Friday the 13th (1980) U.K. Blu-Ray Release Date

For those of you who did not know already, the Blu-Ray of the original movie with the deranged Mrs. Voorhees will be released in the U.K. on October 19th. The cover is quite interesting and a total marketing gimmick as the hockey mask is featured and the tag line on the cover is “The Terror Before The Mask”. An interesting note on the cover art; there is a lot more blood on the mask and title than on the Japanese release from the end of August. A little surprising as from my understanding, the U.K. can be just as bad in the censorship department as the U.S.

U.K. Cover


Japanese Cover


Mexican Cover


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22 Responses to “ Friday the 13th (1980) U.K. Blu-Ray Release Date ”

  1. Looks cool…

    Reminds me of John Carpenters “The Thing” cover though… well, just a lil… Still cool.

  2. I gots to get that………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA.

  3. this is a WB release…anyone know if it’s less cropped than paramount’s US blu-ray??

  4. What I want to know is… where are the U.S. blu-rays for 4-8?!? When will they make an announcement, even?

  5. I’m with Matt, come on Paramount – get the frakin’ blu-rays out already!

  6. While putting the mask on the cover a whole 2 films too early is a tad silly, I still really dig this cover, and at least the UK is now getting some F13 blu-ray love!

  7. It’s a shame they didn’t go with the special edition covers for the DVD releases :(

  8. I have the mexican version and this is the cover:

  9. ^ Mexico DVD version release: july 2024.

  10. Awesome, TomaCCo. I added the cover above.

  11. Cool cover but it annoys me that it has nothing to do with the original movie.

  12. Honestly, the person who did the work on the cover should be commended for it. Extremely better than any of the US DVD covers.

    Now, while the artist for the cover should be commended, whoever it was in marketing that decided to have this the cover for the 1st movie should be reprimanded. This would be a perfect fit for the cover for the 3rd movie. The 3rd movie was the 1st one he had the mask, so to show the mask so prominently would have fantastic for the 3rd movie.

    Of course, the “Terror before the mask” would have to be removed. Maybe put the line “The icon is born” or something/

  13. Today I bought this DVD.
    This is the Italian Cover:
    (Yes I’m from italy XD)
    In the top is written “special 2 disc ediction” and “the terror behind the mask”

    We don’t have “behind the mask” yet….

  14. Sorry in the first message I don’t see the image…Repost the link:

  15. I’m sorry. I think that the cover is ridiculous. I’m a classic kind of guy. Besides, having the goalie mask on the cover of the first movie is like putting Jabba the Hutt on the cover of Star Wars! Let it stand on it’s on merits. It’s a cool movie on it’s own! Dumb.

  16. Yes it’s made only to attract people who has never seen the film before

  17. You think so? I don’t think that there is anyone left who wants to see the film who hasn’t. I thinbk that it is aimed at lunatic collectors like us who will buy it just because we don’t have the artwork. It works every time.

  18. Yes,I think that it’s made for follow the success of the remake…

    I bought it because in Italy this is the first time that arrive the part 1 on dvd….(yes italy is ugly for films etc) XD

  19. This is the first time you have had F13 on dvd??? Crazy! Where in Italy are you? Surely not in a big city? I\’m in Toronto, Canada.

  20. I’m from Rimini it’s an important touristic city…But i looked for this dvd also on internet and I didn’s find it…
    The funny thing is that there you can find (not very easily) part 2,3,4,5,6 (7 no more) but not the first!!!
    Now thing are changed and I hope and pray for 8,9. ’cause I’m sure that if I look for Jason x and FvsJ, somewhere I will find them…

    Sorry my english

  21. Your english is just fine. Don’t worry about it. Strange about the dvd’s. Keep looking! Ciao!

  22. yes it’s strange but here all it’s possible…for this I decided to buy from internet everything.

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