NECA Comments On Part 5 and Part 8 Figures

Many fans were disappointed last Friday, August 13th when Sideshow Collectibles announced their Premium Format Part 3 figure as fans were hoping to see either a 12 inch Roy from A New Beginning or Jason from Jason Takes Manhattan. Well, that same weekend, Twitter user NateR119 asked NECA toys on Twitter if they had any interest in creating figures for two versions of Jason that collectors have been yearning for. Below is the conversation between Neca and NateR119.

Q. To date no company has made a Friday the 13th Part V “Imposter Jason” figure. Does Neca have any plans of ever doing so?

A. no immediate plans for such a figure. That’s probably the least popular movie & version of Jason amongst fans no?

Q. It is unpopular. I just noticed a lot of Friday fans on boards asking why no one has ever made one. I can see why now though.

A. we’ve looked at it, Roy Jason right? Myers style jumpsuit w/ hockey mask. Nothing cool or unique about him prob why its never hpnd

Q. Yeah thats the one. I think the only selling point would be people want it to complete their collection. have a fig from each mov

A. question is how many of those people are there & so far seems like not enough. Even F13th diehards hate that movie & version

Q. Actually I don’t think theres been a Jason takes Manhattan figure either. Of course thats a very unpopular film too.

A. you’re right on both accounts. If we do a new Jason I’d like to do pre & post Uber from Jason X maybe. Both could be cool as figs

So, it looks like NECA will not be making these figures anytime soon if at all. Even though SideShow was the company that produced the 12″ figures previously, it is still good to feel the vibe of another toy company and where their feelings are in regards to the figures. But hey, it sounds like you may be getting regular and Uber Jason from Jason X sometime in the future.

Big thanks to Nate for sending in the information about the conversation and the image above is courtesy of a custom Roy figure from SPAZ.

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40 Responses to “ NECA Comments On Part 5 and Part 8 Figures ”

  1. Pretty cool news, but ya i gotta say that even though a new beginning and manhattan weren’t the most liked films in the series they do have there own unique quality to them, atleast in my opinion anyway lol. I would love to see a company put together these two figures in the near future. I know from a business stand point that they may not feel there will be a big demand and a good return for these two figures but i think they would be shocked to know that there are ALOT of fans who would like to get their hands on these two. I also wouldn’t mind seeing some other characters from the series to be made as well, tommy jarvis, sherrif garris, Shelley etc. Let me know what you guys think about this.

  2. I’m one of those fans that would love a Roy “Imposter Jason” and Jason from part 8. The fans are just that-FANS!!! And would definitely buy these two to add to their collection. I mean who the hell else buys these figures besides the fans? Maybe the not- so-big fans buy one for the novelty of it, but who does NECA think the rest of their figures are aimed at? The fans. Until then, somebody steer me in the right direction for a custom Roy figure pictured like the one above, and maybe a part 8 figure of the same quality!!!

  3. They could make plenty of money from both. Jason fan boys will buy anything Jason. It’s f*cking Jason! The least popular version of Jason will sell better than figures of some of the sh*tty characters they make from other films that hog up shelf space for nothing.

  4. Just because a certain movie of a popular franchise is unpoular that wouldn´t mean that you wouldn´t buy merchandise from it.
    JGTH is the most disliked F13 movie. Sideshow made a toy and it sold. Same with TNB. Heck, Mezco even did another 12″ of TNB!
    But the Pamela figure and the Part 2 figure from Sideshow were the ones that didn´t sell that well. Since Part 1 and 2 are among the Top-Fridays among the fans the reason could not be the popularity of the movie .. it was the design of the figures. Most fans obviously want to have Jason in a hockey-mask in their shelves (although I personally am glad to have baghead-Jason standing thetre for a change, although Sideshow coloured the shirt wrong).

    For some reason, Part 5 also gained a lot of popularity among the fans in the recent year (personally I still think it is ione of the worst).

    The Part V figure would be special, beacause Roy had a unique outfi. Differen mask and a jumpsuit. It would be something different that the bizzilions of Part 3 and 7 figures out there. Same with the JTM figure. there´s a reason why there are so many custom Part 5 andf JTM figures on the intertnet: The Fans want those figures!!!!
    Too bad it won´t be 12″s (unless mezco r Sideshow come out of their hybernation).

