Friday the 13th 2024 Hero Outfit Auctioned

I saw this auction earlier yesterday and it was still live at that time. Then I began adding this post about the auction and noticed the auction was over in a very abrupt manner. The auction was for the full Hero outfit worn by Jonathan Sadowski who played the character Wade in the 2024 reboot. According to Mario Kirner, this outift was first auctioned off at the Profiles In History auction last Spring, which we covered in April. View the items that were auctioned on eBay below. The outfit ended up selling for $200.



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8 Responses to “ Friday the 13th 2024 Hero Outfit Auctioned ”

  1. $200???, I would think it would have went for alot more than that.

  2. lol why is the outfit called “Hero” he was far from the hero, basically his character is the dork that goes looking for weed, gets killed.

  3. Hero is a film industry term for onscreen items, i believe usually for closeups. someone please correct me if Im wrong.

  4. “$200???, I would think it would have went for alot more than that.”

    I agree. I thought so too. However, I guess the seller was loking to move the items pretty quick? Now, if this was anything with the Jason character, the prices would have been astronomical.

  5. The Hero outfit Id like to get is that ”F**K X-MAS ” T-shirt from the remake…

  6. Jay, as jasontyo correctly said, hero is one of the terms used by studios when it comes down to determain the usage of props and wardrobe. “Hero” is when the item (like this wardrobe set) is ready to be shown up close, so with now effects additions like a hidden blood tube etc. A hero weapon is mostly a full working metal piece. The opposit of “hero” would be “stunt”. While “hero” pieces are mostly more sought after in the screen-used collectors community, I prever the stunt and FX versions more because they give such a great fiew behind the illusion of film making. Please find some more info about “hero & sutnt” in the following link. Scroll down to the article from 29th of January:

  7. $200 ey! Not bad, concidering he dies early.

  8. I’d understand all this “cult pieces” stuff if Friday’s reboot would have been a great “called to be a classic” movie… but it wasn’t!!…

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