Star In Your Favorite Friday the 13th Scene

yoostarI saw this advertised last night on television and thought it was a pretty cool concept. A company called Yoostar is offering fans a way to star in your favorite movie scenes. They offer a portable green screen, a studio grade web cam stand and 12 movie scenes. The Friday the 13th scenes can be downloaded from their website. Currently, they offer scenes from Friday the 13th 1-3. I think it’s a neat little idea and you can say you were in a Friday the13th movie. Check out the scenes below.




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8 Responses to “ Star In Your Favorite Friday the 13th Scene ”

  1. I read and interview where Kane Hodder spoke about how he bought one of these. He is hoping that they will release a few scenes from Freddy vs Jason so he can stop complaining about how he wasn’t cast in that film. You know how he always talks about how he would’ve played Jason differently in FvJ? Well, now the fans will eventually get to see what he means by this with this marvellous invention. Kane Hodder said he planned on showing the new scenes to fans at horror conventions where he also shows off the unedited version of A New Blood.

  2. I saw the same commercial. I was wishing that they would show one of the F13 clips, but they didn’t. I still think that it’s cool that the chose the F13 movies.

  3. Wow, we were down for a good portion of the day today. Sorry everyone. :(

  4. walmart man rules. this on top of his harry manfredi “live performance” bit are priceless.

  5. This looks crazy, i would so have a ton of fun with it.

  6. It seems cool. You just take the place of one of the actors and say their lines right? That’s what I got out of that commercial i saw w/ the people wearing sunglasses quoting Terminator lines.

  7. Haha. Kane Hodder SHOULD buy this thing!

  8. It would be cool if they added Deborah’s sex scene from JGTH. I wanna bang her right before she’s ripped in half with a tent spike. That would be pretty sick to show yer friends.

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