Memoribilia Tuesday: Bug Byte Cassette Game

The Friday the 13th fans long for an updated video game for the series, but all that is left for the franchise faithful are fan games and memories of the 1980’s. That decade saw the release of Nintendo’s game as well as Domark’s computer game. However, one hot collectable that has also become memoribilia over the years is another cassette game for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum video game system from England. This was also an 8 bit video game system released in the 1980’s and Bug Byte produced this game for that system.

Series collectors love owning this little slice of 1980’s and Friday the 13th lore!

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4 Responses to “ Memoribilia Tuesday: Bug Byte Cassette Game ”

  1. any word on what the game play is like?

  2. Ive never seen that before. Im curious now how the game is.

  3. This is actually the Domark game. It was re-released by Bug Byte a few years later as a budget priced release.

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