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Damn folks, it’s been awhile since I (Kane) have posted here on fridaythe13thfilms.com. I have had alot going on lately that has kept me really busy, but ok who cares I’ll get to the point.

Earlier today I was watching tv and saw one of those Advair commericals for asthma. Well, all of a sudden Dick Wieand appears on-screen with his grandchildren, and talks about his bout with it. I don’t know if anybody has seen this commercial yet, but I thought it was quite interesting seeing the old decoy Jason in a advair commercial.

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  1. Time has definitely flown by since I was a kid watching these movies. Now Dick is doing commercials with his grand kids. Wow.

  2. Damn, I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw this…even though I reported it a couple of days ago on FRIGHTSTUFF.com….The coolest forum on the net.

  3. Does anyone have a link to the video?

  4. He gets too much credit as Jason. The horrible twist ending of Part 5 has forever linked him to the role even though he never even wore the mask and was in The New Begining for less than 5 minutes. There are plenty of other “Jasons” that also deserve to be commericals for prescription medications but instead are working in customer service at places like Walmart. My name is Warrington Gillette.

  5. I saw this commercial and thought “That guy looks familiar”. Now I know!! He could have used Advair back in 85 when he fell on those spikes!

  6. In response to ‘ The Walmart man’:

    Yes, maybe Wieand gets alot of credit for playing the role of the killer, even if he didn’t wear the mask. But he deserves credit because it was HIS character that was the killer in part 5. Even though the film proved to be a disappointment to most fans, it wasn’t his fault, he was only playing a role.

    Now you mentioned ‘Warrington Gillete’. How’s he any different than Dick Wieand ? He never wore a mask either, and was only featured in like one scene, but yet he manages to get the screen credit.

  7. warrington gillette is the best Jason ever. Most Friday fans agree with this

  8. Warrington Gillette came from a time when Jason was still “human.” Years later the role went to Kane Hodder and by then Jason was so mechanical that I began to ponder, and even like the idea of a CGI Jason for future films. I saw some of the uncut footage of Kane slapping the sleeping bag against the tree (Part 7) and it is obvious that he was getting tired after the fourth slap.

    The role of Jason over time has become more physical and more out of the reach of what regular people are capable of. In almost every film he gets bigger and stronger. It would be easier to create a CGI Jason to get the right shot since you could argue that he is more of a movie monster than a human anyway. They just did this with the likeness of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator Salvation and it was one of the highlights of that movie.

  9. Warrington Gillete, in my opinion, had the scariest look of any of the unmasked Jasons. He seems to be a very nice man and loves his fans. However, the actual stuntman also needed to be credited as well.

  10. I saw the commercial while watching Harper’s Island this past Saturday.

  11. I don’t think that most Friday fans agree that Warrinton Gillette is the best Jason at all. No disrespect to the opinions on here, but I rarely hear his name come up.

    Kane’s gotta be at the top, no matter which way you look at it. Not to beat a dead horse, but that idiot Ronnie Yu just proved the point with his idiotic version of Jason (Does that incarnation even count?)

    Personally, I would have like to see what Kane would have done in Part 6. I actually like part 9. It had the best atmosphere since part 1.

    I like Derek Mears too. Seems like a great guy. I just didn’t dig the running and the hillbilly look. The tunnels under crystal lake…I guess I could buy that…maybe. The one thing I’m sure of is the new Friday had the best looking girls in the series IMHO :)

    Anyway, back on topic, thanks Kane, hope to see you back again, your Jason gave me a bunch of scary nights hidden under a blanket.

  12. Warrington Gillette IS the definitive Jason. He helped set the precedent for all other Jason’s because it was in Part 2 that Jason first killed and was established as the killer for every sequel that followed. If you follow that percpective, you can logically argue that the whole series really gets its start in Part 2 instead of Part 1 too. Anyone here notice how deliberately the events of Part 1 were given almost no notice in the remake? That’s because the mythology of the series really begins in Part 2. Warrington Gillette should get a gold medal for the amount of times Jason has been “copied” by other people. That, or HE should be getting parts for perscription drug commericals instead of Dick Wieand. But instead, Warrington is stuck working customer service at Walmart.

  13. Are there no moderators to eliminate joke posters? What was originally a nice blog site has been ruined.

  14. I suggest forcing viewers to register an account with a valid e-mail address. That’d cut down the crap.

  15. I suggest proving that someone is, in fact, a “joke poster” before accusing them of being one outright.

  16. Agreed. I kinda like the fact The Walmart Man sticks up for Warrington.

    On his name was Jason, the directors of parts 7-10 have some great things to say about Kane and his work as Jason. These guys were front lines and I think all four vote him as the difinitive Jason. It was nice to see.

    I’d like to see what Steve Miner says about Gillette, but sadly he was missing from the commentary. It would be fun to see what Miner could come up with for the sequel to the Platinum Dunes “Friday.” I loved part 2, but it would be nice to see if he could top it today

  17. I spelled definitive wrong. sorry.

  18. You can’t tell this guy is a joke poster? The remarks about Warrington working at Walmart while calling himself Warrington?

  19. ChrystalLakeHiker09,

    I felt that some of relationships that the actors and directors had with each other could’ve been explored more in the documentary. Ted White was, by far, the most candid Jason to talk about the his experience in “His Name Was Jason.”

    Steve Miner came into Walmart once and he noticed me behind the register and we spoke a few minutes about the bad blood. That all happened a long time ago so it was easy to be civil. I even let him use my employee discount. We both agreed that I was the best Jason. Haven’t seen him since. My name is Warrington Gillette.

  20. As I have previously stated before, I respect Warrington Gillete because his look as Jason will forever be the definitive look. But, in the film, that’s as far as his role went. How many times, Friday the 13th part 2, was Jason’s face seen ? Pretty much once. His role was as the unmasked Jason, who’s only scene was busting through a window and grabbing Amy Steele. No disrespected intended for Warrington or his fans, but facts are facts.

    No I disagree, he is not under credited for his role, he’s more like over-credited. He has been known to autograph his name on pictures of the ’sack head’ Jason, a part which he did not portray. He was even confronted by Steve Dash once because of that.

  21. Not meaning to get off topic here, and this will be the only time it happens, I have worked at Wal Mart before and I can tell you this. It is against store policy for their associates to just let anyone use their employee discount. Upon hire, or after 90 days, associates are given a discount card for themselves and their spouses/child/etc.

    So, just to give you the heads up, don’t let your supervisor find out about it. Don’t believe me ? Call the Bentonville office and they’ll tell you.

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