Pamela Voorhees Bust and Part 3 Jason

A few weeks back we showcased Josh Stephenson’s Crazy Ralph bust and it is amazing how accurate to Walt Gorney it looks. Now Josh has provided us with some pictures of his upcoming projects.

The first is Pamela Voorhees from part 1 1980. This is made of resin and could make a great display bust!



Second is an in-progress Pam Voorhees’ part 2 shrine mummy head (latex). This looks just as creepy as the head in the movie.


Lastly, here is his Part 3 Jason Voorhees half scale which is also in resin. This one would impress anyone that sees it!

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7 Responses to “ Pamela Voorhees Bust and Part 3 Jason ”

  1. very nice!

  2. cool

  3. Sorry for the rough clay WIP shots…these will be done soon and available for sale, with more F13th pieces to follow.

  4. Even though they\’re not the finished product they still look fantastic, Josh!

  5. Outstanding work Josh!

  6. Thats freakin awesome…especially the part 3 Jason. Good work man.

  7. I really like the part 3 Jason, That is talent dude.

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