Official Friday the 13th trailer hits early!

Posted 23 Oct 2024 in The Saga

WHOA! Looks like the official teaser trailer just hit a day early. Enjoy!

NOTE: This is not what was shown at The Scream Awards. This is what will be shown theatrically alongside Saw V

You can also access the trailer as well as check out a few other goodies on the official site for the film which has finally be updated.


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Posted by Tony Carroll
Huge horror fan. Mainly the slasher sub genre. Die Hard Friday the 13th fan. I'm not like a lot of viewers. I love the entire series. Yeah, there are things about some films that I don't like. But I can honestly say that I don't hate a single Friday flick. I love to write and to bring info to people. So this site and my love for that go hand in hand. You will also find me over at my site Feel free to drop me a line at


  1. J Miggidy (23 Oct 2024, 19:59)

    Yay!!! The official site finally has stuff on it along with the trailer! WOOT!!!!

  2. DisapointedFan (23 Oct 2024, 20:05)

    Well I’m pleasantly surprised. That`s MUCH better than the SCREAM awards trailer. In fact it keeps the franchise well rooted in its past… same old music, same Betsy Palmer speach of the original flick, not too much is seen, they finally listened.. LESS is MORE. Thank you! Although I would have appreciated an old fashioned Friday the 13th logo instead of this computerized generic logo font, which is totally bland.

  3. J Miggidy (23 Oct 2024, 20:06)

    The official movie site even has the kill kill kill cha cha cha in the background. Check it out. I love it!!!!!!

  4. J Miggidy (23 Oct 2024, 20:08)

    There is a merchandise shop and you can print out your own iron on from the site to make your own T-Shirt or print out your own Hockey Mask. LOL!!!!!

  5. J Miggidy (23 Oct 2024, 20:56)

    I agree with the logo comment. What happened to the retro logo on the teaser banner???

  6. sc (25 Oct 2024, 13:25)

    It was very cool to see the trailer in the theater. Saw V…not so cool, imo. Truthfully though, I wouldnt have gone to see it if the trailer was not attached.

  7. Robin (25 Oct 2024, 14:37)

    Tried posting earlier, but it didn’t work.

    Great trailer, very spooky. I know this will be an intense film, but this actually has me hoping it’s a bit atmospheric too..
    Wonder if the voiceover was exclusive for the trailer.

  8. morgan (25 Oct 2024, 14:54)

    I liked the trailer. The voiceover was creepy.

    I’m glad they’re updating the official site. I hope we get some pics of the cast pretty soon.

  9. Colin (25 Oct 2024, 15:33)

    I agree the trailer (even the blurry Comic-Con one) seemed to have some atmosphere to it and I’m hoping that is the case for the entire movie. One of the things I love about the early Fridays is the atmosphere. It helps build the suspense and not enough movies do that these days. I thought the logo was a bit lame as well, would have preferred the original but it’s not a huge deal. I hope the music in the movie is similar to the trailer as well. Manfredini’s score is awesome and using it would be even better even if it were in subtle ways like the CCL scene in Jason X (only good part of the movie IMO)

  10. Blood (25 Oct 2024, 16:27)

    loved this trailer. the spot on the scream awards kind of downed me a little to the film. this on the other hand brought me back to being excited. this will be cool if they use the elements in this trailer most specifically the soundtrack.
    Looking forward to more.

  11. John (25 Oct 2024, 17:10)

    The website is looking good. I was thinking they would make some official shirts for the movie instead of us having to make our own. I don’t know about the whole iron on thing. I think with the new movie coming out they should start selling more shirts. The music was cool to hear in the background and the voice over of Pamela Voorhees is priceless. I talked to Derek through myspace and he hopes that they have Harry do the score as well, he isn’t sure who did the music score but he hopes it is Harry.

  12. S14 (25 Oct 2024, 19:04)

    i’ve got the feeling that this is going to be a well made revitalization of a great horror franchise that has gone stale.. this new trailer looks fantastic.. the opening scene of the lake takes me back to the original friday the 13th, right down to the sounds of the surrounding wild life. i think the makers of this film might actually have a solid understanding of this franchise and its main character, jason. they know they can’t screw this up for all us fans.

  13. Bill (26 Oct 2024, 0:10)

    Does anyone know if the woman talking through the trailer is that of the woman who played his mother in the first friday film ? or who exactly it is if it is not her. thanks in advance

  14. Tony Carroll (26 Oct 2024, 11:21)

    Nope. It’s not Betsy Palmer. Though the voice seems to be similar. It is Nana Visitor

  15. SHOTZ10 (27 Oct 2024, 17:22)


  16. matt666 (27 Oct 2024, 23:01)

    so I went to see saw v opening weekend just so I could see this trailer on the big screen and was really bummed when they didnt show it! what is going on? anyone know? maybe its a canadian thing! HA

  17. ralph (28 Oct 2024, 1:56)

    come look for me on MySpace. Im going to start a “Why Michael Bay, Why?” blog. I mean, WTF!? Yeah, I liked the way the lake looked too. It also looked good in every other Friday movie. Big ‘fing deal.

    Maybe it will be good. Maybe it wont. Im just disapointed at a severe lack of originality with the ideas that come from Hollywood lately. Bay already screwed up TCM. And with that, I found it funny that they made a prequel, to a friggin remake (TCM). Sigh……….

