Your Favorite The Final Chapter Kills, Rank ‘Em

The Final Chapter is my favorite movie in the franchise and features some of the best kills in the franchise. My favorite demise in this movie has to be Doug. Jason killed him with his bare hands while the dude was taking a shower and crushed his head against the wall! When I was younger, I always thought Jason was particularly brutal offing Doug because he would not shut up singing Tangerine. Today… I still think so.

Well, let us know your favorite kills in this movie. Rank your top 5, your favorite kill or rank every kill in the movie!















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34 Responses to “ Your Favorite The Final Chapter Kills, Rank ‘Em ”

  1. my favourite kills are:

    1. hacks rob to death
    2. cleaver in dead fuck’s face
    3. kills that guy in the shower
    4. kills teddy Michael Myers style
    5. the first kill in the movie with the hacksaw

  2. Here’s the order of my favorite kills in The Final Chapter:

    1. Crispin Glover’s meat cleaver to the face.
    2. The Jason death scene where he takes a machete to the head.
    3. The head crush scene with Doug in the shower.
    4. The scene where Axel gets his throat slit and head turned completely around.
    5. The speargun to the groin scene. Ouch!!!
    6. The scene where Sam gets impaled through the life raft.
    7. The scene with the girl being stabbed through the throat with bananna going all over the place.
    8. The nurse scene where the nurse gets gutted in the storage room.
    9. The scene where one of the twins gets impaled through the back into the house.
    10. The scene where the other twin gets pulled out of the house window and thrown onto the roof of the station wagon.
    11. The ax to the chest that Sarah takes while trying to escape.
    12. The stab to the back of the head through the projection screen.
    13. Finally the now infamous “He’s killing me” scene.

  3. easily the best kill in the movie is when Jason guts that nurse. it is the one kill that still makes me cringe everytime i see it. and in seeing the little bit that was extended in the special dvd release, that little bit more of extra gore added to it and makes it the best kill hands down in the movie. its all about the brutality

  4. Top 3 are,

    1. “Ted wears that fancy corkscrew for the wine bottle? Ted, where’s the dam corkscrew?” Love it cause of the impact of the clever. It’s just so quick and hard.

    2. Jason’s machete to the head, and then slides down it. It still gives me the poopy trips when I see it.

    3. Axel’s hacksaw. I love it.

  5. My 3 favorites:

    3. Jimmy and the corkscrew.
    2. Jason crushes Doug’s face (I love that last crunch at the end :-)
    1. Jason gets the machete in the face (it is without a doubt the greatest movie kill EVER!!!!!)


  6. “He’s Killing ME!” ftw!!!

    Final Chapter is my fav too.

    I Also enjoy the shower head crush, uber brutal.

    And crispin glover is my 2nd favorite kill.

  7. Jimbo with machete to the face

  8. Friday Part 4 (head to head with Part 3) is my favorite too!!

    Tough choice (because all of the kills were awesome) but my top 2 fave kills would have to be:

    1. Jimbo and the meat cleaver to the face! Love it!
    2. Axel slit throat/ head twist with the surgical saw!

  9. *oops* i meant meat cleaver!

  10. the final chapter was the best friday the 13th movie made in the franchise

  11. Spear gun in the groin and Axel’s death in my opinion. They just looked unpleasant

  12. 1. Doug
    2. Axel
    3. Jimmy
    4. Rob
    5. Nurse Morgan

    The Final Chapter is without a doubt, the best in the series. And it will always be my favorite.

  13. All good kills, but the two that always make me cringe are
    1) the spear to the groin….the shrill cry of agony from Paul…..that’s not an instant death….that’s brutal pain and suffering
    2) the nurse….also not a quick death, but a brutal usage of the scalpel.

    Part IV has always been one of my favorites!

  14. Part IV is my fave too, my fave kill scene is the cleaver to dead fuck’s face.

  15. 1. nurse gutted
    2. cleaver to the face
    3. axe to the chest
    4. head sawed and twisted off
    5. fat hippie chick who looks like rose o’donnell…umm bananas.

    jason lives…….in all of us.

  16. 1.cleaver in the face 2.spear in the groin…..but nothing tops the kill in part 3 when the guy gets it down the groin when doing the handstand,,,anybody agree

  17. the first and last are the two best. that’s all I got

  18. Jimbo and the meat cleaver is a good one.By the way I’m I the only one who thinks it’s funny when Jimbo says “Hey ted where’s the corkscrew” then Ted White(aka jason)stabs him in the hand then hits him with the meat cleaver.

  19. my friends and i always crack up when Jimmy says that. Crispin is the best. “That fancy corkscrew?….for the wine bottle?….” No, for pinning your hand to the counter…duh!

    I gotta go with Axel for the ultimate. It was the 1st friday kill i ever …saw.

    I guess i will rank the worst. Sarah with the axe in the chest… a little uninspired, although it’s cool how he throws it through the door. Speargun to the groin: not too clear what happens here. Does Jason fire the spear? How does he hold a guy up with just one hand? Where does the gun come from? Is this a standard household item? Or was it a bayonette from Rob’s rifle that we see returned all broken up?

  20. My favorite kill the “The Final Chapter”, is spear gun to the groin see. Comes out of no where, and brutal as hell.

  21. Scene, not see. My bad.

  22. Rob got what he deserved.

  23. 1. Jimbo
    2. Axel
    3. Hitchhiker
    4. Doug
    5. Ted

  24. ratta tatta touille , I’ve always wondered if the speargun was something he hid somewhere from part 3, leftover from getting his hockey mask.

  25. The Axel kill is brutal cuz Jason’s like “damn the hacksaw through the windpipe didn’t do nearly the damage I hoped it would, now I have to twist his head off to finish the job” its like something out of Mortal Kombat.

  26. Hello,

    1 – Spear Gun (most painful kill in F13)
    2 – Jimbo (awesome first time you saw it)
    3 – Axel

    All the kills were great.

  27. 1. Jason – Has to be # 1, the head sliding down the machete image definitely sticks in your mind lol

    2. Jimbo – The ferocious Corkscrew ram to the Machete slash was so brutal & painful looking

    3. Doug – Jason ramming his head into the wall of the shower & hearing the head crunch while gazing into Jason’s evil eyes

    4. Paulie – The speargun shot to the sack & the blood curdling scream so loud that Rob heard it off in the distance

    5. Axel – Getting your neck slashed with a hacksaw has to be tough, especially when you just burned your lip w/ some hot coffee !

  28. 1. Tina
    2. Jimbo
    3. Doug
    4. Sam
    5. Teddy
    6. Axel
    7. Fat Hitchhiker
    8. Paulie
    9. Sarah
    10. Rob

  29. I almost forgot about Jason’s death. That was the best

  30. Sarah getting her ex virgin ass killed.

  31. I’m going with Axel. It was a hard choice between the hack-and-twist, and McFly getting the meat cleaver across the face. I gotta agree with lance and ratta tatta touille on the humor in Jimbo’s scene. And the look on his face right after he says it makes it even funnier.

  32. Thomas Trofholz! Great list! It’s almost exactly the list I would make except I would switch Sarah and Ted’s deaths around. I liked his a little bit better. I liked the build up to that death. Good tension.

  33. Todas las muertes de esta parte de la saga son sensacionales, pero si tengo que elegir a uno, es sin lugar a dudas la muerte de Jason, buen final.
    Saludos a todos desde Ecuador

  34. 1.doug

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