The New Blood Custom Figure Now Up For Auction

newbloodfigureWe mentioned this a couple of weeks ago with our preview images, but now this figure is up for auction on eBay.

The figure stands at 7.5 inches and is highly detailed and fully poseable. Figure includes just about every murder weapon Jason used in the film including axe, sickle, kitchen knife, tent stake, party blower, weed wacker, branch trimmer, and of coarse his signature machete. Jason also comes with a removable movie accurate hockey mask, real metal chain and alternate battle damaged head (as if he wasn’t battle damaged enough already lol) plus the winner will receive the sleeping bag victim Jason so carelessly slammed against the tree ever so violently and you guessed it a display base is included along with a bloody tree not to mention a bonus 5 x 7 New Blood mini poster.

Check out the video below as One’s Customs shows of his handy work. Good Luck to those who bid on the figure!

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7 Responses to “ The New Blood Custom Figure Now Up For Auction ”

  1. Man I would love to get my hands on this, but there’s no way I could afford it. That’s what sucks about living poor! =P

  2. This is an amazing figure..I have a few of Ones Customs works & there incredible..Just as good if not better then Mezco or NECA..I highly reccommend getting one of his pieces if you have the chance

  3. My I say you are a very skilled and that’s what i like about your skill it has some much detail i would love to add that to my collection and i love the fact he used the jason from new blood because it’s my favorite friday the 13th that is when jason was at his best even though he was chanded to the bottom of the lake for 10 years jason i think is the best killer in cinama history.that my 2 cents.

  4. Wow…this Jason is freakin awesome!!! I know I won’t find this guy nowhere, OOAK and you would have to fight to get this figure, wish I could get my hands on this, whoever wins this on ebay will be so lucky, great work, love what One has done, keep up the great work, look forward to more…

  5. i want harry wardin

  6. I already told me One that I want and need this figure more than anyone else in the world, as I have an underwater dispaly scene that has been 5 years in the making, and this figure is the only one that is articulate enough to use in and out of the water. I bidded well over $200 and someone just outbidded me again. What sucs is that these are not available in more quantities, and rare, as you never know when the next one is going to be made if ever. So that drives the price up. Quality over quantitiy is good though.

    But paying that kind of money is tough too, great for the seller but bad for low budget buyers. So I got to keep making costumes to sell to get this stuff lol. I also gave him tip on making a making a smaller more accurate hockey mask, as Jason’s chin hangs out more and shows more of his face in the movie. The hockey mask was made smaller to show more of the decayed face, and the head was made bigger yet in JGTH. But as I told One his hock still looks great as is. This is by far the best part 7 “overall” as far as the look, accessories, and articulation. I really hope to get one sometime if not this time.

    Also his new Myers closet scene is killer! I got to have that! He is making the whole closet and Laurie Strode, you can see it on youtube. With a light that will be even sicker.

  7. that is a sick as figure i did a bid on it and i got outbided unfortunetley but if i one that figure it would be mad haveing that in your friday collection i mean even thoe im a horror customizer mainley on jason and michael myers it will never be as good as ones customs but that is a sick as figure

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