Excellent Foam Latex Bust For The Final Chapter

Posted 01 Jul 2024 in Fans, Merchandise

part4bustThis is a spectacular bust that I found for auction on eBay recently. The mask is made by Frosty Designs and the cool thing about this mask is that the slit in the side of Jason’s head can be flexed open to insert a machete if you choose to display him with machete in head.

I think this is an excellent rendition from Part 4 and hope to own some day!






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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. Ak47 (01 Jul 2024, 15:51)

    That is badass! i wish i had the cash to buy these things. Very authentic from what can be seen in the final chapter. This will be displayed proudly from whichever die hard fans that cop this for sure!

  2. cannib (01 Jul 2024, 16:42)

    a sweet replica of the best face jason ever had, imo. of savini’s own design when he attemped to age the jason child he created. fuckin awesome. wish the look could have been as consistant as this through all the movies.

  3. hevymentl13 (01 Jul 2024, 19:36)

    Very very nice.

  4. ryanc (01 Jul 2024, 19:48)

    That’s fricking awesome. I watched The Final Chapter last night. :)

  5. splitskull (01 Jul 2024, 20:16)

    I couldn’t find it to place a bid. Does anyone have a strait link?

  6. jasonsfury (01 Jul 2024, 20:34)

    The item number is 150355744706. Type it into the search and you should be all set.

  7. splitskull (01 Jul 2024, 20:48)

    Thanks bro!!

  8. Nosferatu (02 Jul 2024, 0:33)

    That is amazing. The gore, likeness, and skin tone are absolutely perfect. Seeing that makes me really want to get into mask making.

  9. Chris. B (02 Jul 2024, 2:49)

    That is the most awesome Jason bust I’ve ever seen. F13 Part 4 is awesome.

  10. Hempfling (02 Jul 2024, 3:41)

    Hey that looks just like my grandma. lol

  11. cat (02 Jul 2024, 16:17)

    Wow that is very good!! i never really new how far the machete went down.

  12. roy burns (02 Jul 2024, 23:28)

    this is awesome! within the next few days I hope to finish my part 3 foam bust, and i’ll definatly post some pics. I feel there isnt many part 3 props out there, so i hope y’all like it when i get it done.

  13. Christian Sellers (03 Jul 2024, 0:59)

    There’s really cool footage deleted from the movie where you see Jason’s skull split open like the second one. I think it was just test footage but it looked pretty cool.

  14. submission_magician (03 Jul 2024, 1:53)

    That looks FUCKIN’ SICK!!!

  15. JediMaster (03 Jul 2024, 23:11)

    I like it

  16. Hansson (04 Jul 2024, 6:35)

    The head looks sic to bad the shirt is blue it sode be green

  17. alan (04 Jul 2024, 22:39)

    no offense but i have seen better in some other website

  18. Brian (04 Jul 2024, 23:56)

    Looks like Jason had a rough night. Oh, the brutality! :)

  19. brett (06 Jul 2024, 12:47)

    jason is so fucking ugly.

  20. The Walmart Man (06 Jul 2024, 18:01)

    When is someone going to make the Corey Feldman bust from this film?

  21. jasonsfury (06 Jul 2024, 18:45)

    Probably the day you stop working at Walmart. Just a guess. ;)

  22. BRIAN (08 Jul 2024, 20:10)

    If anybody is looking for a cleaner verison of the same face style. Check out the “Jason” 18 inch bust on http://www.monstersinmotion.com. price is $199.99, little pricey but well worth it. I picked it up 2 months ago and its pretty accurate of part IV. Although the teeth are somewhat exaggerated

  23. hangman (09 Jul 2024, 20:39)

    eww!! he’s oozing.

  24. Ian frost (01 Aug 2024, 19:32)

    Glad you like this bust, i made it a few years ago now, i’ve done plenty of horror masks and busts but only two jasons so far, this one and a p7 style

  25. John (14 Aug 2024, 19:08)

    It’s hard to decide which one’s good. The part 3 bust or this one. I mean they’re both really good. I’m trying not to have a favorite.

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