot of Friday the 13th fans may have hated the new one, but it got us back to Crystal Lake for some old school stalking action, plus it put a super capable guy behind the mask … they could have modeled Jason after Frankenstein again (Freddy vs Jason), or had a bunch of people making stupid jokes about the guy swinging the big machete at them (Jason X).

    I guess they should lay the series to rest since it’s damn near impossible to please people that literally have no idea what they want and can’t stop putting down the best old school Jason effort since the New Blood (though I have a big place in my heart for Jason Takes Manhattan.

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  7. Fangoria is nothing but a pile of crap anymore. All they care about are indie horror. They trash any attempt to bring back classic horror icons. I’m honestly getting real tired of hearing Fangoria’s opinions. This once great magazine has become nothing but a bunch of opinionated no it alls that are truly unpleasable.
    As for Friday the 13th being worse than H2 and Final Destination……f**k off!

  8. I don’t get it, I mean sure the remake was not the best, but calling it the “worst horror film ” of 2009, is just stupid. To me while it’s not the best of the series it still had some good parts, and it was better than the other ones that came before it.

  9. It did kinda suck ,,but it made money so make one that is better Friday The 13TH has a lot of fans So make a NEW ONE! IT WAS NOT JASON’S FAULT IT WAS THE THE PEOPLE THAT MADE THE MOVIE !!

  10. I refuse to see Halloween 2.

    As to F13 being the worst? Doesn’t surprise me.

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  12. Halloween 2 was horrible & should have gotten worse movie.
    Should New Moon even count?

  13. It’s Fangoria so who cares?

  14. THAT IS TOTAL BULL S***T!!! I think it is one of the best! I am still waiting for the sequal!!!

  15. Of course that´s BS. Obvioulsy there where one or two geeks who have thhe opinion that “Jason odes not run” and Kane Hodder is the best Jason and voted multiple times on that poll. Some people have no life.

  16. First, how is new moon horror, unless twinkly tween vampires scare the shit outta you? and how is it better than f13? These people are idiots. They consider themselves horror fans, and then somehow think that an atrocity of a movie like new moon is worthy of anything? Sorry for ranting like that, but that really steams me

  17. First off Jason and Micheal are known. You cant really build the atmosphere that the first few of each series had. You can do a better job than what was done though. With that said Halloween 2 was like a good 80s horror flick it didn’t make much since, had a shotty script, and one hell of a goofy ending. But it did have the most brutal Micheal Myers ever, shit loads of very brutal killings, some very cool cinematography(most 80s flicks didn’t have this but were kind of artsy),Danielle Harris, and I personally enjoyed the fuck out of it. When I saw F13 at the theater it was filled with people obviously under 18 and they laughed the whole time and my expectations were way to high, basically I fucking hated it. Upon re watching it (the directors cut) I had lost those expectations, relaxed and enjoyed it a little more.

    Their were plenty of shitty horror movies that came out this year that aren’t even on the list. Calling H2 and F13 the worst is just goofy.

  18. Btw H2 is way fucking better than the F13 remake. I am very F13 biased but that didn’t make a fuck to me. The remake was a teeny bopper movie, was very predictable, and it completely lacked in the suspense department. Considering the amount of time put into it it really should have been done better. H2 was fast tracked and written in a few months, I feel if Zombie had more time on the script it would have been stronger but with the time he had he put out a much better movie.

    Yes the horsey crap was stupid but that is better than making a balls out intro like that and following it up with a bad WB er CW(what the fuck ever)movie with blood.

    Amanda Righetti is a goddess and yes Rob Zombie should be kicked in the nuts for killing Danielle Harris off.

