Video Review Saturday: Jason Voorhees Figures

After last weekends video, I received a number of requests to please show my Jason Voorhees figures. I want to say that I don’t own a lot figures, but the figures I do have I think are well sculpted, considering they are mass produced items. I do have a few figures I am going to receive, but they are top secret until I can review them. Well, without further delay, check out my figure collection below.

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6 Responses to “ Video Review Saturday: Jason Voorhees Figures ”

  1. You can take off the mask OMG…I didn’t know

    I tried…is very ugly

  2. Dude I’m shocked, no Jason Goes to Hell figures ;)
    I figured you’d have atleast the original Movie Maniacs Series 1 Jason. That figure was what got me into collecting horror memorabilia. I was so happy when that came out.
    I remember when I was a kid in the 80s, I turned my Casey Jones figure into Jason. I was like 8 or 9.

  3. One of my custom projects involves Jason Goes To Hell. You’ll see that in the future. ;)

    I actually do have that Jason figure from Movie Maniacs, but it is in a display case scene setting that is currently packed away. That’s a different story.

  4. wow, great figure, ill agree about the straps and hair tho.

  5. i just watched the shrine scene in part 2, with the gamma cranked so i can see more detail. the corpse at the base of the shrine is just as decayed if not more so than mrs voorhees. idk if its alice or not.

  6. Awesome collection as always. I like all the figures, but Id have to say the 25th anniversary collection is the best one. The detail on Jason and Pamela are awesome. And for all You Kane Hodder haters, Ronny Yu robbed Him of the role of Jason. Ronny Yu=director of that piece of crap Freddy Vs Jason. Kane rules!!!

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