Young Jason Voorhees Revealed!

New Friday May 15th, 2024

Yougn JasonPlatinum Dunes have announced their latest addition to FRIDAY THE 13TH. Newcomer Caleb Guss spent a few days on set in heavy makeup to portray the young Jason Voorhees in flashback sequences for the movie, currently being filmed by Marcus Nispel in Austin, Texas. Producer Brad Fuller also referenced a scene where Travis Van Winkle and Danielle Panabaker are being chased by adult Jason through Crystal Lake; “Last night we were shooting a scene where Travis Van Winkle and Danielle are running full speed down a narrow hall, they got tangled up and Danielle’s chin collided with the hard edge of the window sill leaving her down for the count. She was out cold for a minute with a bloody chin… she’s a tough girl and was willing to come back the next day to shoot, but we adjusted our schedule to accommodate her ailing chin.”

5 Responses to “Young Jason Voorhees Revealed!”

  1. Jason Says:

    Too bad Platinum Dunes didn’t partner with Friday The 13th films to host their website. Then this would be the one stop shop for everything Jason. Now this website has to compete with Bloody-Disgusting for all current news that is released. That is a shame.

  2. Christian Sellers Says:

    I’ve been in negotiations with the studio for weeks regarding exclusive interviews. Several of the cast agreed but then suddenly they weren’t allowed to. It seems Platinum Dunes won’t allow them to do press yet. God knows how BD managed to get that blog with the studio but there are better sites they could have teamed with

  3. Jason Says:

    I think that it gives an unfair advantage to them in terms of reporting the news as they have first hand knowledge of Friday the 13th as soon as it is posted on their webserver.

    I don’t mean to complain, because BD is a good horror news website, but I have visited this website for news on everything Friday since before Jason X was even announced and don’t want the website to get upstaged in this very exciting time for us Friday fans.

  4. Christian Sellers Says:

    I agree. Platinum Dunes should be bringing the news to the fans (i.e. the official F13 site) and not a general horror site like Bloody Disgusting.

  5. Tony Says:

    I’m very excited about all the news rolling out about the Friday the 13th films. It kind of sucks that we don’t get any dibs on it, I agree. But as a fan, I always get stoked during the time period before the films release. Pictures, behind the scenes stories etc start rolling out. It’s exciting.

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