Kevin Bacon New X-Men Villain?

We have been updating our visitors on a lot of different movies of late and there are those that are wondering what is up with that? Well, keeping track of Friday the 13th vets is always an interesting task and fills the void nicely, providing current movie news to everyone while waiting for updates on a new Friday the 13th sequel. Yesterday, some very interesting news was reported about the most famous alumn to come out of the franchise.

Deadline New York is reporting that Kevin Bacon is in negotiations to play THE villain in the X-Men franchise spinoff, ‘X-Men: First Class.’ Below is what was mentioned about the status of Kevin’s involvement.

I’m told that Kevin Bacon has the offer and is negotiating to play the villain role in X-Men: First Class. Not sure of his character, and they have to make his deal, but Bacon would line up nicely alongside James McAvoy (Xavier), Michael Fassbender (Magneto), Alice Eve (Emma Frost), Nicholas Hoult (Beast), Caleb Landry Jones (Banshee), and Lucas Till (Havoc). Director Matthew Vaughn is casting up a storm as the picture nears the start line.

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7 Responses to “ Kevin Bacon New X-Men Villain? ”

  1. sounds good, i willing to bet his character is mister sinister. cant wait!

  2. Yeah i heard the same thing, that he might be playing mister sinister.

  3. After I heard Kevin Bacon criticizing the F13th movie he was in while on Jay Leno, it really pissed me off with hmm. He got really agurvated when Jay said, this is really where you got your start and Kevin said the movie sucked and he wished he could forget about it. Just an asshole!

  4. Will his character go around shooting arrows out of his throat? heehee

  5. @ Chris: nah, his character will be the one who cries out and finally realizes he was immortalized on screen from being throat-stabbed by Pamela way back in his (not so great) career…

  6. Thats cool, although Im not too sure about this X-Men spinoff.

  7. I think Corey Feldman is a more famous alumn…

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