The Horror Collection Adds Axe To Marcie’s Head

Eaglemoss Publications has been a leader in the highly competitive world of partwork publishing for over 20 years. This U.K. based company is responsible for many different subjects in publication, however, they do offer a very unique product outside of the their conventional publications. Currently, they have a very popular line of Marvel character publications that are accompanied by a figurine. Each character publication features a hand painted lead figure to represent the informational magazine about the character.

Back in 2024, Eaglemoss had a very limited run of The Horror Collection. This collection were licenced characters from New Line Cinema that consisted characters from either Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th or A Nightmare On Elm Street. The Horror Collection was stopped very early from what seems to be legal issues. Before it was terminated, three characters were created from the Friday the 13th series; Jason Voorhees from Part 3, Jason Voorhees from The New Blood and Marcie from Friday the 13th (1980).

The Jason figures are awesome and detailed quite well, but it is the figurine of Marcie with the axe in the head that really caught this website’s attention. Not many characters from the series, outside of Jason, are made into figures or figurines which is what makes the Marcie Figurine so unique. Check out the photos of the figures in the collection as well as what the magazine looked like (below) that accompanied the figurine. Visit to see more about The Horror Collection.

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25 Responses to “ The Horror Collection Adds Axe To Marcie’s Head ”

  1. I would love to own all of these figures! However, I agree that owning the Marcie figure would be great for Friday the 13th collectors. Simply amazing the stuff that is found by this website. ;)

  2. Wait a min, I have the jason part 3 and the bug armed lady. Their from Mezcos Cinema of fear. But I want the rest especially the marcie one, no hope for these ever coming out?

  3. Unfortunately, these are long out of production. I would imagine these are very hard to come by considering the limited run. It will cost some money, I imagine, to get your hands on these.

  4. But the part 3 and bug armed lady I’m guessing is from another company, bc they are all over stores here JF for $17

  5. Very true that those representations of those characters have been available from Mezco for sale. However, the above lead figurines were produced in 2024 and have some differences, especially that Part 3. Would be nice to own some of these. ;)

  6. Oh agreed, ide love the marcie, and new blood figure is freakin awesome!

  7. Love the detail so much!!
    Ashame they cant make any more!
    Ohh well, who ever gets these or has them, they are one lucky pup!!

  8. I actually have a Marci. She purchased from Euro-land in the fall of 2024 by my g/f at the time. The packaging is bent up and creased in 2 corners, but I don’t mind. I think she paid like $55 american dollars, and 6.50 shipping…

  9. I actually saw the cockrooach chick from freddy 4 in a store near my house today…

  10. I actually have a Marci. She purchased from Euro-land in the fall of 2024 by my g/f at the time. The packaging is bent up and creased in 2 corners, but I don’t mind. I think she paid like $55 american dollars, and 6.50 shipping…

    I would love to see a pic of that, Corey. Post a link to the pic here or send me an email if you would like. Thanks.

  11. I would definitely love to see a better pic of the Marcie figure if at all possible. Thanks!

  12. JF, as soon as my new camera is here, I will gladly take a few pix and email them to you. Currently, she is still in the package, and it’ roughed up pretty good. I couldn’t complain thogh considering how rare she is…never realized how rare she was until today. I assumed she was mass-marketed as some point. Kind of like Screen Grabber Nancy in bathtub with Freddy claw emerging. I would like to remove her from the package, but even as bangd up as the box is, the price could be much more.

  13. Sounds good Corey. Thanks. ;)

  14. Another kickass collection. They even have Debbie the roach from A Nightmare On Elm Street 4.

  15. WHOA!! how cool is that never new they were so rare av got 4 i think out of the 7 :)

  16. sorry think av got 5 of them plus some duplicates:) if i find out how to post pics i’l upload some

  17. DVS! I am looking to buy a Marcie if you have a duplicate of her. Or if interested in selling her regardless. Please let me know! :)

  18. I subscribed to The Horror Collection when it came out. The customer service regards it was horrendous though. I was billed for 6 copies – only ever got 4 (Issues 1, 2, 4 and 5) issues. I kept emailing and calling but never got issue 3 – and then the mag was canned suddenly – glad to finally hear why.

    The part 3 Jason was in Issue 3 so I never got it. I still have the copies and the figurines from the issues I did get though. Issue One was Freddy from the original Elm Street. Issue two was Leatherface. Four was Freddy from Part 2 and issue five had Debbie.

    The magazine wasnt the greatest but the figures were pretty good.

  19. mrs v i’l have to dig out the ones i have got there in the loft. am interested in selling them all. even tho there small i dont have room to diplay them :(

  20. DVS! Thank you so much for responding! I may be interested in others as well now. I put my direct email at the bottom here. I may be interested in a Jason and the Freddy with the dog face thing. LOL! Definitely the Marcie though, first and foremast. :) This is awesome news! I know what you mean about displaying though.
    My email is Let me know on here when you have emailed though just in case. I get alot of spam on that account.

  21. DVS, I would be interested in both of the Jasons if you still have them and would like to sell. My email is Please let me know and hopefully we can work something out…thanks!

  22. found three boxed ones both freddys and the part 3 jason. gonna have to dig deeper in to the loft i no i have more

  23. Hi DVS! I am interested in the Freddy with the dog thing and the part 3 Jason! Do you remember having a Marcie by any chance? Even if she is out of the box, I’d still take it. :)
    Do you want to email me through my email to work out the specifics? My name is Stacy.

    Thank you so much for looking!!!

  24. Right well i’ve turned the house upside down :( can’t find marcie :( but i do have leatherface,debbie, freddy the dream stalker, 2 jason part 3’s and 2 freddy with the dog thing. i’m selling them all so if interested email thanks

  25. Thank you DVS for looking so hard for those! I have sent you an email. :)

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