More Images Released From “The Man In The Lake”

“The Man In The Lake” is now in post production and the fan film,which is paying homage to the Friday the 13th series, should be completed very soon. We have been showing you behind the scenes photos of the crew and actors as well as a few action sequences and the death of the poor sheriff. Now we can show you the aftermath of the death of another unfortunate vicitim.

Now, Southlan-Films has released some more images from the last days of filming. Look for a full trailer for the film coming very soon.

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16 Responses to “ More Images Released From “The Man In The Lake” ”

  1. looks very cool. can wait for the movie! after watching the halloween film they did im gonna look at this one as if its a real one!

  2. I cant wait. Usually Im not that excited about fan films, but I think this is going to be the one to bury em all.

  3. can’t wait for this! looks awesome from the pics

  4. the pictures are pretty good, I really like the one where Jason is standing looking out the window I think that one is pretty freaky, I hope it is good fan made film.

  5. Jason’s not messing around. I dig it.

  6. Maybe Jason will give Abel the eye from the bottom pic

  7. Maybe Jason will give Abel the eye from the bottom pic

    :) Maybe

  8. where can i see the Halloween film they made?

  9. Derek,
    Here’s the trailer:

    And here is Part 1 of the film.

  10. Looks intersting,is there a release date?

  11. Sure thing, killer-c. The release date is August 13th on Youtube and limited run of DVD’s!

  12. I would really like to get this on dvd. How many will be available on dvd?

  13. The one with Jason standing in the window looks bad fucking ass!! Looking forward to this fan-film as much as I would a studio released F13

  14. These guys did a Halloween homage? Can someone please tell me the name of it? Maybe where I can find it? Thanks!!

  15. It’s called Return of the Sandman. Can’t get you the link right now as I am on my phone. Sorry.

  16. Here is the link to part 1 of Return of the Sandman. Parts 2-7 are also online and you can find them from part 1

    Also our teaser trailer for Man in the Lake is now online

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