  19. Who even votes for Fangoria anymore? A handful of kids with bad taste. The Final Destination should have been up there hands down but with all the other crap movies of 2009 neither H2 or Friday the 13th should have been even mentioned… They were no where near as awful as “The haunting in connecticut”, “Jennifers Body”, “The unborn”, “The stepfather” etc etc… no accounting for taste but F13th 2009 while no where near perfect it blew all these other movies out of the water

  20. For Fangoria to call Friday the 13th reboot the worst horror film last year is laughable. I used to love the magazine and still buy it on occasion but I have never taken their reviewers seriously nor do I ever care to. It appears that most in the top five of worst flicks were the ones that made the most money last year, with the exception of “The Box” and this is confusing because worst movie categories are usually reserved for flops.

    Friday the 13th was the best horror film last year in my opinion and had everything a film from the old series had, blood, boobs, drugs and a Jason Voorhees kicking ass. What more do people fucking want?

    I also liked Rob Zombies Halloween and am suprised that so many bash it when it is what people always clamor for when someone tries to make a new chapeter in a classic series like Halloween. that it be original. Whether you like the direction or not the movie offered a new take on the Michael Myers mythos and I commend Rob for that.

    In my opinion the worst horror films last year were…..

    The Unborn
    The Box
    The Final Destination
    The Univited
    The Haunting in Connecticut

    The fact that only two of these were on Fangoria’s list makes me question their credibility,

    Also, New Moon was never marketed as a horror film so to even add to the list is just lazy.

  21. What?! Halloween II was abysmal! There is no way Friday the 13th can be considered worse than that.

  22. I’m in total agreeance with Fangoria. “Friday The 13th” 2009 was the worst of the series, and def the worst/most disappointing horror film of last year. I love the F13 as much as everyone else on here, but this last installment got so much wrong and not enough right.

  23. Also, keep in mind, Fangoria and it’s staff didn’t determine this: it was voted on by readers of the magazine. I guess the fans have spoken.

  24. This is messed up, anyone with half a brain and any horror movie experience would know that the remake of Friday the 13th is by far NOT the worst horror movie of 2009.

    I am also a Halloween fan, and i’ve seen both cuts to Halloween 2, the 2nd ending where Michael Myers actually spoke was complete shit, the original ending was better, BUT all in all the movie itself pretty much sucked.

    The Final destination was ok in my opinion, but i’ve seen better, it was fun to watch but was nowhere near the best in the series.

    As for New Moon, i haven;t seen that or any of the others in that series, i HATE Twighlight and refuse to watch them, but just on what i know it’s not exactly a horor movie, it’s a romance movie or some shit like that.

    After looking at that list i am very pissed off, Halloween 2 and The Final destination and NewMoon even though it’s not horror should of all been put before Friday the 13th.

    I bet a lot of the people who voted didn’t even see the movie.

  25. That’s crap. Jason rules

  26. I was really surprised by this outcome. I never could have imagined that Friday would be the worst of 09. If anything it should have been halloween 2, Final Destination, or I’d say the remake to A Nightmare On Elm Street. If the vote was held a little later I think Nightmare would be the worst of 09, I guess it will be the worst of 10

  27. Alright everybody calm down. Let’s sit here and think about how much of an impact Fangoria has on the Friday franchise compared to this site here. Just saying.

    As far as the movies go, people’s reaction would have prompted this sort of thing more than anything else. People who bashed the movie before they had a chance to re-watch it or even watch it on DVD/Blu-Ray. It happens guys (and gals).

    H2 was the most Brutal MM I’ve seen. However just like the F13 reboot it lacked a solid script and therefore came off as a clusterf**k.

    Twilight is a romance movie, a romance novel and therefore should not be included.

    The Final Destination gives people exactly what was expected so thats a clear-cut opinion on that one.

    There’s plenty of worse movies that should have been on that list but remember, its Fangoria and they haven’t been relevant since the internet came out.

  28. the reboot was better than every single one of those films and every other major release horror flick in 09 also. no contest. what a bunch of stupidity.

