Robert Hall Has Hock Cast at Almost Human Studios

rhall_studio_hockDread Central recently took an exclusive tour of writer/director Robert Hall’s special effects studio, Almost Human. Robert Hall most recently directed the superb Laid To Rest. And his studio worked on special effects for Quarantine and most recently the Fear Clinic series. During the tour of the studios, Robert shows off a cast of a hock that is revealed to have been made to use by Kane Hodder. No other info was given as he says that he’s not even sure where he got it from.

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9 Responses to “ Robert Hall Has Hock Cast at Almost Human Studios ”

  1. looks like a pt.6 mask with how wide it is and all. Wonder if they were going to use it for X before they went with the other one?

  2. I could go with the Part 6 mask as well. I would like to know more about where the mask came from. We may never know.

  3. Look at the rivets molded on the side. They are like the part 6 mask.

  4. im goin with part 6 on that one possibly a part 8 but I highly doubt it

  5. Scare your friends with printable hockey mask(.pdf, requires registration) :

  6. Amazing how so many FX guys have have these stone hockey mask bucks…

  7. that pretty cool.

  8. come on guys what kinda fans are you :P
    its a part7
    look at how close the vent holes are to the edge of the mask
    this is just a raw casting and needs to be trimmed and cleaned up

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