Custom Friday the 13th 2024 Figure and 2 in 1 Diorama

One’s Customs is back with another knock out custom figure. This time he created his custom rendition of Jason from the new Friday the 13th. This is an awesome set that includes a display base that can be changed between Jason’s lair or the dock murder scene.

This is a fully articulated, highly detailed, mega accessories having, removable hockey mask wearing, killer. Not only is the hockey mask removable but it is also screen accurate. With this figure I decided to go with a alternate sack head mask. That’s right! Mask is screen accurate and when you take his mask off you reveal his horribly disfigured face only a mother can love. Accessories include a double sided display base. One side being the one of the famous dock scene from the movie. Comes with sculpted water and female victim (top half only) and she is anatomically correct guys lol. She has a magnet on the bottom to assure she stays in place. Flip over the base and its Jason’s underground lair and the cool part about that is the dock doubles as the wall on the side that has the grinder Jason uses to sharpen his killing tools for his next victim or victims. Also included is his chair, bear trap with real metal chain, bow and 3 arrows, machete, double sided axe, broken gps navigator, skeletal remains and Clays backpack (backpack permantely glued to base with 13 removible Missing flyers with actress Amanda Reghettis picture on it 12 more uncut extras included. And last but not least his mother Pamala Voorhees rotted and decaying severed head

If interested, check out the eBay auction and place your bid for this great piece to add to your collection!









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12 Responses to “ Custom Friday the 13th 2024 Figure and 2 in 1 Diorama ”

  1. That is just amazing.

    I still don’t like the Mezco release of 2024 Jason because of the missing holes on the top left and right part of the mask. They even screwed that up on the 12 inch figure. What gives?

  2. I LIKE FRIDAY THE 13saga , but jason legolas ,WTF

  3. Superb work. This might be my fave from all the Friday stuff One’s Customs has done to date. This really does look as elaborate and detailed as some of the best stuff that’s ever been mass-released in such a capacity for horror toy collectors. Better, really.

    And I’m with you Kev – the Mezco fig for the ‘09 flick blows. Hard. Even the recent Part 3 one is kinda clunky. It’s like after the Part 4 and 6 figs, they gave up on lots of the effort involved. Namely articulation.

  4. Words cannot express how freaking awesome that figure is.

  5. all i have to say is WOW. this is truly amazing.

    this has got to be the coolest memoriabilia you guys have ever shown on this site, period!

  6. That’s some awesome work! I really love all the barn accessories.

  7. Looks awesome :)

  8. Not really a great fan of the new F13th but i have to admit that this is cool stuff!

  9. Great……

  10. A bit puzzled with the boobies at the end??? Hope it wasn’t a school project!

  11. This figure just sold for $335! Wow.

  12. Wow! Thats an awsome custom man! Its great! 10/10.

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