  29. Nooooo Friday the 13th was NOT the worst Remake of 2009 or of any remake. Halloween 2 was (well the first 15min. was good). Jason killed Michael in 2009 in my opinion

  30. 1. FRIDAY THE 13TH (not bad at all, not the best friday but come on people!)
    2. HALLOWEEN II (Proof that Rob Zombie knows jack **** about filmmaking. KILLED THE SERIES! I say REBOOT!
    3. NEW MOON (come on, is this really a horror film?????????????)
    5. 6. TIE: THE BOX/PARANORMAL ACTIVITY (Never seen the Box and Paranormal wasn’t that bad either!)

  31. i’ll tell you what happened here…it’s what happens with all friday the 13ths… a bunch of people vote it the worst movie without even seeing it because they think they already “get it”. they think they don’t need to see it because they’re sooooo sophisticated and they already know what trash it is….so they go around telling everyone it sucks, and when you probe a little, you find that they haven’t even seen it or they’ve only seen a few seconds. i meet people like this ALL the time.

    if there is any chance someone who voted saw both f13th and H2, there is no way they voted f13th worse. H2 didn’t have a coherent moment…it was completely random, hoping people would mistake it’s randomness for artistic value… whereas f13th was fun, well-paced, and fairly watchable. …and it stayed on track. sure, it’s not perfect, but worse than H2? not by a longshot.

  32. Why is everyone hating on Halloween 2? That movie was awesome! And Friday The 13th was not the worst, it shouldn’t even be on that list. New Moon is for Nerdy teenage girls.

  33. i actually liked Halloween 2 !! i felt it had a good story but yes i agree they should of worked on the script more !!!! ( my only complaint was the white horse i mean i KINDA liked the idea but at the same time it was 2 far fetched for a Halloween film) and i liked Friday sure it was not the BEST Friday but it was not the worst and it was good though i wish the script was better the film felt more like a sequel than a remake ( if only the film could of been as good as the first 20 mins XD)

  34. Fangoria is one of the worse magazine’s out there so who cares what they think. F13 2009 was amazing i even got it on DVD… so to Fangoria: BITE ME!

  35. Actually i was bit harsh on Fangoria, I didnt realize it was readers picks… well then the readers are wrong but i guess everybody is entitled to an opinion even though I disagree.

  36. I don’t believe it was the worst, but it wasn’t a great movie (reboot). It was MTV styled Jason and that’s all it was. Empty and not scary (and full of asshole characters too). I did really appreciate moments of it, but not the whole movie.

    Platnum Dunes is completely to blame…the writers and director and music guy were all sorely misplaced working on a F13 movie.

    My vote goes to H2 for worst of 2009. That totally sucked (IMO).

    If F13 gets a sequel please for the love of Jason keep NewLine/Platmun Dunes out of it…or pray they hire the right people – make it darker and scary again.

  37. the box was badddddd.
    and new moon…whos cares unless your a female teen.lol

  38. What a load of tosh, I loved the reboot, how can anyone in the world think Halloween II is not worse. The reboot for F13th was exactly what I wanted I really dont get the hate at all.

  39. No way is it the worst Horror film last year!!! Dont get that, concidering the first weekend made over $40 million!
    And Paranormal Activity shouldnt be their either!!

  40. they definetly didn’t see F13 2009 as they vote so. RZ’s H2- this is a bad exaple of a modern horror. F13 2009 at the end of the day is a Friday movie, while Halloween 2 is not.
    New Moon a horror? nowhere near.

  41. As bad a F13 2009 was, Halloween 2 was the biggest piece of garbage that I have ever watched.

  42. For one thing I don’t know why “The Box” is listed as a horror movie. This is a film with the lamest, weakest story idea that I’ve ever seen(and I’ve seen alot of bad movies). Horrible waste of 90 minutes.

    “Friday” on the other hand was one of the stronger entries in the series, IMO. I tried to sit through H2 and I’m sorry to say I didn’t enjoy this movie much. This should’ve gotten the worst movie award, again, IMO.