  18. freakykevlar (28 Oct 2024, 13:39)

    If you like Jason you can watch my Jason tribute and other horror movie tributes at

  19. Jennifer (28 Oct 2024, 21:56)

    OMG!!!!!!!!! im so flipppen excited…I grew up watching Friday the 13th…i was online and yes its almost halloween…so i was searching if any new halloween movies were coming out…nope they i typed in Friday the 13th…i clicked on it…i seen trailer…i was so like omg..i gotta see this…IT WAS AWSOME!!!!!! cant wait till next year!

  20. BoogeyMan666 (28 Oct 2024, 22:23)

    First let me thank Paramount Studios for giving Marcus Nispell the rights to use material from the first 3 Friday films. Thanks !

    Yo, it is good to see Jason get the love he so richly deserves for being the bad guy with the largest body count in horror history. I mean, like I said I am glad that they got some real professionals for the job to pull off this reboot. I made a comment about Freddy and the NOES dream land angle and everyone is trippin. Look, when I think of blood thirsty mad men out to hack you up I can’t think of running away from them and then being dead when I wake up. (What ?)
    I mean how lame ! That is why Friday lost so much of its swagger when newline took it over , haven’t you people noticed how bunk new line cinema is ? I won’t even capitalize their name (WHY ?) They crudded all over Jason in the 9th installment by stealing the angle from The Hidden where the life force jumps from body to body. (What ?) I am just sayin, some other studio could fix up the Freddy angle and make it better just like NewLine screwed up Jason and damn near killed him.

    Ohh, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) was a classic. I am just sayin it needed some pollishing. Some of the gore scenes from the movie were extra cheesy and the music in some parts of the movie just killed the build up for what the director wanted to make a bizzare situation. John Carpenter set the standard when it came to using music to scare you or make you feel chills. Thanks John, thanks. Cause no one really got it right, well maybe Alfred Hitchcock. But, hey that is Alfred the Lord of horror ok. Which leads me to, Psycho needs a reboot by Mr. Nispell as well. Wow, can you imagine a new vision of that movie and how it would be just crazy in that guys hands. SERIOUS !

  21. John (30 Oct 2024, 18:12)

    I think this movies is gonna blow. Michael Bay and them other blockbuster producers got their hands in everything and they make the worse movies ever. “Yeah, lets put a big explosion here. Another one there, and we got ourselves a blockbuster! Man, I’m good.” Let’s face it, the dude who directed Texas Chainsaw Massacre sucks the big one. He’s taken some of the best movies and screwed them all up. First of all, Jason was a brutal motherfucker, he have time to play with his victims, he just killed them in some of the most gruesome ways. And whats with his running action? He never had to run, he was always just right there. And the cinematic eeriness they create is complete bullshit. Man i swear these directors are loosing their touch. They make movies that are hard to enjoy. Style without substance. Let me guess, a bunch of kids who go to crystal lake. One kinda knows of the legend and tries to warn everyone and they all start dying one by one. Then there is the lone savior, most likely a chick, stops Jason and puts him back to rest. And theres gonna be some big explosion at the end of the movie that soooo Awesome. Give me a break. i hope the producers and director read this, i mean come on, this is the FT13th series. Keep it brutal, not this whole predictalble cinema that has no real value, just more money in your pocket. Stop fucking up the classic, iconic characters. Make your own shit up, and stop ruining other peoples creations, i mean shit man, this series was respectable, now it makes me laugh. Horror movies aint even worth watching anymore.

  22. mike (31 Oct 2024, 2:42)

    jason looks like a track star not in a goo way either as like the skinny guy who runs 12 miles a day

  23. Diddy (31 Oct 2024, 3:54)

    I love Jason ever since I was 4 years old (back in 1991) I’ve been watching his movies LOL that’s really sad, but I don’t care what anyone says, I’m a Jason fan forever and I’m really looking forward to this movie.

  24. Kikujiro (31 Oct 2024, 5:40)

    this trailer is available in HD on yahoo.

  25. CutYouUp (01 Nov 2024, 16:26)

    its funny how mANy of us went to see saw V just to see the friday trailer. i certainly hope so as saw V blew terribly. i didnt watch the trailer online earlier thAT day cuz i didnt wana ruin it. kick ass trailer, totally agree more is LESS! this is gna be just what the fans are looking for ive been counting down for what seems a year now im stoked!

  26. matt666 (16 Nov 2024, 15:21)

    I sat through saw v even though they didnt play the friday trailer. I was pissed because like most of you I only went to see saw so I could see the friday trailer. I also think that the so called “on-line haters” of this paticular remake are kind of full of shit… although I am typically the last guy to supprt remakes of ANY kind, I guess you can call me a hypocrite! cuz I am fucking so pumoed for the Friday reboot. I have loved jason voorhees since I was a little wee lad and he has been in as wierd way my hero so I would hate to see him put into a horrible movie…. oh wait!!!! that ALREADY HAPPENED more than once! stop hating! they ned this remake to make him FUCKING SCARY AGAIN! he is the number one maniac in my book… it would be so nice to jump out of my seat one more time in the theatre!

  27. djblizzard (10 Jan 2024, 1:45)

    Cannot wait for this…my most anticipated movie of 2024.

  28. yup (06 Feb 2024, 4:35)

    Actual script……..hack….hack…..hack……kill…kill….kill……jas…..jas……jas

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