  5. Casual fans buy them as well as diehards and ask any company they’ll take casual consumer money over the guaranteed money from diehards who’ll buy anything Jason simply because the casual buyer money is potentially much much greater. The majority of NECA toys are desk toys. Well sculpted but not very articulated action figures that encompass lots of licences. I can understand why they won’t do them and to be honest I wouldn’t be upset if they never did those two but instead would rather have them do other more popular version of Jason done by those guys at NECA. I’d love an NECA version of Jason from Jason X because the Sideshow release of that is simply the worst figure in their line IMO. I’d rather have a kick ass Final Chapter Jason over a Roy release.

    A big countdown Sideshow F13 release was never going to be based around a Roy or Jason from JTM product. I can see maybe a Roy figure being a SDCC exclusive where they can reuse parts and do little modification to create that figure (which is what most SDCC exclusives seem to be). Shame New Beginning has that one bad stigma on it because it was a very fun movie.

  6. I am highly interested in a Manhattan figure, regardless of whether you liked the film or not, Jason had a great look. If you go through either FrightStuff or NightOwl forums, you’ll find that Manhattan masks and costumes are clearly the most popular and desired.

  7. Love too see a Manhattan figure, i realy love that Jason.

  8. I could care less if they make a Part 5 or 8 figure. They wouldn’t really be unique, he is correct. Of course I’d buy them, but they aren’t pieces that I’m dying to have. He is also right about the popularity of 5 & 8, at least with me, they are 2 of my least favorite in the series.

    I would love to see a jason from part 1. I would also like to see them make some of the victims or survivors.

  9. I would love to have part 5 & 8 figures. A lot of fans would buy these to complete their collections, and many fans also like the movies. Every time I go to any store, any version of Jason that has been released sells out, while every time Freddy is released he usually sits there until he is discounted. They need to realize that while there may not be as many fans of the “movie”, there are definitely enough fans of the “toys” that will definitely buy them.

  10. neca sucks, no leg articulation, plain and simple. i would also be stoked for a roy and part 8 jason. why they didnt make them, but decided to make a fuckin fred krueger before he became freddy, or why they continue to make weird shit like the cockroach chick from that series is beyond me. unless its a freddy or a jason, their horror toys end up pegwarmers. fuck neca. im made cuz they couldnt convince mattel to let them put out stactions for motu and they would financialy back it themselves, which mattel would have made money at no cost, but they seem to know what fans want? weve begged for roy and part 8 forever, seems to me they arent interested.

  11. what i meant was i was mad, not made for one, and they are willing to make motu stactions, pay mattel for the rights and not get paid by mattel, just of what they make off of the figures themselves, but they wont make 2 oddball figures?

  12. I am one of the fans that had to complete my sideshow collection.
    I got in contact with “DarkArtist81″ through and had him custom create Roy Jason from 5, Manhatten Jason, and Dream Jason from pt. 5 that Tommy saw out his window. They were amazing. I think I had to give around 350.00 to have them made though…..but to complete my collection as some of the fans on here have said, was truly worth it.

  13. I think it would be great if NECA made another F13 boxset. This time with Tommy Jarvis and Jason. I gotta say, if they made a part 5 and/or part 8, I’d buy them both. I think that it would still sell great because most people would just assume it’s Jason. Not many people know the whole story behind part 5, just diehard fans. In other words, it’s still a Jason figure and it will still sell.

  14. plus its all about accessories. you throw in movie accurate accessories from part 5 and 8 with those paritcular figures and you got it. or they could at least do limited editions if they are so worried about returns. limited editions would sell out among the fans quickly. they could even do a box set “The many faces of Jason” including Roy and young Jason form part five. that would sell. That’s be a huge box set though.

  15. i meant roy from part five and young jason from part one

  16. @Lester Romero:
    I don´t think a “casual consumer” buys such produccts. Can you imagine someone who never saw the movies buy an F13th figure just because it looks so nice?

    I think everyone who buys such a figure is (in some form and some degree) a fan of the character or the movie.

  17. I might be in the minority that would like to have more affordable hockey masks. I would like to see NECA make more masks of the series. I would love to see a part 6 mask made by them, or maybe a part 3 replica that would be cool.

