First News On NECA Jason Voorhees Figures

One of the hot topics among those who collect horror figures and those who are Friday the 13th fans was the news that NECA had fully acquired the rights to create future Jason Voorhees figures. Since that time no real news has been reported on the direction that NECA was taking with their line of Jason figures. Now, Tony Carroll, who has contributed to this website in the past and owns the great horror themed website Benevolent Street, has learned exclusively about one of NECA’s first plans for a Jason figure.

According to NECA’s Randy Faulk, the next order of business is to release a smaller, 7.5 inch version of the 2023 18 inch reboot figure this Fall, 2023. Everything that was included with the 18 inch Jason will be available once again. The 7.5 inch figure will contain two heads, one with the hockey mask and one with the sack. The figure will also include Jason’s favorite weapon, a machete. We will keep you updated with more news of this figure and other Jason Voorhees figures as NECA announces them. Big thanks to Tony for the heads-up!

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28 Responses to “ First News On NECA Jason Voorhees Figures ”

  1. I wish someone would make a Jason from part 8 or 5. Part 5 could have two versions. One of Roy as Jason and the other of Jason from Tommy’s nightmare at the beginning of the movie with the worms coming out of his mask, which was a different mask from the one Roy used in the movie. Will we ever get them…

  2. I would love a Roy figure..have it come with a machete, road flare, garden shears and Junior’s head…

  3. A Roy figure would be awesome. Maybe with a way to reveal Roy’s face underneath the mask? A set of garden shears accessories would be a must!

  4. Check out this custom Roy figure from One’s Customs. This was made last year and has everything you all have mentioned!

  5. Though I would love to see something BRAND new, as mentioned above such as Roy or pt 8, I am glad to see NECA taking some steps to get SOMETHING on the market. I honestly think that this large scale figure will translate very well in the smaller scale and can’t wait to see it. As soon as I get anymore info on NECA’s Friday the 13th plans I will send it along.

  6. That Roy figure looks awesome! I’m glad they included the garden shears in the set as I consider that Roy’s signature weapon.(As it’s implied that he kills at least two people with them.)(Tina & George) And I really like the work they did on Roy’s face. It looks alot more like what Roy should have looked like in the film.When Roy dies at the end and you seee his face he sure does look calm for a guy who was in a murderous rage the whole film. I wish someone would mass release something like this.

  7. THANK GOD! I have both of the larger 2023 figs (one with each head displayed) and the Mezco version of 2023 movie simply aren’t up to par to NECA’s standard.

  8. I’m kind of bummed that they are just shrinking down an old figure. NECA really impressed me with their remake Freddy figures, especially with the articulation, and I would really like to see them make a Jason in that vein.

  9. Look forward to seeing that!!!!!!!
    Ive got the larger 2023 one too, so having this will lookd great on my shelf!!

  10. I’m glad to see that this is true, because it’s been rumored for a while now. I really liked the 18″ version. The one thing I hope that’s fixed is when you take the hockey mask off, the hair comes with it. I love the fact that the mask is removable, but removable hair is stupid.

  11. I have an 18 inch NECA jason featured in the picture. pretty cool but the mask doesnt come off, you can only switch heads.

  12. What the Jason goes to Hell Man! I already have several remake Jason figures. I’m with these guys, they have never done a Part 5 or 8 figure I’ve been hearing the “we want Roy chant for years now, from a business stand point this seems like a good move. I’d buy two of each and would love to see Jason as a boy with a lake set and tree’s in the background. I don’t know why this is so hard. It’s easy to make the remake figure they already have a mold, if they made part 5 and 8 they would have to pay a guy to make something new.

    Sorry for the rant, I’m waiting for my wife to get ready : )

  13. They’ll do the ones they know will sell first. The sales of the 19″ remake sculpt seems to have done well for them, well enough to reuse that sculpt for the first figure in new line. I’d rather have them do Jason Lives, Final Chapter, Part 3 and redo New Blood Jason before I’d want them to do a Roy figure.

  14. Cool!!!!!

  15. I think NECA will do some interesting things other than simply shrinking down the figure. This is quite a valuable property and I think they’ll take advantage of that.

  16. Scott, the mask is removable. Believe me. I’ve taken it off. Part of Jason’s hair is sculpted to the straps of the hockey mask, but you can still remove the mask. The hair comes with it which is dumb. He even has a detailed face sculpt. Take one out of the box and check it out.

  17. evilekim are you sure talking about the 18” cuz i tried and the mask is glued on tight. If i force it more its gonna just break when i take it off

  18. Scott, Start at the chin when you take the mask off. Sucks if it’s glued down tight though. Mine wasn’t too bad to get off.

  19. The mask comes off fine but there is some glue on it. I don’t mind the hair at all being on the straps of the mask. It gives it a good effect when he’s standing there. The mask itself technically isn’t supposed to come off. If it was you’d see it displayed as an actual feature and the face would be properly painted. The hair being glued to the straps isn’t an issue since it’s the mask isn’t supposed to be removed in the first place.

  20. Hey Thanks Kim, I did get the mask off, what a surprise. I soo didnt know it came off. Yeah it sucks that the hair comes with the mask because then it looks like Jason has a mushroom haircut but still I would of never known had you not said it. Thanks again!

  21. No problem Scott. Glad it worked out.
    BTW, it’s Mike(ekiM)actually.

  22. I paid DarkArtist81 last year a total of about 450.00 for 3 sideshow customs that I figure will probably never be made. Those being:
    Roy Jason from Pt.5
    Dream Sequence Jason from Pt.5
    and Jason takes Manhatten from Pt.8

    That was alot of money, but well worth it to have all 3 added to my sideshow/mezco 1/6 scale collection.

  23. Someone should create figures of the more notable characters in the Friday movies. Someone above mentioned Junior. He’d make a great figure with detachable head and a motorcycle. His mother could come with a pot of the best goddam stew in the whole wide world.

  24. ill agree with most who already i posted, i havve the normal 7 inch 09 jason aswell as the exclusives baghead variant. i’d accept the same figures if they had more articulation added, otherwise i want versions of jason we havent seeen yet!

  25. Oh sorry bout that Mike! thanks again

  26. I don’t really like the 2023 18″ Jason…the mask is just not right…it hasn’t got the paintjob it could have. But the machette is great on that figure, and also the hillbilly-bag head…only minor is the mask…but to make this a competition for new figures…..Please, please will some money-hungry studio please deliver us a few great Roy Burns or Jason takes Manhattan figurines….I’ve seen alot of versions of the New Blood-J…and rather see some of the probably unworthy Friday movies, otherwise they would’ve given us the Roy and Manhattan figures…
    Let’s have some sort of petition or whatever you guys call it in the States, but send our wishes for these missing figures to some of the famous artists…it’s time….

  27. [...] few weeks ago, we brought you the first news that toy maker NECA would be producing a 7.5 inch Jason Voorhees figure that is essentially the minature version of the 18 inch figure that was released last year. Today, [...]

  28. [...] weeks ago, we brought you the first news that toy maker NECA would be producing a 7.5 inch Jason Voorhees figure that is essentially the minature version of the 18 inch figure that was released last year. Today, [...]

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