  43. Thats a load of crap. There were so many worse horror films that came out last year. And number 6 is Paranormal Activity? WTF? Fangoria’s more about the gore horror films, they always have been. The FT13th remake was awesome, the best one New Line had anything to do with. I mean the’re telling us FT13th is worse than any of the Twilight movies? The Stepfather remake? Cabin Fever 2? Well as You said, everyone has their own opinion. Just for the first time in over 30 years Im disappointed with Fangoria.

  44. Wrong Turn 3 didnt make the list!?! I don’t think I even finished watching that garbage worst CGI I’ve ever seen!

  45. Im really surprised, I am one of the few that actually liked the Friday the 13th remake. With that said, there were so many horror films that were worse, like H2, The Box, etc. And to put New Moon in that category??? Thats an insult. What a load of garbage Fangoria has become.

  46. I(like many on here)have seen all the Jason movies multiple times. I know what’s expected of the film and what shouldn’t be anywhere near it. I’ve watched the Remake many times……and I love it. Seriously, it’s better than the last 4 or 5 movies in the series. This has all been said before.
    What is it about the Remake that people don’t like. I mean, imagine if RZ got the script.
    Whoever decides this list if bad movies is a dumbass. How old are these voters and have they ever seen any of these movies.
    The Haunting in Connecticut, The Unborn, and Final Destination were the worst, by far.
    Friday the 13th had one thing that all these other movies lacked……..interest.
    As for H2….I wouldn’t rate it the very worst movie, but the most disappointing. Rob what were you thinking?

  47. That’s shocking. Every movie on that list should be #1 before F13. H2 was unbelieveably bad.

  48. Not sure if I would say the Friday the 13th remake is the worst of 2009. I didn’t like it but I thought parts of it were ok. I thought the Rob Zombie Halloween 2 was the worst of 2009 myself

  49. I believe that even though the F13 remake wasnt as good as the original films, it was DEFINITELY NOT the worst horror film from last year. In my opinion, it was right up there with Drag Me To Hell, MBV3D, and Saw 6 as one of the best horror movies from last year (in my opinion).

  50. I’ll put in my two cents, and say that calling Friday the 13th the worst horror movie of last year is a bit of a stretch. As a longtime fan, I thought there were elements that could have been done better, but all in all it is a decent Friday film. First one with some genuine scares since perhaps the opening pre-title sequence of JGTH. I haven’t seen H2, and don’t want to. From most everything I have read, it’s a piece of garbage.

  51. The remake absolutely sucked, but no, it is not the worst horror movie of 2009. Bloody Disgusting are a bunch of idiots, just check out their silly top ten lists and you know these guys have no clue what they are writing about.

  52. Maybe in retort we should compile a list of possible “worst sites” for horror news and information and vote for the worst. Let’s start an East Coast/West Coast war between the sites.

    “Jason Goes To The Internet”.

  53. What a fuckin joke!!! Dont get me wrong f13 wasn’t brillent but far from the worst horror of last year. H2 on the other hand what a pile of shit!!! first 15 mins brillent. turns out the best part of the films a dream

  54. Sorry, but I loved the remake. Best since part 4.

  55. I thought Friday was one of the better horror movies made last year.

  56. For those saying that H2 is like the worst movie ever have not watched very many films. And for the people saying that they are not going to watch it because other people say it sucked maybe you should develop your own opinion. This statement is exactly why these movies are on this list. As someone stated above many people voted that probably voted on hearsay alone. The fact remains that when I saw F13 at the theater the little teenys were eating that shit up and and the only people I know that didn’t like it are hardcore F13 fans.

  57. Someone been smoking too much crack to put F13th ‘09 as #1 of the worst horror film. That go to Zombieween 2. It a huge mess with horrible lines. Twilight should be #1, but I see it as more of a romance film with monsters.

