‘Friday the 13th 2′ and IMDb.com

You know, it almost becomes comical to visit IMDb.com to lookup information on future film releases. There is so much misinformation posted on that website for films that are either in pre-production or not in production at all, it’s scary! For instance, last year ‘Friday the 13th 2′, the proposed sequel to the 2009 reboot, had Tom Savini and Kane Hodder attached to the new film. That information made its way onto multiple message forums and eventually to our website. We had to discredit the information and make sure to get the word out that no one had been signed onto a sequel yet.

Well, taking a look at IMDb.com now, the sequel is listed as being released in 2024 and has a new director attached. That director is none other than Tristan Williams. Wait, Tristan Williams? Who is that? Righhht. Well, if you look at his picture over at IMDb he looks like he might be 18 and that is being very generous. So, I wanted to re-emphasize this point. Do not believe any information about future sequels at IMDb. Come here first and we will report the correct facts. Now, lets hope we can get that sequel before 2024. ;)

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17 Responses to “ ‘Friday the 13th 2′ and IMDb.com ”

  1. Agreed. IMDB is a great source of information for movies that have already been released….but as a news source for upcoming movies…not so much.

  2. Yeah you can’t believe everything you see on IMDB, but as far as rumors go! I hear all kinds of stuff and 75% of the time. It turns out to be true.

    I guess at this point, the only thing we seem to know for sure is that platinum dunes will have nothing to do with the next one and also part of the reason is because WB turn down damian shannon and mark swift’s script.

    We also should not rule out the chance of a possible sequel to the original series either, because really they can go either way with the friday the 13th series.

    In fact there could be one of three outcomes for the next one:

    1.Sure they could do a friday the 13th part 2, but the remake sucked on so many levels. Yes i know it still made a lot of money, but it sure as hell wasn’t one of the better friday films. At least not in most people’s eyes it wasn’t. Remember it had an 80% drop after the first week, that should tell you something right there.

    2.Should they make a friday the 13th part 12? Well i can’t speak for everybody. But in my opinion i say yes they should make another sequel to the original series, even if they use a subtitle instead of just adding another number to it! I want to find out what happends next in between freddy vs jason and jason x. I also feel they owe the friday fans this next sequel, after being cheated out with this horrible reboot, which again was crap by the way! Those rat bastards owe us two more sequels goddamn it and no i will never let this go untill i get my last two sequels or untill i die! Which ever comes first.

    3.Should they make a freddy vs jason 2? It could still happend, i wouldn’t rule it out just yet! But this one seems to be most unlikly and lots people don’t seem to care about this one any more. I to don’t see this one happening anymore and no longer care about it! But for me at least, if given the choice between this or the next sequel to the reboot. I’ll take freddy vs jason 2 over f13th 2 any day. No matter how bad the freddy vs jason sequel may be, it will no doubt still be better then whatever crap they can come up with for f13th 2.

  3. Well would loved to off beleived it but its still waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long for sequal!!

  4. What’s worse is I see a remake for Childs Play and now a Halloween 3. Someone please get me the rope!!!!

  5. I think it’s funny that this kid Tristan Williams put himself up on IMDB as the director. If I wanted to I could put myself up there and say that I’m making Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash vs. King Kong or whatever ridiculous thing I wanted to put up there.

    There won’t be another sequel for a really long time. People are too busy bitching about the rights to everything and no one is going to be able to come up with a decent compromise.

  6. I enjoyed the remake a lot and the haters will keep on hating. The remake was better and far less insulting than what we’ve been given the past few years. It’s been a quality dry spell since Jason Lives.

  7. Lester, for those of us that didn’t like the remake are entitled to out opinion, calling us “haters” is like us calling people like you that like it “lovers”.

  8. And I meant our not out LOL

  9. (Sighs)…Why couldn’t we have (most of us anyways) lived in the lime-light of where we got a “friday” every year? Why must they automatically act as if Jason is a multi-million project that can’t make or take less then a “Star Wars” film? Jason Voorhees-whether itbe space/Body hopping/or even taking Manhatten was meant tobe low-budget films with a big audience with enough love to keep them going. Reboot, 1980, or the “zillionth” sequal is much more to us then a fucking cash-cow that New Line/ Platinum will EVER see! Wake up Productions companys, and see that Jason Voorhees, his iconic machete, and hockey mask means more to us then what ever invauluable penny you’ll EVER make off of him!

  10. Corey Jason to me is more iconic for using multiple weapons. It’s what separates him from Myers and Kreuger and all the other slashers that have developed over the years. It’s part of the reason why Hatchet was so popular its the variety. Kane Hodder being Crowley didn’t hurt either lol. But yea its just a cash cow to them, its not a big deal to anyone but us fans and its alright, we’ll get our movie and one day we can all rejoice at what our favorite ex-camper has done to another unsuspecting group of teens and adults…hell maybe a kid or two to mix it up lol Eli Roth should direct the next one that guy doesn’t hold much shit back

  11. Version 2 of my Friday the 13th Part 2: Return to Camp Blood idea on YOUTUBE Check it out! Copy and paste link and tell me what you think.


  12. IMDb is known for pulling that BS. I never believe them about future films. I just hope we see a sequal before 2024, but at this rate who knows.

  13. I don’t think people should label people for not liking a shitty movie. The remake was not good, I can’t find one good thing about it aside from Jason. I would love to see another movie, but I hope and pray it has nothing to do with any of the shie new line has put out. They need to go back to the low budget simple story and give us a sense of terror. Don’t make every damn scare a “jump” scare. Make the characters likeable, I didn’t give two shits if/when any of these people in the remake died. I was actually looking at my watch and just hoping it would end. This franchise needs to go back to it’s roots and stop trying to include every damn cliche that is out there. And for the love of GOD STOP WITH ALL THE DAMN POT SMOKING STUPID SHIT!!!! Yes I know there was pot and all in the original’s , and thats fine but don’t make it a plot point. Don’t make it the center of attention. They lost all that was good in this series and I have a good feeling that, thats all we will get with future installments. No element of surprise no good storytelling, no good reason to really bring Jason back. I mean if they make a sequel to the reboot then whats the point. Why would they bring him back? There was no real reason for him to be there in the first place. If the reboot took place in present day, what the hell did Jason do for 30 years? Oh I know, he built an underground world and somehow kept it hidden away from the authorities. Yeah Swift and Shannon that really works. Thats believable. Sorry for the strong words but I really don’t see what was that good about the reboot.

  14. I agree with Deadman.

    One thing that drives me crazy though about remakes. How can there ever be a sequal to a remake? I mean look at Halloween, now there is talk about a part 3. Eventually the whole series will be made again. How lame is that?
    If a remake is the re telling of the story in a “today’s” way, then sequal’s are simply nothing more then a cashs cow with no intention or respect for the concept in the first place.

  15. LOL I meant cash cow, I dunno what the hell i did there.

  16. IMDB never gets anything right so I don’t use it! If I want F13 news I get it here!

  17. As a matter of fact Halloween III it’s confirmed with a release date around fall 2024.

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