Theater Memories: Viewing A New Beginning

Kids can be a mischevious bunch and so it is no surprise that the curiosityof an R rated movie would bring out that very mischevious behavior. When I was a kid, a few friends and I were supposed to go to some movie, oneĀ I cannot even remember anymore. Parents dropped us off at the theater and off we went into the back hallways of the theater on our way to the auditorium. However, on our way to our “kid friendly” movie, we walked by an auditorium that was playing “A New Beginning”. We all saw the poster and decided to skip the movie we were meant to see and went to see crazy Roy instead.

What ensued was fun and a little scary for 9 and 10 year olds. No, it wasn’t the movie that was scary, it was the huge amount of bikers sitting in the front row. There was more swearing and inuendo coming from that area of the auditorium than quite possibly the movie itself. We also were being bombarded by flying popcorn from a fews rows back by some teens that probably were not too happy that we were watching the movie with them. The movie itself was fun to watch, but the experience of being at the theater was that much more entertaining!

Special thanks to visitor pghpunk13 for the photo below.

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13 Responses to “ Theater Memories: Viewing A New Beginning ”

  1. Ohhh the memories ;)

    I see they were also showing Berry Gordon’s “Last Dragon”.

    “LEROY! When I say who’s the master.. you say.. SHONUF!”

    The old shogun of Harlem.. loved that movie.


  2. Oh wait.. looking even closer I see Sleepaway Camp was also showing!

    Now that would have been one great double feature night!


  3. Off the top of my head i never would have associated all of those films with the exact same time. very cool to see. the 80s looked pretty sweet.

  4. Sleepaway & Friday V= One sweet double feature!

  5. Sleepaway & Friday V= One sweet double feature!

    Indeed. Wish I could have particpated in that double feature in the theater. I probably would have wanted to watch A New Beginning first because if I saw the ending of SC first, I would not have wanted to see any other movie the rest of the night! :)

  6. They just don’t make horror movies that I get excited for anymore! ANB was my first Friday in the theatre. My dad took me and I was frightened and blown away at the same time by the violence. At the time I’d seen part 1 and 2 on vhs my parents owned but the theatrical experience made part V much more entertaining.

    I wish we could get more horror movies with the feel and look of alot of those 80s/early 90s flicks.

  7. I’m pretty lucky that my birthday falls on the 13th. Sometimes a movie comes out on that date or there used to be marathons on that day if it fell on a friday (it’s august 13th if your wondering). As much as Jason goes to hell blew, I’ll always remember that one as my first midnight premere. The crowd was great. These movies are about the opening weekend and the rody crowd man. We can spend the rest of our lives watching these films alone, the opening weekend is the only time to publicly celebrate in a room full of other people who like Jason.

    When the new one came out I was really bummed that a cop was in the theater. A guy shouted out “don’t go in there” (or some other shit you would hear a person watching a slasher movie say)and the cop flashed a flashlight in the guys face and yelled “KEEP IT DOWN OR GET OUT”. What an asshole. The cop was the only one in the theatre who didn’t have to pay!! Besides….you are SUPPOSED to whoop and hollar at movies like these. It’s half of the fun.

  8. All seats $1.50? Those were the days. Now it’s a $1.50 just to print your tickets online!

  9. Back in the 80′s there were more people going out to the movies and the theaters didn’t have to contend with the massive Home Entertainment systems in homes like there are today. Theater chains and film studios feel the only way they can make a profit is jacking up the prices on us middle class folks, since the attendance is so low comapred to 25 years ago.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to only pay $1.50 to get into a movie?! Then we wouldn’t feel so bad for paying almost $10 for a popcorn. :)

  10. My most memorable FT13th theatre experience was when My Mom took Me and My Brother to see part 7-The New Blood in 1988. It was a walk in theatre in Oakland, and the house was packed (opening weekend). Before the previews even started, everyone in the audience was talking amongst themselves about previous installments and their favorite scenes. I remember some old guy behind me mentioned the scene with Jasons Moms head in part 2. Some other people were talking about Dougs shower death in part 4. And then the paintball murders in part 6. I felt like I was at a Jason convention, it was awesome. And when the movie started, everyone got into it. The scene where Jason exits the lake, and You see His spine and ribs, everyone said “Oh My God”. And I remember I was scared shitless of Jasons look, I wasnt expecting that. Then the sleeping bag girl death, everyone just started going wild and cheering Jason on, then when He slams Her against a tree, everyone got even wilder. But the 2 things I remember most is first the scene where Jason brings out the tree trimming saw, everyone in the audience applauded and cheered. It was the first time Jason used a saw of any kind, and I loved it myself. And then second, where Tina busts Jasons mask. All the girls screamed loud, and I even remember getting a cold chill when I saw His face. The movie may have been raped by the ratings board, but at the time it was scary enough for Me and it was cool to see Jason face off with a telekenetic. And Kane Hodder kicked ass. In my opinion its the best FT13th film Hes ever done. But anyway it was and always will be a great memory for Me. Oh yeah and at the end after the credits rolled, some lady said “thats why Jasons scarier than Freddy”. I couldnt have agreed with Her more.

  11. Haha…they were also showing \Girls Just Want to have Fun\

  12. @Jasonsfury:

    Yeah I remember when it was around $3.00 to get in and my cheap a** as a early teen was telling the ticket booth that I was 12 to get the $2.00 price. I think I did that until I started growing facial hair and it was harder to pull off. But according to the theater I was 12 for a LONG time.

    But hey at 12-14 you never have much cash so I need some for the expensive concessions stand lol.

    Plus back then it was so easy to buy a PG13 ticket and slip into the R-Rated side.

  13. That picture is so good. I’d love a hi-res for my desktop :)

    What an experience!

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