  58. i think the fact that two movies on that list are not horror movies kind of says it all.

    i saw many bad horror movies last year…maybe these lists came from people that usually only watch teen romances but now think they’re horror fans because of twilight.

    you mean to tell me these movies were better?
    seventh moon
    the grudge 3
    haunting in connecticut
    laid to rest
    red mist
    saw VI
    the unborn
    vacancy 2
    vampire’s assistant
    wrong turn 3

    NO. just NO.

    and i’d say these were no better no worse:

    sorority row
    underworld rise of the lycans
    a perfect getaway (not quite horror but neither is the box or new moon)
    my bloody valentine 3D
    last house on the left

    it’s easy to hate on jason. everyone does it and never gives these movies a fair chance. they all think they’re better than it… if you don’t like the concept of a slasher, stay away from them and stay out of the debate.

    if you’re a true fan, you have a right to have gripes with it, but i don’t think we’re the ones responsible for poll results like this.

    fuck these people. pretentious douchebags, that’s all. sure i had my complaints about this movie, but i love this franchise and people shit-talking it can fuck off.

  59. Well I only saw 2 movies on this list, F13 and Paranormal Activity and they both sucked equally. Snore fests with no tension at all. I’m still bitter about how bad F13 was…did the film makers ever even see the originals?!

    Oh well…be a real horror fan and watch Martyrs! :)

  60. it just fango that dogged friday 09, a few other shitty sites did to, and some of their good movies listed werent horror films, like district 9? drag me to hell wasnt scary or funny, and i think the worst horror film she have gone to jennifers body. she is hot, but so is half the chicks in better movies. sority row blew too. friday 09 was as good as my bloody valentine imo, it won. and why didnt they even mention laid to rest, fango pushed that movie as much as friday 09 and h2. it was better than most of the flicks that were voted as good? i dont get it.

  61. tommyblah sead it right, the only movie on eother list i didnt agree with was laid to rest, i love that movie!

  62. Wow, seeing how personal and upset you guys are getting makes me ashamed to say that I’m a Friday the 13th fan for fear that I might be associated with this loser lot. Grow up. If Fangoria and it’s readers opinions are so irrelevent why are you guys getting so whiney and indignant. All this defensiveness over a franchise makes you all sound exactly like the die hard Twilight fans you think you’re above.

  63. then i guess we shouldnt start blogs, and no one should post their opinions, as a matter of fact, we shouldnt even have poles or contests and awards shows at all. then you wouldnt have to get up on a sunday, go to this site, and have us shit in your cereal!jesus, what the hell is the point of going to this site if your gonna attack a group your apart of as a whole and call us all whiners? grow up, if we are all whiners and indignant then why are your reading our bullshit? the whole point of this little shindig is so fans can post their opinions! and for the fuckin record im ashamed that you are associated wih this loser lot.

  64. i really enjoy whining.

  65. I remember going to see F13 ‘09 during it’s opening w/end & thoroughly enjoying both the movie & the atmosphere in the auditorium itself! There was a considerable amount of dross purporting to be horror movies throughout 2009 – I wouldn’t have classed F13 among them.
    People are entitled to their opinions, of course but I feel this ‘award’ is rather unfair & a little insincere!

  66. Honestly im gonna have to agree with friday the 13th 09 being the worst horror film of 2009 i mean the movie is cool and all but it was all like teenagers sex drugs and rock n roll Halloween 2 was far better then F13 its the fact that H2 changed the way i look at movies, you see i walked into the theaters to see H2 saying this movie is going to be awesome but during the movie i could see myself understanding what the characters are going through and the part where sherrif Brekkect finds his daughters dead bloody body in the bathroom really shocked me the horror, the drama, and the thought put into H2 really moved me..i still liked F13 but H2 was far better

  67. Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN II and Nispel’s FRIDAY THE 13TH are really very bad films. Honestly, I think it’s not that hard to make a good FRIDAY or HALLOWEEN film. The filmmakers would have to look at the basic formula of the early films because the answer for a good movie is there. The problems come when they try to be “so different” or “so original” or “so innovative” (think about “Jason X” for example or “The new blood”, or Zombie’s “H2″ or “Jason takes Manhattan”) that they finally betray the spirit of these films.

  68. As much as I hate to say it, I think the Friday remake may have been the worst. It really did suck… H2 sucked also, but not as bad.

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