Video Review Saturday: Friday the 13th Soundtracks

soundtracksFriday the 13th soundtracks from the 1980’s films are pretty much nonexistant. The only official soundtrack that was released in the U.S. was for the release of Part 3 in 1982. As you’ll see in the video, there are a lot of other soundtracks for the franchise, even a few that originate from outside the U.S.

Let us know what soundtracks you have and what are your favorites.



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15 Responses to “ Video Review Saturday: Friday the 13th Soundtracks ”

  1. You know, after the video was made, I realized I forgot to show two other soundtracks. Both are 45 rpm records, one is the ALice Cooper, “He’s Back” Single. The second LP is a German release of Hot Ice from Part 3. Hope everyone enjoys the video.

  2. I have what looks to be “official” soundtracks to Parts 1,2 & 3. Got’em off Piratebay….has the album covers (front & back) along with the track listings.

  3. Great collection! I’d love to get my hands on the record for part 3. I’m a sucker for vinyl and that would look great next to my Slumber Party Massacre and It’s Alive II soundtracks!

  4. Thats a great collection You got there. The only Soundtrack I own is the Freddy Vs Jason CD (Various Artists). And it is one of the best Soundtracks ever made. At least something good came from that abomination of a movie. For those Who arent familiar with the soundtrack, heres a few reasons it kicks ass:

    Hatebreed, Slipknot, Mushroomhead, Murderdolls, Lamb Of God, Nothingface, In Flames, Type O Negative, Killswitch Engage, Sepultura W/Mike Patton of Faith No More, Chimaira, Sevendust and much more.

  5. I would love the soundtrack to part 1, I have a version of it but it doesn’t include the classical guitar that Bill is playing or the country song (written by harry manfredini) that plays in the tavern. Best soundtrack in the series.

  6. Only one I have is the part 6 that was linked here a while back, love it!

  7. I owned the soundtrack to jason goes to hell at one time it was on cassette and unfortunately the damn player ate the tape and ruined it, sure do miss that soundtrack.

  8. Fred Mollin’s scores from parts VII and VIII have been released on CD (available from Amazon and elsewhere). Also, his score from the TV series was released on vinyl and CD.

  9. Forgot to mention – I hope Manfredini’s score for part V is released one day. My favourite score of the series; it’s so chaotic.

  10. Got the two FvsJ cds, Jason X, a bootleg of the french CD for I, II, and III.

    I remember to this day looking in the soundtrack section in the mall record store in 1982 and seeing the LP…damn why didn’t I make my dad buy it for me!

    Awesome collection and well displayed…u the man.

  11. I have the Jason X and Freddy Vs. Jason soundtrack/rock cd. My favorite soundtrack has to go to the original. I love the music in part 6 as well. Wish I could get my hands on the soundtrack to Jason Lives.

  12. Part 6’s soundtrack is available for free on the internet… just search a little and you will find it.

  13. I’;m glad everyone enjoyed the video and it got some great conversation going about the soundtracks. I have seen the Fred Mollin CD for Part 7 and 8, but have not bought that as it was not an official release for the movie when it first came out. Also, that Part 6 CD with the 50 or so tracks was talked about in a blog here last year and I do have it on my iPod.

    In my collection I only own and display soundtracks that were official releases to help market and promote the films. However, everything you guys have mentioned are awesome to own!

  14. I’m a big collector as wel…I’ve got the scores ( all on CD) for part I, II, II, Jason Lives ( also the missing Alice Cooper song Hard Rock Summer) part 7&8, Jason goes to Hell, Jason X, The Series, both FvsJ, and 2024…I recently saw a complete score for the reboot on a soundtrack database, but can’t buy it, or download it…too bad…My favorite scores are the old stuff of Manfredini, and Jason Lives. I would be very happy when part 5 would ever be released…
    Last january I made it to television with my slasher collection, a Dutch show was interested in my somewhat extreme hobby, and did an item of it. It also features a little intro from Final Chapter…

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