Jason Attacks!

These three killer pics appeared on foreign site DVD-Forum, and thanks to STYD for alerting us all.

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38 Responses to “ Jason Attacks! ”

  1. I’m sorry…

    But I love it. Jason is a little odd looking in the top picture, but it’s honestly creepy. I can’t wait.

  2. Very nice! Jason is back to his brutal and intense ways. I love the look of sheer terror on that girl’s face.

  3. First pic is just gorgeous.

  4. Like the pics but my only gripe is ….. Why in the hell does his machete look like a sword?…

  5. I LOVE IT

  6. you see the two picture with jason up there with the girl thats the same girl i dont kill it because i think she looks like this mom damnit thats not the jason i know or i remember jason dont wait to kill someone. Ok this is a remake they want to do a new friday for the new peoples they never watch the first friday the 13th in 1980 or part 2 or 3 , final chapter. because the pepole think thats sucks old movie slasher. but i think the old movies there be better of the new but the new Its a new look. i now this because i see it this week the first 40 minute of the new friday movie and the first 12 minute very very not what i suposed……. i finish the 3 order part of the movie today because the movie was cut in 5 part of 20 min where i work. but dont worries the movie is not bad is nice to.

  7. Is that a backpack on pic 1?

  8. Jean Ouellet, Never write a comment here ever again. not one sentence did i understand. it made no sense. you didn’t see any of the movie at all and you need to read your comments before you leave them. as for the pics a love them. the top one kinda makes him look like he’s wearing a dress but its still awesome. less than a month till its out

  9. Hardly a backpack, but they joined two jackets together to create the one he’s wearing. (Now I’ll have to do the same..)

    I especially love the last pic, it’s classic yet brand new all at the same time. There’s something really intense and creepy about knowing there’s a real person behind that hockey mask. A real, deranged, disfigured person. :)

  10. Oh, and that person loves his mommy more than the whole wide world. Awww….aw damn, run!

  11. Jean Ouellet, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul!!!!!

  12. Ah I noticed after the fact that you’re French. I hope it’s just that your English is very poor because if you put thoughts into words like that on a regular basis there is something wrong. I’ll let you slide this time! ;)

  13. Correct me if I’m wrong, but even the French use punctuation. :-D

  14. hey Jean Ouellet i have 2 questions for you wtf are you smoking and where can i buy it lol

  15. J Miggidy so wrong but funny!!! (nice billy madison reference haha)

  16. Fine new pics. I’m a bit more excited, as much more of a retro fanatic and collector, or the new verisons on DVD re-mastered audio wise and of the his Name Was Jacon documentary hitting DVD, but even still, Ill be there opening weeekend to suport this.

    Again very nice photos …

  17. Tons of new high-res ones at shocktillyoudrop. :D

  18. they have a bunch of pics and 15 new ones


  19. I believe Derek Mears mentioned in an interview a while back that he had sort of a ‘hunchback’ style attachment on, so that’s the hump apparently.

    It does look a little sword like for a machete…but oh well. I have enjoyed most of the kills via Jason, especially the sleeping bag/tree combo in part 7. Nothing wrong with a little sword play.

  20. CANNOT WAIT !!!!!

  21. i love these pics!

  22. am sorry yes i know my English is not so good am sorry but am a big fan of jason. Yes i work for the french version of the film in my job i see the movie in english for the traduction to french in canada quebec for february 13th in theater loll.. i tell to my boss get friday the 13th i want to work on it am very to exited to work on it and february 13th is so long for like somme people say day after day i cant waiiiiitt. I say that after I see the first teaser lol. am sorry but whats i say up there is true jason dont kill this girl because i think is look like is mom. But dont worry this is a new franchise for teen people they dont want to see the old jason they know just the new jason like Jason X or freddy vs Jason thats for that they do a new version of friday the 13th…

  23. holy sh*t dude! these are amazing. the ones at shocktillyoudrop.com are all badass!

  24. Jean, if what you say is true, that Jason doesn’t kill this particular girl because she resembles Pamela Voorhees, well then that fits in very nicely with the original myth of Jason Voorhees established in the first 2 movies. In part 2, the first film in which Jason is the killer, Jason didn’t immediately kill Ginny because HE THOUGHT SHE LOOKED LIKE HIS MOTHER.

    So your comment that “damnit thats not the jason i know or i remember jason dont wait to kill someone” isn’t quite fair or accurate.

