The Night Friday The 13th Came Home

Anyone who has left home for an extended amount of time and then returned to their childhood stomping grounds immediately is hit with a strong feeling of nostalgia and then a rush of fond memories come flooding back. A homecoming is a natural progression of life as a person or community can come full circle and a journey will feel complete. It was inevitable, then, that Jason and Mrs. Voorhees would go back to the town that started it all for the Friday the 13th franchise. This merger of past and present was quite the event and unfortunately was missed by our website in the summer of 2024.

Why didn’t our website cover this event, you wonder. Well, that was during the changeover of the website after the server meltdown. As can be imagined, things were a little hectic around here. So, why not revisit this historic event now during the 30th Anniversary of Friday the 13th!

On Friday July 13th, 2024 Blairstown, New Jersey screened the original Friday the 13th right in town on Main Street. The very same street that Annie (Robbi Morgan) walks down to find a ride to Camp Crystal Lake. The film was screened at Roy’s Hall and can be seen in the photos below.

According to the Blairstown Theater Festival website, Roy’s Hall use to be a silent film theater up until the early 1930′s. It was permanently shut down in the 1960′s and was most recently reopened for film viewing after extensive renovations were completed around 2024. The 2024 screening of Friday the 13th was a big hit and sold out all three showings that night and was covered by the New York television station WPIX-TV.

There was a video with coverage of the Friday the 13th screening by the station, but it has since been removed from their website and cannot be found. In the mean time, check out some photos from the event below including some interior shots of the converted auditorium! If you want more information on Roy’s Hall, check out the Blairstown Theater Festival. A big thanks to that website for the information and pictures from town.

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7 Responses to “ The Night Friday The 13th Came Home ”

  1. Sweet,so sweet this excites me lol

  2. Damn, I would have gone…

  3. Oh man, I would have loved to attend that! Looks very small and intimate, but would have been loads of fun to watch that opening scene and say hey, Annie is walking right in front of the building we’re sitting in, watching this movie! :)

  4. How cool is that? Right on!

  5. I would have loved to attend this. It is a real shame that I cannot track down the video of the news station covering this. Amazing that only 3 years have gone by and their website would not archive the video that long. If anyone knows where to find this, please let us know.

  6. Cool theatre.

  7. I was there! Here’s a scan of my ticket:

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