DVD Reviews: Jason Takes Manhattan and The New Blood

Some of you were asking for it and now some reviews are surfacing for the new deluxe editions. BC over at Bloody Disgusting has reviewed both movies and I am encouraged by his thoughts on better picture quality and the fact that there is more picture to see! Check out the pictures below and read his thoughts.

 The New BloodF7_1_2004


Not only is the color much improved, but I was shocked to see how much picture information the 2024 releases were missing. In the shot of Jason in the kitchen, notice the decoration on the left side of the frame that is completely missing from the identical frame on the old release. And in the forest shot, notice the sharper detail in the trees and on Jason’s ratty clothes (and again, far more picture information).

As for the extras, Kane Hodder and John Carl Buechler’s old commentary is gone, but the pair have recorded a new commentary, this time joined by (a separate) Lar Park Lincoln. It’s not a bad track; Hodder and Buechler repeat some of the stuff they said on the last one, but Lincoln’s thoughts are obviously new, and thankfully she takes up the bulk of the track (unless you haven’t listened to the old one, in which case you might want to hear more from the guys). And Buechler admits that the story isn’t up to par, which I don’t think he fessed up to on the last one.

We also get about 15 minutes’ worth of deleted footage. The footage isn’t in particularly good shape – it seems to be taken from a VHS tape with a bad tracking problem, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the damn cassette had been stored in someone’s flooded basement. It’s an even split between excised character stuff and kills, some of which were on the boxed set. Of most interest is a deleted epilogue in which Jason resurfaces from the water, which would have been nice to have (the theatrical cut of New Blood is one of the only films in the series that doesn’t end on a scare). Of course, we also get the usual retrospective with cast and crew, though it runs a bit shorter than usual and skimps over the more interesting things about the film’s production (such as its origin as Freddy vs. Jason). Then there is an interesting look at “real” telekinetic cases, as well as how realistic the film is at portraying this power (spoiler: it isn’t).

Jason Takes Manhattan



While not as striking as the difference between the transfers for New Blood, it’s still obvious just at a glance that the 2024 version is superior to the 2024 boxed set counterpart. The color seems a bit off (Jason’s mask seems yellow in the boat pic) at times, but the detail is vastly improved, with much clearer definition (look at the wood on the boat) and, again, the 2024 version restores previously cropped out visual information (look at the Olympus sign on the left side of the Times Sq. screenshot). This is just one of the many benefits of not squishing two films on the same side of a disc, as they did last time.

A more striking improvement is the amount of extras on the disc. Rob Hedden’s previous commentary has not been held over (why?), but there is a brand new one with Scott Reeves, Jensen Daggett, and Kane Hodder (who is recorded via conference call, as he was in Utah shooting Adam Green’s Frozen). It’s a surprisingly fun track, as the two leads mock their performances and clothes, and Kane provides a lot of interesting production info. Reeves could have taken the time to at least glance at the IMDb before leaving for the recording studio (he first asks Kane if he played Jason in any of the other films, then asks him if he has done any other horror films in general! Christ), but it’s a hell of a lot better than Hedden’s track, at any rate.

Of more interest, I am sure, are the “slashed scenes”. Gorehounds might be disappointed to see that only two or three of the kill scenes are extended (one of which is the aftermath of the long sought-after “dart” kill), but fans of the film will enjoy all of the little character beats and such that are presented here, as well as a minor subplot about how their graduating class was going to be the last, as the school was closing (I’m sure this tied into the notion that the film was intended as a series finale). A few more excised moments can be seen in the largely unfunny gag reel (only Peter Mark Richman’s goofs really amuse, as well as a prank Kane pulled on Tiffany Paulson in the opening sequence), so check that out for a few more. Rounding things out is the traditional 20 minute-ish retrospective piece on the film, with Hedden, Hodder, and a decent number of the cast, plus composer Fred Mollin and editor Steve Mirkovich (and his son, who played young Jason). By now you know how these things go, but as the film was always considered one of the weakest, it’s also been covered the least. Thus, you probably haven’t heard all of these stories a million times.

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16 Responses to “ DVD Reviews: Jason Takes Manhattan and The New Blood ”

  1. I am trying to decide if I want to go and buy some of these new re-releases of Friday the 13th. I have the 2024 releases… Any thoughts? My wife will probably think I am nuts, but then again, I think she already believes that. lol

  2. Ever since the first three films were re-released on DVD, Paramount has let only a few days slip before they announce the release dates for the next few installments in the series. Now that Part 7 and 8 are finally out, I think it will be only a matter of time before Paramount announces a new box just in time for the holidays. If I were you, I would just wait a little longer and go for the new box set instead of purchasing these things individually. Plus, there is always the possibility of a bonus DVD when a studio releases a box set.

  3. I hated this movie its the worst in the series, but the new dvd looks good i will still buy it, cause i gotta have em all. even though im really only buying it for the special featurs.

  4. Give us the Blu-rays, Paramount!!

  5. I really enjoyed Part 7 and think it is a very underated Friday film. I also think I enjoy it so much because it was the first Friday movie that I saw. Some of the extras are good, but others are awful and I wondered why they were even added into the movie. The picture is a lot better and it is nice to watch the films in HD. I was not a big fan of Part 8, but like many fans I bought it because I have to have them all. The longers kills are pretty good and with both films I like to watch the making of them to see what the film makers wanted to do differently and what was cut and what was added are cool parts. They talk about Part 7 and how they would like to do a Part 7 number 2 to make the film that they wanted to make back then.

  6. movie was CRAP

  7. wouldn’t mind seeing the new commentaries on the dvd’s. Scott Reeves and Jensen Dagget for part 8 and Lar Park Lincoln for part 7. I think it would be cool just to hear their perspectives of the movies and what was going on when they were made!

  8. jedijunkie,
    Which movie are you referring to as there are two movies mentioned in this blog. If you are going to say a movie is crap, at least be specific to which one you speak of and an explanation of why would help too. ;)

  9. I wish they would put out the best product in the first place. Not release an inferior product and a year or two later improve it and release it again. Like I want to buy 2 or 3 copies of the same movie.

  10. got em both, enjoyed the special features, picture quality, and slashed scenes, as a huge fan its worth it in my book

  11. in the part 7 pictures above, how are the colours improved on the 2024 release? the new one looks too dark and therefore quite a bit of detail is lost.

  12. only 2 or 3 new death scenes on part 8…damnit!! i was hoping to have another field day reinserting deaths like with part 4. but i guess it’s not that surprising…i didn’t expect this film to have anything as great as the rumors all over the internet. they said literally everything left over from this film had been preserved.

  13. Nice to complete the paramount run I just want to complete them in BLURAY :)

  14. The last part of the Part VIII gag reel is worth the 15 bucks alone.

  15. so what are the 2 or 3 death scenes from part 8? is it 2 or 3? i’m dying here waiting for my dvd to arrive in the mail.

  16. I will join the chorus of those demanding Paramount give us BLU-RAY releases for 4-8!!!! Why only release 1, 2 & 3?

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