  25. I love these pics personally….I do…I am stoked for the reboot of the franchise. Of course this isn’t the same Jason, and it shouldn’t be, he became a tad bit robotic in the later films. We need a depraved Jason, and this seems to be more “realistic”.

    Anyways, I dig this site a lot and it really is encouraging to see all the horror fans in the world.

    If you guys would like to offer some comments, I actually put up a mini Top 10 of Horror Movies. I know I left a ton out, but it’d be cool to get everyone’s feedback from here on it


    Rock on!

    Can’t wait for Feb 13th

  26. Balooeyezz, i had noticed that amanda righetti’s character can be seen in shots. I did not think about this concept, but it makes perfect sense and is way more creepy than the original concept. the psycology of this movie on top of the murder rate……. it’s gonna blow my mind guys. it’s gonna be sick!

  27. ….seen in shots from the beginning and end of the film. plus that wicked machete shot from the preview is with this character and she can’t die. it’s from the beginning of the movie……
    is what i meant to fully say :-P

  28. I’m getting strong Nosferatu vibes from that jacket in picture 1.

  29. Yes i know damnit but not take it in ostage hey am not stupid i see the friday the 13th movies series so many time and i dont tell the new is boring is juste the story suck they dont puch the damn story good for the begining of the movie is just that. ok am out now. I live you alone with this.

  30. Jean Ouellet, I’m not gonna be surprised if the story sux. Honestly Michael Bay can’t tell a story to save his life, all he’s good for is special FX. I thought Transformers was terrible, but it had great effects and overall it just looked great.

    However, to Bay’s credit, he did do a good job with Texas Chainsaw Massacre, so I have high hopes for the new Friday. Maybe he’s just meant to do horror movies.

  31. Insulting someone because they don’t speak english all that well is kind of an asshole thing to do, don’t ya think?

  32. Am I the only person that thinks the machete looks way to big? Why couldn’t they have just used a real machete instead of having one specially made? A sense of realism is what made the older friday movies so good. The newer ones went all to hell because they started making the characters into unrealistic P-C stereotypes, and the violence so over the top that it came off more funny than scary. I just hope in the remake they have a reason why the machete is twice the size of a real one.

  33. im trying to keep an open mind about this movie because i love friday the 13th and the horror genre,and i understand that you have to change things in a remake to make it fresh and new..but when you start messing with things that made the movie what it is,thats when it starts to suck,for example rob zombie\’s halloween…in the original halloween what made michael scary was that we didnt know what drove him to be insane…he came from a normal family…good parents….and he just snapped….in the new film, his moms a stripper with a abusive spouse(not even the real father) sisters a ho and the house is a sh*thole…ofcourse he\’s going to go insane….id freakin kill someone if i had to live like that…so there you go just another headcase from a messed up family…movie over within first 30 min…boring and too much cursing…..and lucky us now we get to sit thru h2….anyways back to friday……his look is wrong….he runs(wtf)…hes got accesories in this film(a knife holder on his belt), long blonde hair and a fruity long leather jacker…why??? just follow the same story lines…shoot the film in better quality and just let jason pop out of nowhere and just kill kill kill….the basis of they story should stay the same…..i dont mind a back story…as long as its not rob zombie like….just show jasons life as a child and what his mother went thru after he died…then get on with the freaking killing……the next few years are going to have alot of remakes….2009–wolfman,the birds,h2 2010…nightmare on elm street(minus robert englund(wtf) it already sucks……we are in for a possibly bumpy ride

  34. Tony, are you even familiar with the Friday the 13th series? Jason ran in parts 2, 3 and 4. In part 2, he also had long red hair. As for the accessories, he wore a utility belt in Jason Lives. Know your facts next time, Scooter.

  35. i think robs Halloween was pretty good and the back story is more believable then what 5 and 6 tried to say (mark of the thorn) i mean a lot of serial killers go through the same thing Michael did in the remake

  36. i think its going to be great cause in the trailer you can see him wearing bandiges an then a hocky mask

  37. 1ErnLuv,

    You need to know that Micheal Bay is NOT directing this movie, he’s a producer, he provides the recources like money and locations for the movie. The director is Marcus Nispel, directoer of the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake and Pathfinder.

    Why do people keep thinking Bay has been directing the Platinum Dunes movies? All he does is prodyce the movie and hires the crew.

    I for one am looking forward to this movie. Jason is actually scarey again and not some f’ing zombie in outer space, fighting another horror movie character, or touring New York City.

  38. Brooke that’s the first thing I noticed. I hope it’s just this picture. I hope the machete looks normal in the movie.

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