Friday the 13th 3-D glasses on Ebay

glasses1I found a pretty cool pair of 3-D glasses posted on eBay for sale yesterday and thought I would share with those of you that have not seen these yet. These original theatrical 3-D glasses were given to lucky viewers at the 25th Anniversary screening of Friday the 13th PART 3 in 3D which was part of LA SCREAMFEST held at Grauman’s Chinese Theater back on October 13th, 2007 in Hollywood, CA.




Good Luck to those who are bidding as I saw the current bid at $32. Pretty expensive for glasses given out at a 25th anniversary release and not the original release from 1982. They still look cool, though!

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16 Responses to “ Friday the 13th 3-D glasses on Ebay ”

  1. Oh.

  2. so what any work on the back covers of these DVD hitting dtore in June

  3. i saw these and they are cool but there only 2 yrs old i wouldnt pay more then 5-10 bucks for a pair, i suppose there super rare though?, im still looking for a pair of glasses from 1982 i wish i kept mine i saw the film when i was 15 in reseda california and just threw them away DAMN IT!

  4. Higgins Haven, what you said makes absolutely no sense!

    Cool glasses, though like you said jasonfury if they were authentic 1982 glasses then we’d be talking. Still, better than the ones included with the DVD.

  5. maybe this isn’t completely on topic, but why do they stick us with those red and blue glasses for dvds, and not these? can’t they just put the same exact thing that you see on the theater screen onto a dvd? an image is an image, no matter what kind of screen it’s on. and these don’t work that differently from the red and blue–you’re brain still separates the objects because of overlayed images with slightly altered color tones.

    the red and blue (or whatever other colors they use) doesn’t work for me. it doesn’t look 3D.

    i’m willing to bet in a few years they’ll say ‘we had a breakthrough’ or some bullshit and re-release everything in real 3D.

  6. What, no link?

  7. tommyblah, I couldn’t agree more.

  8. Went to that screening with Paul Kratka. It was such a treat to see it in 3-D with an original print. Bad quality print but still amazing. You could actually see, as the Luma Crane descends to the mom and pop store, the interior of the store – the inside looked like it had depth! It was amazing.

  9. tommyblah,
    actually that type of 3-d dosen’t work on tv screens. it only works on a certain type of older movie screen called a silver screen so sadly the tecnology wouldn’t transfer over.
    I will say that i did get a pair of 1982 3D glasses off of ebay back in 2005 for only 15 bucks.

  10. That sounds cool Scott, 3D always looks so much better on the big screen, F13 3D looks awful on DVD. I’m dreading seeing with My Bloody Valentine looks like on video as in the cinema the effects were amazing.

  11. I missed My Bloody Valentine:3D at the cinema.I broke my 3D cherry going to see Monsters vs Aliens with my 5 year old daughter(don’t laugh,it’s pretty good).3D has come a long way since seeing Freddys Dead on VHS video as a kid(with those laughable “effect”).Sadly i would have been a toddler when Friday The 13th:part 3 came out,so i’ve never had the chance to see it in 3D on the big screen.I live in hope…………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  12. My Bloody Valentine looked pretty good in 3d on Blu Ray, but there is some minor blur, and the glasses dont really mess up the coloring of the screen, the only time i could see the coloring of the glasses were during some of the really dark scenes. in my was the best at home 3d experience

  13. That pair on e-bay is a hard one to get, the last pair unused, went for around $70.

    I love the 3D glasses. Here is a pic of my little 3D collection with all of the different glasses, unopened poster and 3D video disc.[email protected]/3391816596/sizes/l/

  14. i agree mitch… i was really surprised at how good the mbv 3-d effect was with the blu-ray. obviously not as good as in the theater, but not bad. i was expecting it to be crap, and when i opened the package and saw one gray, one red lens i figured why not give it a try?

    why did f13th pt 3 get shafted with the red/blue crap?…it shouldn’t be done with such vibrant colors; it takes away from the movie and makes my eyes feel crossed.

  15. “why did f13th pt 3 get shafted with the red/blue crap?” – Because Paramount’s cheap. If Lions Gate had done the DVD for Friday part 3 3-D, there would’ve been a much different result… And I don’t buy in to all of the bullshit that the Paramount defenders post on this website. They seem to care more about Paramount than they do about Friday the 13th. Hell, I wouldn’t be all that shocked if they turned out to be people from Paramount, that are just trying to defend their products.

  16. the reason they cant give you polarized lenses like at a theater is you do not have two projectors giving you two slightly different images so they have to give tyou the effect a different way
    my vote no 3d glasses work at home

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