What is 30 Years of Fear?


Have you ever wanted to know what fear is? Are you sure you want to know? What is 30 Years of fear? http://www.30yearsoffear.com/

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17 Responses to “ What is 30 Years of Fear? ”

  1. This is bigger than when Gabbo came to town, I think. Neat site. Want more info. Joined the mailing list.

  2. Why do I just get a blue box in either Chrome or Firefox on my Mac??

  3. I get just a blue box on firefox

  4. Hmm, sorry guys. I will let the people in charge know Firefox and Chrome is not displaying the website properly.

    This is a sign that you need to ditch the Macs and go to the darkside of PC :)

  5. Yeah, i’m just getting a blue box, and I am using firefox on a pc

  6. haha Jasonsfury said darkside of PC…choose wisely

  7. Hey campers…isn’t that blue box just absolutely frightening? Seriously though, sorry about the tech issues and we are working on cross-browser optimization right away.

  8. Just joined the mailing list. Can’t wait to see the rest of the site :)

  9. I’m on an iMac and i used safari and it worked perfectly fine

  10. It should be working fine now…darned gremlins again.

  11. Seems to be fine now – Thanks.

  12. Yep all is fine.. I as well am working with Safari/Firefox on a Mac.

  13. Just joined the mailing list, this is exciting and can’t wait to see the rest of the site. Friday the 13th is “Forever”

  14. 30YoF, that a pretty neat site you made. Can’t wait to see how it look once you guys got everything on that site.

    And is Creepy Tees a new upcoming t-shirt company that make horror shirts? I’m looking forward to that too! :)

  15. Yep, Creepy Tees is a new horror-themed apparel company which will be debuting in 2024, Our first series of designs should launch in February/March.

  16. Also, while we are still in the “teaser” stages…I do want to let everyone know that this isn’t “just a t-shirt”. While a t-shirt is involved, I will add that there is some amazing memorabilia that will be part of the package – Does the name Kevin Bacon mean anything? Hmmm…

  17. I’m on an Macbook pro and i used safari and it worked perfectly fine

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