  18. MyNameIsJason, seriously? Cheaper hockey masks? You can buy kits for FIFTEEN BUCKS and paint them yourself. Hockey masks aren’t really all that expensive anymore. NECA’s hocks blow anyway. The DIY ones are infinitely more accurate.

  19. @Germaniac Yes I do. I used to sell toys for a living. Casual money is where it’s at. The die hards are going to be there regardless. Look at the NECA cut classics line. You got Gizmo and Beetlejuice and others of that ilk and who do you think buys those? Die hards? Those are all calculated selections for their line to appeal to the casual buyer. I don’t even know why you put quotations around the term casual consumer because it’s a legitimate way store owners order their merchandise.

    Look at the Cockroach chick figure that Mezco released. That’s all for the die hards. Die hard fans know where she’s from. Know the movie she died in and it was a great kill in Freddy history but it’s a shelf warmer right now.

    Now if NECA officially made an entire line of F13 then that’s a different animal but I’m figuring that they will want to put future Jason releases with their Cult Classics line.

  20. I don’t recall anyone suggesting this but what about a series of Jasons and Momma Jason boxed witht he final survivors? Pamela could have a removable head and Alice a machete. Sackhead Jason with shoulder wound and pitchfork and Ginny with a machete. Pt3 Jason with axe wound and survivor girl with axe, maybe throw in the biker dude who came back at the end. Stuff like that.

  21. “Nothing cool or unique about him…”

    Wow, much like Sideshow, NECA has really missed the boat on this one. Friday the 13th fans/collectors really purchase anything that’s out; just to have it all. Buttons, patches, belt buckles, stickers, posters and other oddities but no “Roy” impostor Jason from Friday the 13th part 5 figure? That must also be the reason no one has put out a “young Jason” figure too; “nothing cool or unique about it”…besides starting the entire series we know and care about.

    Some times executives have NO CLUE to what people want….look at the car body styles cranked out in the 80’s, 90’s all the way up to today; besides of a few they are just “wedges” and there’s “nothing cool or unique” about them either yet they crank them out anyway.

  22. I honestly think more people dislike Jason X than dislike part V these days. It honestly seems as if part V is gaining steam with a cult following.

  23. We could debate casual buyers v.s. diehard fans or which Jason we like the least all day long-bottom line, most of us fans have ALL of the movies-and some are more liked than others-on our DVD shelves, so if a Roy figure ever was released, we’d buy that to add to our collection-even if Part V is one of the least popular movies. I think there would be a market for the casual buyer who may happen to see that particular figure on the shelf at the time and buy it up anyway, just because it’s there. I mean, if they’d casually purchase any Jason figure–right? But most causual buyers who are not diehard collectors or fans are looking for something remeniscent to childhood like a Gizmo to put on their desk or whatever-and probably purchase these things on a whim-what do I know? I really think a Roy figure and a Part 8 figure would have no problem selling. But it is purely speculation on my part. On the other hand, I like Freddy too, but I don’t have near all the figures Cinema of Fear has released, because I’m simply not interested in those sculpts. Maybe I just cancled out my point? Who the hell knows? I’d buy a Roy figure and a Part 8 figure. I like Jason more.

  24. I actually liked the premium part 3 figure, but I didnt get to comment. I guess most fans werent too happy with it. Cant please everyone I guess. And the picture of Roy up above looks cool.

  25. jv, actually Mezco made Debbie with the roach’s arms figure, not NECA. That was the Cinema of Fear line along with Part III Jason & Freddy in doctor’s outfit from ANOES 4: The Dream Master. ;)

    And they really ought to make a Roy & Manhattan Jason figures. While yes JTM suck & ANB is so-so, but it doesn’t mean the figures won’t sell. Nothing wrong with at least giving it a shot.

  26. Yeah I think that the only ones that don’t want a figure of Part V or VIII is the companies producing figures. I just don’t understand why companies think that we hate these movies. Maybe in the 80s or even 90s these movies weren’t respected entries in the series. Now over 20 years since either release, there are fans that want there voices heard. I mean really. It’s not like they’re selling the movie, it’s the figures that we want. I’ll take a figure of each likeness that Jason had, regardless if the movie was so-so.
    That being said, I’d love NECA to make a boxset of Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. This is another movie from a long series that needs some love.

