Friday The 13th (2009) Teaser Trailer - HQ

Just in time for Halloween! Thanks to ‘Horror Film Themes’.

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  1. Awesome! Glad you’re back dude. I tried all day to get that video embedding to work. Never would work for me. It was so great to see this in better quality on TV. Hopefully the theatrical trailer that is supposed to be attached to Saw V this weekend will be nice.

  2. When Jason is running at the end, is he wearing his hockey mask or the burlap sack? It looks like he is wearing the burlap sack to me.

  3. yeah i think you’re right he is wearing the old sack…looks pretty good though

  4. Look’s decent. I’ll watch it.

  5. I’m still skeptic..I wouldn’t label this as the teaser trailer, only as the debut footage from the Scream Awards. We won’t know exactly what the teaser is until tomorrow, and that will hopefully have some new footage, and doubtfully show a whole sequence like this. Anyway, I’m just nitpicking. Hope the thing comes online tomorrow or sometime this weekend!

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if the teaser isn’t just some music playing with the shot of the revolving hockey mask. Afterall, it’s just a teaser…

  7. Is that Amanda Righetti on the teaser getting the axe through her head?!!!! I hope not, I heard that Jared and her were the leads.

  8. Escribo desde Chile, habemos muchos fans (desde el inicio de la saga) esperando con algo de “temor” ésta nueva entrega. Seguiremos expectantes, pero ¿Jason running?….

  9. Yesterday I posted a question about the guy getting pulled down by Jason and now that I watch it closer it definetly is the same guy that gets stabbed in the hand from underneath the floor. Kind of stupid on my part, he just looked different in that shot of the close up right before he gets fully pulled down by Jason and the blood on his mouth. I guess that was caused from another stabbing somewhere when Jason starts randomly ramming the machete through the floor after the first one? Obviously I’ll find for sure on Feb.13th!

  10. I just hope they’re not going with the whole “Jason has tunnels underground” thing…..that would make me sick. (for ruining it)

  11. teaser trailer at the movie website! Perfect.

  12. There’s a different one on myspace - you can see it’s definitely the hockey mask in the running kill shot.

    Looks good.


  14. here is the official trailer that will be seen in theaters

  15. Friday The 13th in HD

  16. The official movie website finally has stuff on it including the trailer

  17. They have ads up all over myspace, now. i guess its time from here on that they will begin advertising. bring it on!

    Here it is in high-def!

    I love how they use the original narration! Awesome!

  19. Only thing is, wasn’t jason one of those killers like Michel Myers? He was always a very slow person correct? In the kill shot scene you notice he is like running at his victim. seem strange?

  20. Hey zach, Jason ran in parts 2, 3 and 4.

  21. He moved at a very methodical pace in the originals. Now he runs like Usain Bolt. I think the movie will be awesome, but I like when your psychopaths like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees stalked their victims. It was as if they were teasing them. You can run, I will walk, but it won’t make a difference in the end…You’re in my domain.

  22. Man, talk about keepin to the script. I love this trailer and it makes me wish it was already 2009. Think back all you old slasher film (Headz), the original movie from 1980 came out on a Friday the 13th too. I love it when history repeats itself that is when it was done right in the anals of horror flicks that is.
    If that my slasher film (Headz) doesn’t get you excited enough for this one what will? Seeing Jason chase a group of horny big boobed bimbos around throught the woods on a Friday the 13th is pure heaven in my deranged world. I don’t think this movie will break any box office attendance records for openning night my friends, however it might lead some of these lame wanna be horror film directors back to the labratory to start getting their scripts right. I am so sick of the Saws , Hostiles, and Haniball’s stinking up the industry ! That is not horror !
    Not even gonna use my BlockBuster card to see that, k. Ok !
    I am a slasher film (Head) always will be like zombies too when George Romero is on board yes ! I am glad that we got a good quality horror film to look forward to and I will be there with my hockey mask on.

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