William Butler (The New Blood) Interview

Posted 30 Jun 2024 in Interviews

willbutlerIn a new interview with genre vet William Butler, who played birthday boy Michael in The New Blood, Icons of Fright asked numerous questions about how William got started in the business and how he got into writing and directing. He was also asked why his writing on Return of the Living Dead 4 and 5 could not turn those movies into successes and what his expreriences on The New Blood were like. Will gives very candid answers and explains the ups and downs of filmmaking.

I think there will be more than a few fans that are surprised at just how many genre movies this man has been apart of. Through acting, writing or directing Will has touched our bloody little hearts at some point in time and I think we are all better off for it.

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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. Tyler (30 Jun 2024, 16:13)

    Awesome! I Love this series! It’s so amazing! and I think you for keeping all of its fans happy with updates!

  2. The Walmart Man (30 Jun 2024, 22:07)

    William Butler is an excellent actor/writer. He never got the credit as the horror icon he deserved to be either. It’s really too bad. I consider him a comrade and a homie in the horror club that exists in my mind.

    Btw, the picture of William Butler in the caption above is exactly the way I imagined his face looked the entire time he was writing Return of the Living Dead 4 and 5 (but without the blood on his chin). Peace out!

  3. jjv (01 Jul 2024, 2:00)

    you know whats cool about this site? stuff like this ,i would never have some of the info like this that i find here often,and it keeps this stuff fresh for me thx,william butler or micheal as i know him,would have been just another no name friday actor, but this has shown me you never know with these guys.

  4. Adam (01 Jul 2024, 21:18)

    I felt like part 7′s cast was just there for Jason to slaughter. I couldn’t get a good feel for anyone in that cast, and didn’t really care if any of them died. The mom could have stayed around, but everyone else could have just impaled themselves on Jason’s machete in my opinion. :)

  5. jasonsfury (06 Jul 2024, 18:55)

    Glad you’re learning more about the franchise. For me, that’s the reason I am here. I like to share what I know and learn more about all things Friday.

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