  27. I agree with Tony C. This Neca guy is living in the past. Maybe 15 years ago we thought this way, but the Roy storyline is classic today. Part 8 had a cool look to it, sans the unmasking. These figures would sell more now that they’re sought after. Maybe Neca knows what they’re doing!

  28. I am a pretty diehard fan as most know, as still in the process of creating one life-sized for each film. I don’t “dislike” any of the movies. Growing up I did not care for Jason X, JGTH, or Roy, namey because they did not follow the same old format, which is why everyone else disliked them. Today they are more appealing to me because they were unique. Part 8 not popular? Not from all the posts that I have seen on forums. Not sure where Neca is reading they are just assuming based on outdated knowledge. They are a company and yet don’t realize that a lack of two figures in a series makes them even more sought after. They just think not enough people will buy them to be worth it. But that is why we have customizers like One’s Customs to fill in those gaps with articulated figures not statues. And who gives the fans what we want, not act like they think what we want. They just keep putting out different versions of the same figure. You want them to sell, do a limited run then, (aka sideshow tactic) and you can bet they will sell out.

  29. Why doesn’t someone just make a set that as a Jason from each film? Also… I wouldn’t mind smaller ones, like GIJoe figures, of people from all of the movies. (as long as the prices aren’t silly) Series one could have a few people from each movie and maybe one or two jason’s. Each series can be like that. If succesful enough, they could branch into what if type stuff…

  30. @JohnRyder1981

    I would love to see some pics of those custom figures. Also, would you mind if I bought a Manhattan of the designer from your custom sculpt?

  31. WOW thats a badass fig right there :D

  32. lol
    “A. you’re right on both accounts. If we do a new Jason I’d like to do pre & post Uber from Jason X maybe. Both could be cool as figs”

    they did do a pre Uber

  33. sirbrad, you said it perfectly, “outdated knowledge.”
    Where’s our NECA guys, Randy?
    I think that if Mezco ever get’s the F13 license back, they’ll make these two figures. All the 7″ COF Jason figures they made were never produced before. Atleast in that scale. I’m really siked for the NECA Jason from the Remake, so let’s get some Part V & VIII already.

  34. Y’know, I’m not wild about 5, and I detest JTM, but I STILL want figures of those films! C’mon…if JGTH can have a figure that sells well, then so can these (I’d take either of those films over JGtH anyday). Plenty of people want EVERY incarnation of Jason, regardless of what film they’re from!

  35. @ Black Orange:
    I will try and get the pics taken and sent to you.
    Please contact me at my email for a link to send
    my custom figures.

  36. OH BULLSHIT! Jason ALWAYS sells no matter what film the representation is from. Toys R Us and Spencers and Newbury Comics NEVER have a Jason on the peg once he’s released. I think only a few remake Jasons from Mezco are still around. It doesn’t matter which version it is, it usually sells pretty damned fast and after market prices are usually high. The fact that there are so many customizers making part 5 and part 8 Jason figures should be an indication! People DO want this and even casual horror fans I think would buy them! Hell, if they’re unsure just literally retool a Michael Myers figure with the new elbow joints put a Roy head on it and do a limited run! I would bet everything I own that they will sell out!

  37. The people who are working for big company’s aren’t fans of sh*t. They look to make money, not make cool figures that we all want. No part V and VII figures yet?!?! That’s the only two damn figures we want now!! Just make them and then continue making the same figures over and over again. I bet they’ll be a final chapter figure made once again too. But hey, we already have that one so we don’t want it again. Stop making the same sh*t over and over again… ” V and VII aren’t popular” That dude sounds like a computer talking, not a human. haha

  38. Who buys cheap 15$ action figures to display anyway…?!?!? Give me PF’s and statues à la Sideshow anyday … Elite FTW!

  39. STFU Shai! You go spend a ton of money on statues we LIKE having actual figures you twat!

  40. Hello Ièm Chris form germany.
    In germany also all people waiting for a part 5 and 8 Figure.
    from the other Parts gives enough Figures,

    Part5,part8 and Jason X(bio Mechanik Jason)is this what the fans are searching.

    Or do you think,the fans buying Jason in all sizes from one part,i dont think this.

    best wishes from germany

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