Custom Dirty Hock Screams Sequel Look

I have long been a fan of having at least one Friday the 13th movie showcase Jason sporting a dirty hockey mask with NO chevrons. The fans just about experienced that very scenario in The Final Chapter as only half of the top chevron was left when Ted White’s iconic portrayal of the homicidal maniac met his demise. Well, over at, a custom hock is showcased that comes pretty darn close to what I have always envisioned.

My perfect hock for this look would have a little more dirt under the eyes, but other than that, this is a great custom hock and would be perfect for a sequel, since the chevrons tend to rub off over time or with conflict. This hockey mask version would have elminated the apparent copyright problem with the Deluxe DVD version from last year which caused the Roy chevrons to be used.

Would this be a good version for a sequel?

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15 Responses to “ Custom Dirty Hock Screams Sequel Look ”

  1. Custom Dirty Hock Screams Sequel Look…

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  2. i get where ur goin, the chevrons rub off, no diggity. but i just cant see it without the chevrons. no offense. otherwise i like the hock.

  3. This mask(to me)would look better with the chevrons. It looks like a in progress photo. I don’t think it would work for the sequel either. That mask he wears in the remake was really old, yet the chevrons were all good. He would have scrape them off to remove them. In part 3 and 4, the mask was fresh and clean. Much easier to wear out….especially when you’re lurking around in the rain ;)
    I agree with the eyes though. They should be darker circles.
    This looks like a fossil!

  4. I’d like to see it like this but faintly and I mean faintly being able to see the chevrons, that would be cool. I also like to see damage on the mask. It sucks that they finally gave him a new one in part 8.

  5. I like that mask a lot. I also agree that it would look great in a future movie.

  6. Maybe instead; very faint, subtle chevrons, but it feels a little too much with them completely gone, reminiscent of bad ideas like the new nose for the Jason-X mask or nipples for the Batman costume.

    I just want to know where that mold came from, that’s pretty good. It might be the Part III mold that FrightStuff uses, but I can’t tell for sure.

  7. Yes, this is a great mask. In 2024 film, the chevrons vere almost invisible because of the mask worn out look and it has always been slightly annoying me. I was kinda thinking Do it right or don’t do it at all (Part IV is the exception here of course).
    I would highly anticipate seeing this approach in the next fan movies. The lack of shevrons just leads to the original idea of a death mask wich was always there

  8. I like it. Just wish they would make a new F13 already. LoL.

  9. Awesome!!!

  10. Hey Jason thanks for the showcase. I always dug the no chevrons look too, I wanted to make this thing look as ancient as possible, I think if I do another one I might have just chevron “scars” like paint missing where the chevrons used to be like you see on TFC poster. I’d really like to see a mask like this in a fan film.

  11. what in the world are Chevrons???

  12. Hate it. It’s just weird without them. That’s not Jason.

  13. Yeah, I prefer the chevrons .. BUT how about a mask with a dirty imprint of where they were. so it still has a chevron look, but mostly a “shadow” type chevron from where it was worn off.


  14. @Fridayluver23 – Chevrons are the red stripes.

  15. Can’t say I prefer the idea, but it definately would’ve worked better for the Deluxe Edition cover. I mean, the blank mask was used on the original poster, and the intro (where it abruptly explodes). The best look, though, was the Part III/FvJ look. It just makes the mask more noticeable. I don’t like when there’s just one big triangle on the forehead, though. And I also found it weird how the Final Chapter starts with Jason having all three chevrons (the one on the forehead beginning to rub off), and ends with only the forehead one intact.

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